Jimmy choo illicit fragrance notes

ginger, wise

Heart note
Ra, Jamin, the flower will be afraid

Base note
Ambra, mid, zander tree, caramel, cashmere tree, vanilla

Jimmy Choo Illiticit Women's Perfumes are packed in a quiene bottle. Their champagne color makes you feel exclusive. Unfortunately, in my opinion their smell is very common and will forget about it.

It is undeterably sodium and super unstable perfume, which the strongest sides are interesting opening and perfect marketing. And that's not just my opinion.

Promotional Illiticit sets for the press contain a macaronic placed on flower flap, which perfectly describes this fragrance. The cookie soda has been mixed up with the smell of flowers.

They have to admit that I absolutely love the bottle of these perfumes. It is made of a pitched sire and seems to be luxurious to the boundaries. Inspired by an art deco crystal mug, it perfectly exposes the color of the perfume.

What does Jimmy Choo Illicit Edp smell like?

Jimmy Choo Illicit opens a champagne mixture of ginger and citrus. After a few quarters, the composition goes to common, floral and woody fragrances. Innovations have a mid, but here it means nothing more like a pure soda.

While openly seems very interesting and sparkling, with time the smell changes into a common sjadziak, which does not release anything from the mass of mass perfumes. Unfortunately, despite the release of several years since the premiere, the price of Illitic is still high.

Press notes: Interesting, citrus opening

As usual, it happens in the case of disappointing perfumes, opening is not the worst at all. A standard duo will appear here and ginger served in a non -standard right. The smell resembles aperol.

The combination of aromatic, electrifying notes with balsamic honey causes that for a moment you can be tempted to buy Illicit. I even thought that I have an extraordinary before all.

It is true, for the OSB of non -standard, characteristic compositions, opening served by Jimmy Choo makes an impression. Probably the Illiticit turns out to be a bestseller. Many osb are remembered by the excellent composition of Jimmy Choo for women - perfumed water from 2011.

Believe in unchanging as the fragrances of this fashion house, many OSB Kupio Flakon without the composition of the composition itself.

Heart notes: Common flowers sprinkled with honey

My adventure with Illiticit is conquered after 20-30 minutes. In the heart it turns out unbearable. The honey note was not well listed , which is why it does not allow other components to Gos. In addition, balsamic, it turns out like a synthetic, bad variation on honey.

Ra, Jamin and the flower will be afraid. That's how the heart looks like and looking at this trio, you were expecting a luxurious smell. Repeatedly it turns out different.

Forming the piercing sodenists here man's divorced Jamin, who is really far from luxury. All this resembles jaminow tea in the proportion of p on pz honey (without lemon). In less than more than 2-3 hours, a synthetic caramel will be added, which literally burns the nostrils.

Database notes: Dusty wood

And finally, it was time for KSK Zupen - base. My beloved vanilla smells as if it were torn out of which biac dietary supplement for athletes, and the wood notes are so dry that he can cause sneezing.

GWN Base fragrance notes are amber - of course in a synthetic edition - and cashmere tree. Surprisingly, Illiticit is one of the few fragrances, where this cashmere tree really matches the firm eruption.

As a reminder, such a tree does not exist in nature, as a fragrance note is obtained from a patch of molecs imitating a wood chord.

Jimmy Choo Illicit Edp Women's Perfumes are created by a famous professional!

For moments of Wemes on the fires of Anne Flipo - author of women's perfume Illiticit. A woman is not an amateur, in the contrary! There is a large perfume world. He has such items as: Acqua di Gioia, Love Story, La Vie Est Belle, Olympea, and Manifesto. Niche perfumes from Frederic Malle, Jo Malone London or L'Artisan Parfumeur.

In an interview with Elle UK Anne Flipo said: I imagine an unusual but denying smell with a tempting signature. That is why I decide to be a sparkling opening and a floral heart on a unique, honey-budget base.

I have the impression that Jimmy Choo Illitic is the most of all my compositions I know. That is why I am curious what requirements will set for her.

Jimmy Choo Illicit Opinions: Is this lasting perfume? How do you wear? How can you fit?

On my Skra, the smell lasts for 3-4 hours and has an aidn projection. It does not leave the tail and is delicate for OSB stands in distance to 1.5 meters. Other perfumed waters have much better parameters in terms of duration and projection.

Although I will not choose them for myself, the perfume of Jimmy Choo's Illit. Fit with both modes and older women. They are not aggressive and stay close to the body, which is why it will be suitable for the staff, especially spring and summer.

It is not happily elegant or free in your style, so it will work for an evening going out with friends, randk or for what to work. Close projection and neutral smell will be perfect for each office.

Jimmy Choo Illicit Kocowa rating: Is this perfume for you?

One strong pages of this fragrance is interesting opening. If the postal concept was maintained, these perfumes could fashion the version of the super popular La Vie Est Belle. Unfortunately, the further into the forest, the more the smell becomes the more and more stripes.

I admit that I want to review these perfumes in my opinion: in my opinion, Jimmy Choo Illicit has several strengths. However, I can't find advantages.

This fragrance is not worth more than 50 zoty. So if you are looking for what is very sodium, but also luxurious, just choose Jimmy Choo from 2011. It will provide you with a lot of them and unique.

Whatever I think, Jimmy Choo Illicit has this group of loyal fans. Their neutral can work at work, if you are in an office with other people.

After all, before you decide to buy a penny -dimensional bottle, test Illiticit on Prbka.

Can you have a different opinion about these perfumes? Write me your opinion about Jimmy Choo Illitus in the commentary.