If you are eager to last for perfume women with a tail, they can't get better. See which perfume is the most durable!

If you are wondering which perfume of the nun, I prepare a ranking of the most durable women's perfumes with a tail. Dedicated it to all women who love it focuses on themselves. Women who are sure, feminine and pass everyone!

I am sure that you will find what you will find what to find. Here are the fragrances of incense, gestte orjni, floral wreaths, fruit priests and fragrance desserts that increase blood sugar by 99%.

I can here an example of modern perfumery and classical art. Although you certainly know them from them, others may surprise you. See the ranking of the most durable women's perfumes with a tail and choose the best fragrance for you.

Permanent women's perfume with a tail that will be a long fragrance on Skra

1. Thierry Mugler Angel

The most intense and most durable women's perfumes 2023

There is only one KRL and a flaw in a tail perfume for 25 years. It is humorous, hysterical, insolent, uncompromising, capricious fragrance, for which you mean nothing. Angel is like a cat! And if you have it close to you and sicle, as he murmurs, you feel as if he touches the jew's jew.

NOTts : Patchouli, Mexican chocolate, caramel

2. Kenzo Jungle Elephant

Spice and crate women's perfumes with a tail

GSTE, very strong, very durable - these perfumes with a braid are absolutely remote. Saturated with oriental spices from an exotic market and a reconnaissance aroma of gingerbread - take you into the farthest world of world. It's a tasty and seductive smell.

NOTts : Godziki, Cardamom, Vanilla, Cumin

3. Chanel Coco Eau de Parfum

A rich and sophisticated fragrance for women

Coco has everything. Possible. This composition at times seems to be exaggerated. Because I can't close in one mixture of so many aromas in one mixture. It will not be able to make such miracles on the Skra that he is missing to describe them.

Notes : tanks, amber, ra, sander, tonka

4. Tom Ford Black Orchid

A perfume with a claw, which is a long flaw

Sometimes before bedtime, sometimes in the morning ID Powcha the cork of these perfumes. I love them Gbie, I love them variable. Have a black orchid , you have tens of other perfumes. This composition is playing on Skra Inn Melodi. I don't think I can do it anymore.

NOTts : Mexican chocolate, truffles, patchouli

5. Lancome la vie est belle

The most powerful perfume with a powder smell

La Vie Est Belle is perfumes lasting and intense. Do you know ES by the effect of 3 years of work? The final version was selected SPORD 5000 PRB and the perfume market is turned out to be a revolution. Great, iris soda wraps like a shawl and is noticeable, even for those who do not yet have you in your vision! Do you like powder perfumes very much? La Vie Est Belle is the smell for you!

Notes : pralines, vanilla, patchouli, blackcurrant

6. Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire

Durable women's perfume with tail for the summer

As a kid, I was in love with Cherry Mgace from Avon. This Mio evolves and causes his power on the Pen passion and senses of La Petite Robe Noire . He can wear her day and night, because it is the most beautiful cherry in the world! It's a perfume with a sodium tail, but at the same time very juicy.

NOTts : Cherry, June berries, almond, licorice

7. Dior Hypntic Poison

Perfumes of a long vanilla pard

When the viewer of the Hypnotic Poison bottle, feel its smell even without spraying the perfume. This is a magical mixture that blends in with SKR and, together with its smell, creates a smoky, vanilla aur around your body. Mistake that this is not only perfumes, this is the great spectacle of the fragrance.

Notes : vanilla, almday, coconut, zander, jamin

8. Cacharel Loulou

Incense women's perfume

The matter was simple - if I want to learn what about incense, I have to find incense perfumes. Loulou is great, but the problem of this smell is that he just knocks down with ng and you can't get the "only a little". Playing in caoci, rooms, houses, housing estates and cities. If you like the women's fragrances, be sure to ask Loulou.

NOTts : Kadzido, Tuberose, Vanilla, Liwek, Benzo

9. Roberto Cavalli Eau de Parfum

Permanent women's perfumes up to 150 with

I am not convinced of this smell. I even give away all the bottle to my sister. Now this aju. Sharbally when the weather outside the window does not spoil - it is chodno and rainy. The balsamic smell of Eau de Parfum is shimmering, there is a bodily, sensual and kidnappings. Besides, it is a perfume that is really a long time.

NOTts : Flower will be afraid, vanilla, benzo, tonka

10. Dior Dolce Vita

The most durable women's perfumes with a spicy smell

I forget about Dolce Vita, I always pass by with Myl: "I remember, you smell and smell." What time ago do I ask for PRBK at the drugstore. After an hour, I grow up to buy a whole bottle. It's a beautiful perfume with a Dugim, spicy tail. Horpically, the fall of autumn is well worn.

Notes : cinnamon, peach, vanilla, zander

11. Cartier La Panthere

Corpon perfume with a braid

It is difficult to describe the leopard in several owls. It's a sexy fragrance, how sexy gos is sexy, or a small misery on the face. For me, the soap twist in a classic crocked frame is amazing. La Panthere smells like a second Skra, which makes it unique perfume - ID under PRD in common trends for Gourmand soda.

NOTts : dbowy moss, gardenia, pimo, rhubarb

12. Chopard Wish

Cheap women's perfume

Wild vanilla Wish is pleasantly powder. Fragrance notes patchouli and Kadzida give him a dark dimension, and milk with honey makes the composition more creamy. Wish is a cheap and lasting perfume with a braid, which will definitely appeal to all fans of strong, powder fragrances.

Notes : caramel, vanilla, mid, milk, incense

13. Guerlain Shalima

Perfumed water with a classic smell

Shalimar is the favorite perfume of Frida Kahlo and Meryl Streep. The composition opens the trough of Bergamot and lemon notes, and then turns into a beautiful vanilla chord. When from vanila or incense, Shalimar becomes very puffing. However, this is not an attent smell - you will either love it or hate it.

Notes : vanilla, kadzido, skra, citrus, opoponaks

14. Givenchy Organza

The perfect trio of white flowers, wood and amber

The Wild Tuberosis of the Organz this season is on top again. Unlike the autumn prime minister, you will find a long tail and cosmic power. The smell is extremely feminine, a little mikki and downy, but these like a bite, a sweater that does not allow himself to forget.

NOTts : vanilla, Muscatowo, Gardenia

15. Jean Paul Gaultier Classique

The sexiest women's perfumes

MJ Chopak loves when they smell with these perfumes. It says that I am tasty. I don't know this idea, because here only Any and Vanilla can explore the associations. Nevertheless, this is confirmed by the theory that the malach to the madness love powder smells with the tail.

NOTts : Flower will be afraid, vanilla, any, amber


Floral perfume with tail

There are no other such perfumes. There is not even a gourmand gram here, there are no patchouli, there is no kadzid. There is a ton of flowers that grow in each room in which you stay. This is not only a perfume that is a long pusty, it is the smell of a beautiful garden. Natural picno fragrance and turbo continued that Poeme will never pass.

Notes : mimosa, tuberose, peach, narcissus

17. Calvin Klein Eternity

Women's perfume with a floral tail

One of the few floral fragrances, which is noticeable from the distance of several meters. Even if you leave the room, your smell will remain in it. Through the intensity of these perfumes, many OSB does not apply them to SKR, but enters the fragrances of clouds. Eternity is eternal.

Notes : a flash, green notes, lily, lily of the valley, freesia

18. Guerlain Idylle

you have a perfume with a tail with the smell of lily of the valley

This is probably the most lily of the valley perfumes of all time. You will find this large greenery here, so Cao is not quoting. This fragrance occupies a special place in my heart due to its spring character. It is a long and lasting women's perfumes - that is what he likes.

Notes : lily of the valley, ra, pimo, jamin

19. Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium

Diga tail of vanilla and coffee

Do you know the iconic opium? This is his "dark" version of Black. The tail of these perfumes is the soda of vanilla and pear, which has been combined with the intense chord of Jamin and Coffee! It is a pity that after 6 hours the composition loses its momentum, because it is the base that is the most interesting element of this spectacle.

Notes : coffee, vanilla, pear, jamin, patchouli

20. Versace crystal noir

Perfumed water with a creamy smell of spices

Whoever test Crystal Noir knows that this is a perfume with a tail for a few meters. The undeniable advantages of them are permanent and original. Wide ginger, pepper and cardamom in the nose, and the gardenia with the smell resembles coconut milk. And who will not love this great, tight cork?

Note : Gardenia, Pepper, Ginger, Cardamon, PIMO

This ranking of the most durable women's perfumes is incomplete? What do I forget about? Give me in the commentary what permanent women's perfumes with the tail belong to your favorites.

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