Calabrian bergamot, li figs, water notes, grapefruit

Heart note
fioca, papyrus, ambroxan, patchouli, black pepper

Base note
Tonka beans, saffron, pimo, kadzido

If, in the 90s, you dream about the legendary Blue Jeans smell, you will be delighted! Pour Homme Blue Dylan is very similar to his known and charismatic predecessor.

Wedug Versace is "the smell of peen character and individuality ... wizaly and completely modern." The bottle will delight me the most, which is why I have to composition. Here is my opinion about Pour Homme Dylan Blue!

During the promotion of Donatella Versace, he said: "I like the way Dylan Blue will capture MSKI world. I always think that the male must be strong, namitni, proud, expressive, without fear.

We find such a picture of undeniably in this fragrance. He can see him in the design of the bottle. It was made of a thick sire and rented a classic bastard, a childbirth was placed characteristic, Zot Meduz Versace. The starting of the Gboki Pomegranate with Zot is always very luxurious.

This toilet water enjoyed so much popularity that a year after the premiere of this fragrance, there is perfumed water for women Versace Pour Femme Dylan Blue .

What does Versace Pour Homme Dylan Blue smell like?

At Dylan Blue Versace, he decides to enter the well -known areas of Mska perfumery and his classification composition as fern perfumes . This is a classic group of perfumes that resembles the smell of Lena Ciki with its character. If you analyze a great work, you notice that this is the iconic trend in the perfumes for the mocz.

In fact, Dylan Blue differs significantly from other fern perfumes - it is much more free and he definitely lacks a characteristic spice. In addition, Versace will add water notes , which make instead of a very harsh opening we have an unpretentious, unpretentious sound.

Of course, you will also find an intense smell of citrus - bergamot and grapefruit , but they are not as uncompromising as you could expect from fern perfumes.

Nevertheless, there is a rudziemorsk , who likes mocz and women.

Dylan Blue's heart evolves and shows fragrance contrasts. Fioca fioca has a powder color , and the fragrance notes of patchouli, Amboxan and papyrus highlight very much MSKA and the strong character of these perfumes. Cao seems even more intense when a note of black pepper appears.

The base is primarily Tonka and Pimo beans . If you feel a strange notch, which smell resembles a dusty library with books, this will go to synthetic incense! The base is the worst stage of the projection.

Blue Dylan is undeniably blue, fruity, wiey, water. The disadvantages of these perfumes are low as used components. The advantages are that after all, he can wear them and do not consider them boring.

Versace Pour Homme Dylan Blue Reviews: Who was they created for? How can you fit? Are you lasting?

Dylan Blue will appeal to all the mars, who are doing well, wear a non -boring, well -defined and very Mskie perfume .

The composition leaves no room for understatements - it is intense and persists on my Skra (7-8 hours). Take into account other toilet waters, the permanent vagina.

Her projection is moderate. Immediately after application, the cloud is cutting with his tail, but after 30 minutes the smell plays the scrach. It fits mosides in every age , looking for attempt to wear what.

The smell works well worn to an elegant shirt at work. You will take him on a trip out of town.

The wild boars will be determined by the whole year (especially, if you do not like the complementary, balsamic winter perfume).

However, it is not the best idea for the evening - at this time it is better to woy other Versace perfumes - Eros.

Versace Pour Homme Dylan Blue toilet water: Is this the right smell for you?

Even if the composition is pleasant, I would like to let more spices in my heart and be more severe at the beginning. This MGBA treatment will make it a more than more character and originality.

The perfume is often porosityned to Dior Sauvage and Bleu de Chanel, but for me it is a different class of fragrance. If I had to choose, I would decide on Sauvage.

If you are wondering if Versace Dylan Blue Pour Homme toilet water will be the right smell for you, you will find the answer:

Yes - if you are looking for a casual smell for what, if you want, above all, it smells of Mskian smell, if you like you, the compositions ordered balsamic notes of fragrances, if you are looking for a gift perfume (Dylan Blue will appeal to most many mins, so it will be a safe choice).

No - if you are looking for a perfume for the evening or a wrapping smell for winter. If you usually sit for niche perfumes and you want to wear compositions that tell stories.

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