blackcurrant, pear

Heart note
Iris, Jamin, the flower will be afraid

Base note
patchouli, tonka beans, vanilla, praline

Pralines, vanilla, blackcurrant, pear: it's not a cake, but women's perfumes lancme la vie est belle.

Where in the GBI (and not even so Gboko) we are all beyond the girls who want to eat soda without consequences, buy sodium accessories for the home and smells like a myciut cloud.

La Vie Est Belle released in 2012 (in Polish: life is beautiful ) feeds our hidden alter ego. There is a sodka as the most chocolate cake. or fruit, flowers and treats with a strong dose of powder iris and vanilla.

Later, he stars with richer and more noble notes of patchouli and Jamin. It is the idea that the smell is ideally suited to a very romantic eaters.

La Vie Est Belle is cautiously in line with the trend for Gourmand's sodium perfume . With the fact that a break from other fragrances in this style is a sense of a certain mature and luxury.

Three wonderful perfumers: Dominique Ropion , Anne Flipo and Olivier Polge on these perfumes.

How does Lancme La Vie Est Belle perfumed water smell?

Although I love these perfumes and I have their hunger, the first minutes after application are not my favorite.

The starting of the pear and blackcurrant seems to be an interesting idea and it would probably be a great time if it was a pear and a tart currant.

However, unfortunately, the pear in the host note is covered in such a way as in the history of six cooks - it is 5 times too much.

A large group of OSB is discouraged from La Vie Est Belle at the moment, which is a huge bD. Further in honor of the perfumes, the perfumes are better mixed, more harmonious.

Already at the beginning you will also feel intense fragrance notes of vanilla and praline . I suspect that they are standing at the intoxication of the fruit soda.

In the heart of La Vie Est Belle is floral. You will find a flower of scales , Jamin and one of the most magnificent irises that the data was known to me in perfumes.

In the company of a soda, the fragrance note of praline, the smell of this flower is simply hypnotizing. I want irises to smell naturally in this way.

With time, my beloved vanilla will go to Irys. The base is simply great, flesh -colored, silky and mature. It is soda, but not artificial. Not moci.

The bb tonka duo - patchouli is positively surprising. It does not dominate the other notes, the wild La Vie Est Belle has no earthy, lenea. Mikka remains and fluffy for the whole projection time.

Lancome La Vie Est Belle reviews: Impressions after tests

In my opinion, the biggest challenge is the survival of the initial dose of sugar. Although we expect innocent fruit notes, we get them in the convened version from pralines and vanilla.

The soda seems acute and cheap. Cae Szczcie on my Skra takes only a few minutes. La Vie Est Belle becomes fluffy and very friendly.

I was surprised that there are more floral notes here, I am not able to. The scent note of iris is remote, and its vanilla starts a really beautiful smell.

La Vie Est Belle can be used to work, but only dug in the appropriate quantities. The intense smell of these perfumes is for the tail, so it can be difficult to accept for the impressed OSB, especially in closed rooms.

I love we wear la vie est belle to sweater for what. It is pleasant to snort and is very positive. He is great on sweaters, scarves and thick scarves.

The powder smell of vanilla and iris was created with Myśl about winter and autumn . During the minus temperatures in a sensitive way, it envelops the CIAO.

La Vie Est Belle, however, is so intense that when she stays on her clothes for up to two weeks. On my Skra I can sense her over 16 hours .

I am sure that the Fans of Angel perfumes from Thierry Mugler and Flowerbomb from Viktor and Rolf will like the most.

Is it worth buying Lancme La Vie Est Belle?

These perfumes do not have a defined recipient. Therefore, the face of Lancme's smell has been timeless Julia Roberts . A woman who is synonymous with style and class.

I don't need promotion, advertising and home. It's just. Without how old you are, La Vie Est Belle can be perfumes for you.

I am not a fan of the actress, but I appreciate her non -dismantled elegance and naturally. Wrong, that such a perfume la vie est belle.

I am sure that this fragrance will go down in the history of the 21st century perfumery .

Perfumes enjoy so much interest that more than 12 flankerw has been created since the premiere (see: La Vie Est Belle types ).

Enjoy their popularity. This means, ez, hundreds of available women's proposals, choose an interesting smell.

La Vie Est Belle has been in Czowce ranking the best perfume for women for several years. I have a snow. This is a stretch fragrance with a perfect quality.

I am at the beginning of my second bottle. Since I meet La Vie Est Belle, I always use her Mron Zim.

I am a large fancium powder perfume with vanilla and iris. If you like them, you must buy your beautiful Flakon La Vie Est Belle . It's really worth it.