Kenzo Jungle Elephant Fragrance notes

Mandarin, a flash, cumin

Heart note
cumin, mango, heliotrope, ylang-ylang, licorice, cardiac, cardamom

Base note
Ambra, patchouli, vanilla

Perfume with the SONIE JUNGLE ELEPHANT contain all the colors of the world. I will distant the culture of Africa and Asia not only through the image of Sonia, but above all the bodies of the smell of spices, soca and energy.

Like most Kenzo perfumes, also also do not answer the imagination of a girl from the Silesian. Next to their sits and wealth of aromas, it is not a way to go. Delight the time.

Elephant is a mix created for the Kenzo fashion house by Dominique Ropion and Louis Sieuzac. Ropion is the author of classics such as Amariga from Givenchy and Lancme La Vie Est Belle. Sieuzac is behind the oriental classic YSL Opium. The duo is warm, spicy aromas from the notes, and their composition has been in the hearts of women and mocz on all for years.

What does Kenzo Jungle Elephant Eau de Parfum smell like?

Kenzo Jungle Elephant smells of spicy and flower chords. If you like oriental aromas, you like a subordinate and exotic kitchen, and at the same time you do not like fragrances and back, this perfume is for you.

Gesture notes

The first fragrance notes are a mixture of spices - you will be surrounded by the aroma of cumin and reconnaissers , which are gone through the whole projection time. It will be a fragrance note of cardamom and for a moment it will stand out in the foreground. This mixture will take you to an oriental market, where the intense smell of food mixes with the smell of the man.

This beginning will awaken your senses. The whole time is spicy, and after two quarters it starts getting even hot and more intense.

Heart notes

Vibrate smells. Fruit - mango and mandarin - appear and disappear. They are very mature, intense, and their aroma or natural soda and a web. When licorice appears, I feel like sinking in this composition. I am a large fanc of this note, and her presence here will fest my urgent.

Base notes

The base is primarily vanilla, which mixes with amber. It is a relief that is so essential. It is still exotic, but much calmer. It will let you relax, soothe your senses and make you feel the fairy tale Aur of this fragrance.

The most important in this mixture, women's perfume jungle elephant s perfectly harmonious. Nothing is biting here. This is a bodily smell of splendor and elegance. Rich fragrance notes are expressive, but do not cite. It can make you really lose gow.

Do not cut these perfumes, if your first impressions will not be the best, give him a second chance at another time. It's a beautiful smell, but very variable. It takes time to really appreciate him.

Kenzo Jungle Elephant reviews: Who was she created for? How does it fit? Is it lasting?

Jungle Elephant wraps your warmth, root notes on the more violent, autumn and winter evenings. Some of them are associated with vitamins, saturated with oriental spices from an exotic market and a reconnaissance aroma of gingerbread.

For me, however, Elephant is a picture of an uncomfortable nature, preheated soil, SOCA and a warm wind in the desert. However, it is certainly not a good choice for vacation. This is a strong smell that crumbles on Skra. It is suitable for confident women who likes the products of the most common quality, but not an adventure.

In my opinion, I will not like fashion girls who are just starting to know the world of perfume. This is a perfume for connoisseurs.

He would think twice before I use him during the day, especially to work. He is definitely too pen. I love Jungle Elephant Zim when I wrapped in a thick, Mikki sweater. It fits these perfectly with the evening creation. For him for a romantic meeting for two, when you are eager to sew in a moody eatery for a drink. But be careful!

Elephant is incredibly lasting. One prank will make it stay from Tob to Duga. On my Skra it is felt up to 16 hours! And this projection. It's a fragrance rather for those of you who likes the tail.

Bd Ostrona with the application. The right amount of perfume will make the macze to go to the Oglda, your partner will go crazy, and my friends will see their own bottle. If you overdo it, the smell will be too intense.

Is Kenzo Jungle Elephant the right smell for you?

This is a great smell that develops beautifully on Skra. There is a time on the one. You will love him, if you are confident and you are not afraid of the unwell compositions. He likes he pays comments, so I would think twice before I give whom these perfumes - I think he is too original for it.

I love this fragrance, but if you wonder if Kenzo Jungle Elephant perfumes fit you, you will find the answer below:

Yes - if you like a definite and oriental perfume, if you are not afraid of fragrances, if you like spices and vanilla, if you are looking for a fragrance for the evening.

No - if you usually choose and light fragrances, if you usually spray toilet water, and the greater steel causes you to have well -being, if you want your perfume to be perfect for a staff, if you do not like a release from the tum.

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