Ysl black opium fragrance notes

ditches pepper, pear, flower will be afraid

Heart note
coffee, jamin, bitter almda, licorice

Base note
vanilla, patchouli, cedar, cashmere tree

Yves Saint Laurent repeatedly flirting on the border of political correctness, and before the prime minister of the classic opium will cause many scandals. The modern Black Opium in the opinion of many OSB is not so controversial. Prominate here fragrance notes of coffee, ditches pepper and flower will be wired. The inside smells very interesting. Read the review, smell description and learn about perfumes.

He will talk about Opium in 1977. At a time when social standards undergo transformation, the appearance of Opium was a scandal. Perceived as a sub -leaders for debauchery and drug taking, perfumes are even censored in some countries.

Black Opium released in 2024 would not be surrounded by a scandal. After all, this soda fragrance has been in the best -selling bosseller from the day of its premiere. Black Opium reveals the new spirit of the Yves Saint Laurent brand, more playful, carefree and fashion.

Targeted at contemporary women, he takes to an emotional rollercoaster in a rocknroll style. This composition is responsible for the great success of vanilla in La Vie Est Belle.

Opium, I am as a Mioniczk perfume and is for me more than just a smell. How can a modern interpretation be assessed by L'Oreal Paris with any objectivity? I can't. That is why I try to treat this fragrance as a separate existence, the soup detached from my past.

What does Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Eau de Parfum smell?

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium smells like earthly tonk, which fastens with coffee. The third dominant notes are soda and creamy vanilla. Although many OSB consider vanilla to dominate the notes in Black Opium, in my opinion it is indeed intense, but perfectly balanced packet. Therefore, perfumes are not overdled or candy, but more rock.

Gesture notes

Black Opium draws its coffee energies, but the sodk of white flowers and a silent patchouli opens. The flower will be afraid and Jamin adds feminine composition, and the patchouli unfortunately resembles molasses. Notets and hearts are to the boundaries of the Solid -free soda, which even more pour the grain of pepper .

Heart notes

After 15 - 20 minutes a note of coffee appear. It is really intense for only 30 minutes, later the composition changes the direction and emphasizes the creams, a bit of fire in vanilla . She can't get rid of her dessert character because it smells like Creme Brlee. You will also find tasty pears . They are felt in the form of syrup or demo, and no fruit.

Black Opium remains in this form for the next 9 hours. There are subtle swarms in notes, but they are important to change the degree of fragrance intensity, not the development of composition.

Base notes

The last hours are disappointed, perfumes become cacrarily abstract-like spokes, fruity-flower chords and patchouli. Only the sodki smell of synthetic remains on the blanket.

The perfume from Yves Saint Laurent is a contrast between the bitterness of coffee grains and the fruit soda , built on the basis of Mikka vanilla . This narcotic overdose of soda has been prepared for the real gourmet of vanilla notes .

Perfumed water YSL Black Opium: Who was it created for? How does it fit? Is it lasting?

Black Opium does not try to recreate the history of classic opium , which is its huge advantages. It is an elegant, somewhat nonchalant and seductive smell. A woman dressed in black opium can emphasize her rebellious and mysterious souls. The composition seems demonic, namitna and very feminine.

The smell personifies modern women who rebel against the prevailing customs and intensively passes the tense of their lives. He is addressed to girls who are not more than 30 years old . For me, it's nice to wear this mixture will be a woman in each age. With one reservation: they must have a lot of sure.

Perfumes are not recommended to wear at work, especially one that brings together large groups of people in a small space. However, in a small number, it can be accepted even in the office . Autumn and Zim are great on scarves and sweaters, and vanilla will add Mikkoci to even the hardest and most distant women.

Black Opium on my Skra has a perfect and very wide projection. Applying two pranks, it lasts from 11 to 12 hours. And for a long time, a long tail is for you. During the ties, an intense clouds always opens, which is like a tail for the first hours. With time, however, it decreases and after about 7 hours he lasts close to Skra.

YSL BLACK OPIUM reviews: Is this the right smell for you?

Black Opium will gain my appreciation for several reasons. First of all , the smell knew how he would surprise me . Black coffee in a game is a reckless play that will never stop complementary. Secondly , it makes you feel good and really enjoyed the day. Thirdly, it is really devilishly sensitive : feel that it sprayes on my Skra, but it is not intrusive.

If you are still wondering if the Black Opium perfume is a fragrance for you , you will find the answer:

Yes - if you like a sodium perfume with a tail; If you like vanilla chord; If you are looking for perfumes for autumn and winter seasons; If you are a confident person, you like it pays attention and you are not afraid of provocative; If at work, you can keep an informal dress code; If you are looking for what for the evening.

No - if you expect a narcotic, spice composition of classic opium; If you do not like chased and all scent that do not leave space; If you are interested in women's smells.

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