Versace pour femme dylan blue fragrance notes

Black currant, ordinary fragrance, forget -me -nots, clover, Granny Smith apple

Heart note
Rosyfolia, petalia, jamin, peach, ra, wild fruit

Base note
pimo, patchouli, styraks, white trees

Dylan Blue from the Pour Femme line is a perfume for women who are based on the contract. Mia, it surprises with an ultra -female flowers with a dark trees' aroma, cruciferous and emerging fruits combined with a warm and wrapping PIM. Read the review and see the opinions about the fragrance.

In fact, Ciko is to say about Dylan Blue Pour Femme, because his gwn disadvantages are a lack of character and movement.

In July 2024, the Versace House will publish the perfumes of Mkskie Versace Pour Homme Dylan Blue . Cio was a break from their elegant, largely made bottle. The smell is very commercially successful, and therefore the year was added to the lines.

During the premiere of the fragrance, Donatella Versace said: " Pour femme dylan blue to a female for feminine. That's why I will create a strong, sensual and sophisticated smell for a woman who knows her power." If you are looking for a new smell that will be absolutely tapping, it will not be conspicuous and will give you a bit of unforced elegance, Dylan Blue Pour Femme will be perfect for you.

What does Versace Pour femme Dylan Blue Eau de Parfum smell like?

Versace Pour Femme Dylan Blue smells of fragrance notes of juicy fruit, plush flowers and sensual trees.

In the official promotional materials, Versace Dylan Blue, notes, opens with fruit - a juicy apple, which with blackcurrant sorbet. There are those unique in perfumery, fragrance notes forget -me -nots and kians.

In the heart of the mother's smell it will find a bouquet of floral molecuts called Petalia (Hybryda Ry and Peonia) and Rosyfolia (Wiea Wound Nuta), the torn nitk of intoxicating Jamin. The peach has a heraldic smell. It will appear before Pour Femme Dylan Blue is immersed in the gbine of Ywiczny Styrax and patchouli in the base.

Repeatedly on my Skra there is definitely less complicated than the poetic note of notes. The composition is known, green, which makes it very light and holiday.

Gesture notes

Green fragrance notes are initially mixed with fruit , of which only their joint character is overestimated, not individual features. I meet with opinions that the blackcurrant is similar to the one known from Armani S , but for me both of these notes have no common features.

Heart notes

After a while, flowers appear, which are defined, but their village, wreaks in character attracts comments. It may have been a bit of the projection if this stage of the projection is more interesting.

Base notes

At the Dylan Blue Pour Femme database, it is immersed in the GBIE Styrax and Patchouli.


For a moment, the bottle suggests. The fascination of mythology is worshipering the Versace fashion house, and the bottle of Pour femme Dylan Blue reflects it. Its embarrassed skeletons are made of a sie in the color of the rust sea and animated by a very cork. The most interesting accent is the iconic ornament in the yard shape, which emphasizes the origin of the smell. It is a pity that the composition itself is not so interesting.

Versace Pour femme Dylan Blue reviews: Who was they created for? How can you fit? Are you lasting?

Light compositions built on fruit and floral chords belong to the most popular spring and summer. Dylan Blue is to do so and does not cause dizzy.

Certainly it will work as women's work perfumes , for official meetings and for the staff inn - from obligations to the usual to get out of the coffee colleague everyday.

On my Skra , about 6-7 hours lasts , other waters perfumed versace settle a very similar result. The projection is normal - the smell remains at the beginning of the arms, it is close to the skin.

Fragrances such as Dylan Blue S created with misleads about women who are simply looking for any perfumes and are not interested in what and how they are built. Women who do not feel well in the gbok compositions who have a tail.

Flowers and fruits add fashionable energy and usually awake the surroundings . That is why there are so many similar compositions on the market.

Versace has been releasing such women's perfumes for years (versace yellow diamond, bright crystal, crystal noir), usually, ES for strong independent women who want to emphasize their feminine and add a little luxury to everyday life. The average compositions in interesting bottles sell like you are buble. Yes, it is and it will.

Versace Pour Femme Dylan Blue: Is this the right smell for you?

I have not been waiting for this smell, because women's perfumes from Versace usually disappoint me. Pour Femme Dylan Blue is the same melody played for many years.

This is the type of perfume, which I can't play in memory for any composition for any treasures of the world. I would not buy this fragrance for myself, I will decide on the one and definitely better Versense or Eros Pour Femme.

On the other hand, I would think that I can buy him as a gift . The bottle makes a good impression, and fruit and flowers are always the safest choice.

If you are wondering if the perfumed water pour femme dylan blue will be the right smell for you , you will find the answer below:

Yes - if you want a universal perfume, which will be able to get on all occasions, you are looking for a light composition that will not give you a blade in the summer, if you like it, but you do not like a release from a tum, if you like a beautiful bottles in your collection.

No - if you expect an interesting projection from the perfume, if you usually sigid for niche perfumes, if you are looking for a more pleasant smell in perfumes.

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