Thierry Mugler Aura Fragrance notes

bergamot, li rhubarb

Heart note
The flower will be afraid, green notes, ylang-ylang

Base note
vanilla, wood notes, amber tree, zander tree

Thierry Mugler Aura is a great smell that flirts with rolinn and the senses of wild animals. Definitely worth testing!

It plays an incredibly life -old fragrance notes and from the very beginning captivates with its independent but crystalline character. Usually, the composition is enclosed in a beautiful bottle, this time it is an emerald in the shape of the heart.

Creating a fragrance that everyone likes is relatively atwe, and perfumers perfectly mastered the secrets of this (not) creative trick. Every year, pour the market - The Scent, Bamboo, Illiticit - but remember about them as soon as their advertising campaign or FLERERW duplication jumps. Their problem is that people buying a bottle once, usually do not buy it again.

The panacea for duwotrway success is creating characteristic fragrances. Although at the end it is not appreciated by many, in the perspective of the sub -fire , they will be stuffed .

This is Mugler's style, and the aura is a great example. Today, most women sige for other perfumes, but the aura already wins the hearts of worshiping you and after consuming the first bottle, they will definitely replace the empty bottle with pens. And the aura will be like Angel, Alien, Womanity .

How does Thierry Mugler Aura EDP smell like?

This fragrance is intriguors and difficult to define. The nose believes that he recognizes some smells, and in reality they can not find them to the blanket. That is why it is difficult to know them in any context.

It is as if this fragrance moves towards the orient, and at the same time he will want to show the virgin forest and chisk pharmacies. This feeling is addictive and confused.

The initial aura smells like a tart rhubarb . In perfumery, this skipper is not possible to use in its natural form, its smell is played in the laboratory.

The rhubarb releases a green notes here - Radosn and Byszcz, Chroupic and very rolinn.

Then the fragrance quickly goes to the next phase, because after a quarter of an hour the Sona Nuta Nuta appears. The heart of the aura beats her rhythm in a duet with a flower .

This Rzdziemoryska Rolina adds a composition of sonic clarity and leaves a lot of space. It introduces into the mast of unforced, natural sense, and then sprayes in the base.

Slowly passes into the exotic sides through the pulse of the notes of vanilla and the moist forest.

Vanilla makes everything more mixture. On the other hand, the moody nature of the wood notes turns out to be more intense, and I expect it.

There is in this honor what I associate with the smell of camphor, which really likes. And by the way: the color of the bottle 100% reflects the magic of these perfumes .

Thierry Mugler Aura reviews: Who was she created for? How does it fit? Is it lasting?

The aura is Daphne Bugey , who knows how to close the nature in a bottle. The great story of the story of Lartisan Parfumeur . It is one of the most famous personal perfumery.

Here, she was faced with the challenge of the animal's end of the senses and role -ups. After this project , I expect a shocking , but the aura smells noble - magical vanilla and the flower will wire.

It seems to me that its character is associated with the opening of the brand to a more fashionable recipient. Unless I imagine a fashion girl dressed in any other Mugler perfume, this fragrance fits women of each age .

The composition is not flashy, intrusive and does not arouse these cosmic eroticism as Angel.

It will work well at work (if it is applied in a reasonable number), as well as in time off. You can be a randk, to the cinema, to meet friends.

However, this is not a good fragrance for the evening and a red carpet. It is too everyday for big galas. Certainly, autumn and winter will be better in the summer.

Thierry Mugler's perfumed waters enjoy great duration. It is no different in this case, the aura lasts on my Skra for up to 10 hours .

The projection of this fragrance is of course to a large one - it spreads clouds that you will feel in a few meters.

Perfumed water Thierry Mugler Aura: Is this the right smell for you?

For OSB, which, like me, love Mugler's uncompromising perfume, this fragrance can be a big surprise. And certainly not because the aura is too much , no. The smell changes liquid, it seems evolved in a talk and polished direction, which is unusual for this brand.

A roll note with which we want UPA in GST, Moczne GBI, is lazy on the almda-vanilla carpet. As a result, the animal side of this fragrance reaches us a bit distorted and somewhat underestimated.

Of course, it is still a beautiful smell , made of a lot of doc. However, this is not a controversial perfume. I love sodium fragrances built on vanilla notes, which is why I will use PRBK and buy a whole bottle.

If you are wondering if the perfumed water of the Mugler aura will be the right smell for you, you will find the answer:

Yes - if you like vanilla fragrance notes, if you are looking for a smell for what, if you like unique compositions, if you belong to Mugler fans, if you enjoy eating intense perfumes that can be out of the room.

No - if you don't like it, if you are looking for a perfume for summer.

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