Dolce gabbana the one woman fragrance notes

mandarin, bergamot, lychee, peach

Heart note
Jamin, Lilia, Liwka, Lily of the Lily

Base note
Vanilla, Ambra, Pimo, Vicious

Dolce Gabbana The One Woman Eau de Parfum is a Vietlist and flowery of a sensitized woman. Adored women, a woman of the goddess. A woman in the opinion of Dolce Gabbana is not only removal, she is The One See Recene 2024, Opinions and Fragrance Test.

How will he create the smell of peen passion that will dress women in Pikno in all its aspects? Christine Nagel answers this question, composing The One. These women's perfumes are the essence of women's beautiful in all its shades: the most common joy and the darkest secrets.

That's why the one would always be represented by the beautiful music, which in the news of the recipients sylmon with the upper senses. Gisele Bundchen, Scarlett Johansson or recently Emilia Clarke are not only beautiful faces. Everyone is known for their extraordinary fortitude and a large distance to herself. It is for unusual, marked women this beautiful smell. It really develops phenomenal on my Skra .

How does Gabbana the One Edp smell like?

Women's Dolce Gabbana The One Pachn perfumes like a modern mixture of fruit from classic pallets of white flowers. The smell opens with a sparkling bergamot and mandarin mixed with notes and peach notes. In the heart of President of the Seasts of Lili, then seductive vanilla, Ambra and PiMo.

Gesture notes

The opening of the smell is a quick romance of acidic citrus from peach and its great maeism with juicy notes of lychee. The first moments are breathtaking, because it is difficult to expect such a number of fruit. This makes the opening of summer soda and a hole.

Heart notes

In the heart you will find a wealth of white lily, which companion delicate fragrance notes of lily of the valley and Jamin. A bouquet of white flowers is passed by the notes of Liwka fragrances.

Base notes

The base is countless cries of Biaego Pim, vanilla and balsamic Ambra . There is also a capricious vetiver , which sometimes hides under other notes, and at other times she is dominant. This stage of the projection begins quickly, so it will remain with the nun. You must know that this is sodki fragrance from the first to the last note.

This composition on my Skra still remains a puzzle. Sometimes the smell is too soda and it will last with it. I am wrong in the projection, when the acid bergamot disappears, and only the drug smell of flowers remains, sometimes too intense .

Other times, after two quarters of CAO, it turns into quiene, mikki powder chord with a peach finish. I admit that I love The One especially when he plays a second scenario and leaves the smell of fluffy vanilla on my Skra .

If, like me, you are a fan of perfumes zt notch, ask Thierry Mugler Aura - there vanilla a flower will be afraid.


The one bottle has the personification of a woman who wears a composition hidden in her: she is poisonous, but at the same time stylish and penalties. Thick, thick schools seems to be fed up by a nectar or a magic potion. Zoty, the metal cork makes this elegant packaging gains modernity.

Dolce Gabbana The One Opinions: Who was she created for? How does it fit? Is it lasting?

The One perfumes are composed in 2006, at the head of this woman, which designers have always admired - with many faces, the personality of penen delicacies and assertiveness, the object wants everyone.

"A woman is a woman: (...) We want it to become remote, the only one: spectacular, joyful, ironic, strong, namitna and always independent.

These perfumes are one of a kind and will be suitable for all women who like it in the center of attention. So to intensive, so I can be behind the tail - especially in the projection phase. The smell is impeccable .

Really , it stays on the Skra and on the wales. I usually sense it even after 10 hours. This is one of those perfumes that you can wear on the occasion of what and for the evening.

It will be a great complement to the elegant creation at a wedding, an official jacket at work and a warm sweater during a weekend poverty out of town. Fit from a woman, not from age.

Gabbana the One: ONE: is the right smell for you?

I usually do not trust the compositions that often with fruit and flowers, because it is most often a trivial fragrance. The One is the opposite of these experiences - you really have a real lady. Although it is sodki fragrance, it has classic manners. There is a peen grace, elegance and has a lot of fashionable charm. There is a peen life.

I am convinced that Light Blue , many women use these Dolce Gabbana's perfume as their Signature Scent. It really is suitable for this. It will make you feel like a star even in the simplest styling.

I love these perfumes, but if you are still wondering if Dolce Gabbana The One Edp perfume is a fragrance for you, you will find the answer:

Yes - if you like sodium, super feminine fragrances, if you are looking for a perfume for the opportunity, if you are looking for warm perfumes for auto and winter, if you are not afraid of the characteristic compositions that fall into memory, if you like perfumes that change depending on the weather and the weather and the weather and the weather and the weather and the weather and the weather Seasons.

No - if you prefer compositions and you don't feel good in the tail perfumes, if you need subdued perfumes for work.

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