Paco Rabanne Lady Million Fragrance notes

The flower will be afraid, lemon, raspberry

Heart note
Jamin, Gardenia

Base note
patchouli, mid, amber

Women's Paco Rabanne Lady Million perfumes are carrying me over a decade.

There is a Ciepy, a summer evening and together with a friend and fashion cousin we go "to the city". There is only one problem: although we are 18 years old and we feel very adult, Anka is 15 years old, and she looks at 13.

We will dress up like a million dollars with the hope that it will cheat to protect the goal to the club. Nobody can get it. Before removing, the photo has been recorded what we do not see then - our crooked smokey eye and for the dark pads on our faces.

Lady Million smells grotesque like our appearance that day.

This is a girl, a delicate women's perfume, who who said: bury the KTK Kieck, heels and from today you have millions. The problem is that she does not know how to do it. First of all, there are no conditions for this.

Oddly enough, the great Dominique Ropion is Twrc of this composition. C, stumble happens the best.

How does Paco Rabanne Lady Million smell like?

The starting of raspberries and white flowers is noteworthy. It could have been better if its implementation was better, the components of the audience, and the Budet Wyszy who knows, you can come out a decade. In practice, it is simply artificial and boring here.

I expect raspberry sprayed with lemon juice. Light and frivolous, but not stupid - because mature will give this composition a bitter flower will be afraid.

In fact, the opening of Lady Million is a bit like a mist of hello kitty. Sodka, a candy raspberry after what time becomes acidic. And the question is, is it raspberry at the focus?

Lady Million's heart is a culmination - a bit of this soda and faint me.

Gardenia is responsible for the floral chord, which was fed with honey before serving. Raspberries do not disappear, continue to swing where in the background.

In the base it gets more pleasant and calmer. It is still very honey and floral, but the patchouli slightly calms this excess soda. He agrees Lady Million. This is the only moment of the composition that makes me so pleasant.

With raspberries and white flowers, Mark Dolcegabbana is experimenting in the scent of pour femme. Although this raspberry is chemical here, I like the composition itself. Probably because vanilla was used instead of honey.

Cakim is not alternative to the very feminine smell of the Calvin Klein Eternity moment.

And it can change the fruit and choose the sugar pear from Lancome La Vie Est Belle?

Paco Rabanne Lady Million Opinions: Upraenia after tests

Lady Million on my Skra smellsitidly nasty. However, they have to admit that the smell will gather impressing the faithful fans that you will mention in it.

For them, this soda is enveloping and electrifying. I often read that it is a fragrance for women who want to emphasize their senses of nature.

In my opinion, the groups of tarrows are a girl who can have fun with applying these very myaki perfumes from the bottle in the diamond shape.

By the way, if MSKA version is made of a material with a small quality, it is plastic.

The soda of these perfumes was created with My Polys at the autumn and winter season. In the accompaniment of a scarf and turtleneck, it can work perfectly on the necks of the smell.

Myl, ES is universal enough that you can dow them back in the day to work or school, as well as for evening events.

Lady Million has its pros - this is a really stretch smell. It lasts on my Skra for up to 10 hours. You can feel him on your clothes even after a few days.

This projection is good. He leaves his tail for the first hours. After about 4-5 hours, it is still palpable with the distance of the size.

Is it worth buying Paco Rabanne Lady Million perfume?

For me, the only plus is and the projection- the smell of a long SI supports not only on clothes, but those on Skra.

Two of my friends praise Lady Million perfume and emphasize that get the masses of compliments from other women and from mocz. I can't find out for her myself. You can treat perfumes too seriously.

Is Lady Million the right smell for you?

You can buy a purchase, if you like fruit perfume similar to Carolina Herrera 212 Summer, which will last on the Skra. However, if you are looking for unique fragrances that are beautifully developing on Skra, Lady Million will fail your expectations.