On this lithium you will find all the types of Lancme La Vie Est Belle. See which women's perfumes from this line fit you the most.

Perfume for women La Vie Est Belle is the wild to cooperate with two perfumers Anne Flipo and Dominique Ropion , acting in cooperation with Lancme companies.

Julia Roberts became the fragrance ambassador, who is loudly passing on his stinging haso - the life is beautiful.

The Lancme brand directs La Vie Est Belle to all women who appreciate all the shades of your life and the moments are enjoyed.

One of the values ​​of close twrcom, and especially women in a social context, is slowly slow.

The first version of the composition was created in 2002 and it is met with such great enthusiasm that since then one or even several Flankerw have been appearing almost every year.

During the time, the new version focuses around one fragrance note, but its DNA never differs from the original.

The beautiful bottle of La Vie Est Belle has evolved little, but during each time it changed what detail. The bottle of the first version of the perfume was created in 1949 and had a symbolism feminine glow and Ywioowo.

Lancome la vie est belle types

Lancme La Vie Est Belle (2012)

La Vie Est Belle is a declaration of joy with life

All where Gboko we hide Maego Akomczucha, which tells us to sign for another coffee cake, chocolate cube, or a small praline.

Lancme gifts a beautiful gift for our alter ego - the life is beautiful for the mionies of soda. At least it seems so at the beginning.

With the upset of the next minutes, there are more noble notes on the Skra, which bring to the wrong heat and trust.

Rado is fluffy like a cloud with a vanilla scent

He will say about La Vie Est Belle that this is a floral-fruitful smell, it is like nothing.

Initially, the composition flicys with beautiful shades of pear and blackcurrant. The smell seems to be pure sugar.

However, her heart and base Play around three more elegant and noble chords.

On the one hand, we have powder iris and great vanilla. We will find the sodium praline soda and the dark charm of the patchouli.

See my pen reviews and opinions about La Vie Est Belle .

Lancme La Vie Est Belle Legere (2013)

Sodkie perfumes in the spring

The edition of the perfume released a year after the original would have a licker than its predecessor, but it still makes it to be mistaken - immeasurable living joy.

This time the twins focus on the spring and lightly, as a woman carries when nature is coming to life.

However, this is more classic, because the fragrance notes of pralines seem to be big less sodium. Despite everything, the perfumed water legere is not without spontaneous.

Familiar fragrance notes of vanilla in the forester

The composition begins with the sonic smell of the fruit, which has a rusticist accent. The ruling is highlighted by the elegant smell of the flower and large -legged Jamin.

The farther, the even more. The base of perfume is not to sustain the wildlife of vanilla and patchouli.

In the last phase of the projection, the beans of Tonka and Pimo appears on my Skra, which create a wrapping tip.

Although Legere is less intense version of LVEB, it is still a stretch smell. It will be the right choice if you want to enjoy La Vie Est Belle in a more delicate right.

Lancme La Vie Est Belle Labsol (2023)

Smaller bottle with increased power

While the year 2013, you bring us a version in the spring, it is the second half of 2023 to the absolute of perfumes.

Labsol is a flanker who is more intense than the others. It stimulates submission so strongly, EU even affects the sense of taste.

This power due to his unusual power was decided that a capacity of 40 ml would go to the sale.

The smell is juicy and captivating from the very beginning to the blanket. It presents these much more zoon and fascinating feminine visions.

This time the fragrance is directed to women who feel well in stuff, who not only stick to SKR, but these spaces.

Iris Pallida builds a very rich smell

Perfumes are so intensively due to the noble scent of Iris.

The information provided by the manufacturer is Iris Pallida from Florence, which is considered one of the most distinct liabilities in the palette of perfumers.

Next to pralines, this beautiful, powder smell is gwn notes of the fragrances of this composition.

However, vanilla power was reduced. It is administered in large doses than before, which makes the perfumes less friendly and more seductive.

In the database you can sense the heat of cashmere wood and tonka beans. I admit that this projection stage is the least pleasant, because the cashmere tree smells synthetic.

Cao I judge highly, because Labsol is a pleasant composition that discovers Irys's face. He is not vanilla and motherly, but he has a lot of sex appeal.

Lancme La Vie Est Belle Leau de Parfum Intense (2023)

Gourmand perfumes with a power of 12 on the Beaufort scale

The Pramita, like a moment ago, I am saying that the Labsol from 2023 is more than the power of La Vie Est Belle to the limit of the Moliva. C, it's out of date.

In August 2023, Flanker Leau de Parfum Intense will appear and will completely change the rules of the game. It is more intense than any other from this ranking.

This time, Twrcy focused on extraction of the smell of carefree fun. I can imagine that these perfumes will be worn on the charismatic woman of a woman who is not afraid of the long tail of Gourmand perfume.

Mietana beaten and hazelnut instead of pralines

For the first time in the La Vie Est Belle line, changes are taken out. First of all, praline soda replaces cream beaten. It is a matter of it - light as a pirko, delicate in taste, output soup.

Make her fragrance notes of appetizing hazelnuts and dignified iris.

For the first time tuberoza was added to the composition, which the narcotic smell knocks on the knees.

I admit that I have great SAB for this version. I can wear it at the Skra at each time of the year and in the temperature - which is rather dangerous with such power.

Lancme La Vie Est Belle Lextrait (2023)

- perfume with sale -

The beautiful life becomes even more beautiful

950 euros, 950 euros you had to brew for a small bottle with a capacity of 40 milliliters. This limited version was created to celebrate the 80 years of the Lancme brand, only 80 pieces.

The high price is not only a matter of a very limited number of bottles. Also, the fact that they are all decorated with the buity of the exclusive jewelry house Mellerio Dits Meller.

Interesting is, the group of Mellerio clients includes such personal ones as Maria Antonina, Napoleon III and Jzefina - yes, the brand has a long history that siga 1613.

The bioexhole for La Vie Est Belle has a wing and was made of silver covered with a ditches. It was placed on the neck of the bottle.

The composition implements the 80th anniversary of the brand's existence

Although the fragrance is no longer available in sale, it will be worth stopping over its unique compositions for a while.

Unfortunately, I did not have the opportunity to test this Flanker. He can only imagine how great the smell was created by Dominique Ropion and Anne Flipo to immortalize the anniversary celebration.

Official press materials show that this extremely concentrated composition is a study of iris and patchouli. This time the praline is not a gwn of fragrances, vanilla is much less intense.

Throwing the power of notes in my gow, it turns out that Lextrait is a more rolling smell. It seems to me that it is an elegant perfume.

Lancme La Vie Est Belle Florale (2023)

- perfume with sale -

Flower toilet water with a romantic nature

This fragrance will describe as the most poetic. As the name suggests, Florale is primarily a bouquet of flowers. However, or removal flowers that do not meet in nature.

This does not mean, however, that the composition of the DNA of its original. On the contrary - she wears all the features of its original version, but she is accompanied by a uninterested amount of spring flowers.

This motif is emphasized by a perfume bottle. There is lice and sea, and the characteristic veil on the neck is decorated with a charming white flower. The color of the perfume also has a sinner.

Osmantus is an ideal fragrance note on warm days of spring

Less vanilla, more roller. Spring Wedug Florale is a juicy smell of blackcurrant and hypnotizing Osmanthtus.

This chise flower has an extremely fruity and velvety smell. It resembles a little apricot aroma. Czc Si from Freesj gives a surprising sense of space and runs.

In this composition you will feel also re and the fioc, which only smile the impression of spring waking up. By default, cao or pimo, iris, patchouli and a small vanilla pap.

Lancme la vie est belle lclat edp (2023)

Lclat will cause new waves of popularity

The amazing charm of the bottle does not allow this perfume to be clearly. When the first reports of the new premiere appear, I mistaken that La Vie Est Belle will not surprise anything anymore.

However, when in February 2023 perfumes appear in stores and I see this divine bottle I have to discover what it hides.

It turned out that there is a quieble flower will be afraid that Janie Roberts, put on the pedestal of Jan,.

L'At is like a walk around the rocky garden on the wax coast in Ciepy, spring day. This vision is so strong that when testing it, I get very stuck behind Soce.

The flower of the wire evokes sonic associations

The perfumed water La Vie Est Belle Lclat has the face of a joyful and radiant woman.

The juicy flower will be afraid of his peni in contact with bergamot, mandarin, r, jamin, freesj and vanilla. The smell is visited by zander and ambroxane bases.

The composition has a lot of together with Guerlain Shalimar Parfum Initial. Wrong, even more than the classic version of La Vie Est Belle.

The composition is rolled from both fragrances of their floral runs. However, he has a pleasant, powder aroma Shalimar and vanilla warmth of his eldest sister.

I am convinced that perfumed water will appeal to all women. Even the one that until now pages from this line. He is not Gona and Wydobylska, but she has great cunnings of elegance.

Lancme la vie est belle lclat edt (2023)

Lclat toilet water smells like the first days of summer

Spring people have a spark in themselves, which internal wind, which is wounded by everything he meets on his way. Lclat Eau de Toilelette allows you to emit the even higher scales. Like!

Flanker from 2023 still has all the faces of the flower of the Frague, but it is supplemented with a sparkling smell of grapefruit.

In addition, this beautiful bottle is a real gem! Its surface is covered with countless quantities of small prisms, which plays the world.

Citrus and white flowers served on sodko

This time, Anne Flipo and Dominique Ropion put up a more sharper smell. The composition opens with citrus with ditched pepper. Bergamot, mandarin and grapefruit agies the aromatic aroma of tea.

This sparkling initial is only a vestibule of it, a floral, bright heart. Jamin, neroli and the flower will be afraid, give this composition a very rzdziemorian tosamocie.

Pimo and Iris in the PCZ Pleas Base, Mikkoci powdrow. These fragrance notes make the perfumes to add elegance to women and let them make your joy even random passers -by on the street.

Lancme La Vie Est Belle Avec Toi (2023)

- perfume with sale -

Sodkie perfumes with sodium life

2023 abundant in new Flankery La Vie Est Belle. This one was created on the occasion of one of the most powerful Wit in the year - Mother's Day.

In a sense, nothing is good enough to be so important to anyone as important as my mother, but Lancme will face this idea anyway.

La Vie Est Belle Avec Toi (that is: yje is beautiful together with TOB) has inspiration women to see the life in the colors and to manifest her freedom.

Twrcy, invite all mothers to the world that they are free from the dictatorship of the society and my heart.

Noble smell of soda and powder

On the occasion of this new release of Lancme, it was decided on a stronger accent on some fragrance notes. In this composition, elegant and noble iris is more noticeable.

In the company of vanilla and pralines, it creates a sodium-construction fragrance, which is associated with uninterested meat and safety.

Of course, the world of Frays and Jamina has not been forgotten. Insert flowers into the composition of Rolinn and spaces.

This version smells like it. And not if you want this perfume to your mother, do you want them for yourself and sooty with the sodium smell of your children, it's really worth it.

Lancme La Vie Est Belle Bouquet de Printps (2023)

- perfume with sale -

Battle of soda in bitterness

This revelation of Lancme La Vie Est Belle was created and strongly transports to the motif of the reviving nature. The promise of Szczcia, as many years ago, was a lines to us, returning with our new interpretations.

If fruit is only candied

The basic features of this edition is to limit the role of irises to a real minimum. However, vanilla, jamin and bergamot are very noticeable. The patchouli settles Aur's basement smell, and the calf add wood notes.

The smell is hidden in the whole gam of floral notes, which the companion and fruity chords. The heart of the composition lies in the sodium chords of vanilla sugar and candied fruit, which means that the smell can still be included in the Gourmand category.

Lancme La Vie Est Belle Flowers of Happiness (2023)

Rado for the Asian worship of the world

The Flowers of Happiness composition has been developed specifically for Asian consumers.

For promotion of perfumes, the Changi-Singapore airport in Singapore. Twryni could visit the Lancme boutique, specially dedicated to the perfumes La Vie Est Belle Flowers of Happiness.

In more than a month of promotion at the airport, entertainment was offered. One of them to make a cocktail bar serving cocktails inspired by all types of La Vie Est Belle perfume.

Return to old inspirations

I will not say that this fragrance has been released from the previous ones. The key to understanding the numericals between the fragrance editions is to observe the proportions in which subsequent fragrance notes are attached.

In this case, the twists were inspired by flowers and citrus.

Green notes are bergamot, citrus and pear. Flowers appear in the heart of the IS composition is an elegant Jamin, romantic Ra and hypnotizing peony and lily of the valley. Cao is wrapped in a Pimowo-wood base.

Lancme la vie est belle en rose (2023)

This spring, Ra will take over

Fans of perfumes divide into two groups: the first of them with a raze, lveb flankers appearing, the second is already bored of them and bypassed them with a wide branch.

Without which you include, it is worth it, it is worth that February 2023 brings us the latest of them. This time talking about ry.

This Krlewski flower is becoming more and more popular lately. Not only Lancme is decided to develop your most popular line with a wound smell, but it will do it Guerlain in his bestseller Mon Guerlain.

So predict that you do not need a long waiting, and more brands are added to this group and spring 2023 we will walk through the streets of the peny of Rw Przerne.

Iris is still flickering in the background

The new, two -colored bottle is very well reflected in what we find in it.

The game of the bottle is red. The composition is also open in these colors. Sodka raspberry, pepper and red berries appear. Everything sprinkled with bergamot juice, it can be a little capryne on Skra, and a bit delightful.

In the heart of the fragrance, prize rectry and damask. Their red is a soda peony and a narcotic lily of the valley.

The base is a classic Lveb color - a warm tree and powder iris, which is up to it on Pimowa Pierzyn.

The amount of previous editions demotivates me. There is so much perfume in the world that focusing on one can be a waste of time. However, Lancme La Vie Est Belle En Rose is a pleasant composition that it really worth telling her, though.

Since 2012, many important fragrances have been created, and the trend for the Gourmand perfume initiated by La Vie Est Belle will turn into madness to tuberoz.

After all, millions of women are still in all these compositions. And you know what? This will not change yet.

Anne Flipo and Dominique Ropion created an unusual for Lancme Padnida - because the safety, home, trust, joy, and madness. So everything for what smokes for - happiness.

If there is a fragrance that gives in such a beautiful way, the warm -friendly and myoci, it must enter the canon and the remaining legends of the 21st century.

And it must be admitted that Lancme knows how it creates legends, an example of this is the age -old train, Miracle or Hypnose. I am looking forward to what the next decades will bring.