lemon, mandarin

Heart note
cedar, coriander, fioek

Base note
French Labdanum, Ambra, Styraks, Benzo, Skra

Perfumes Mskie diesel only the brave collect only positive reviews. First, you will ride a citrus, later, he will calm the creamy smell of Ambra, and the GBOKA aroma will give you style. It is really worth testing!

Do you know that the Flakon of these perfumes presents the jacket Pi Renzo Rosso - Diesel's attachment?

Although the idea is really interesting, this performance is a bit kitschy. I think that many people do not deal with the hardship of testing only the brave. It's a shame because it smells to exchange!

Although perfumes do not persist on a cut out of a long, it can easily be in a row with duo dros perfumes, for example, Paco Rabanne Invictus, Azzaro Wanted, and Davidoff Champion.

How does diesel only the brave smell?

The composition belongs to the group of citrus and citrus fragrances, its unique element is to start the smell of fruit with warm suede and Amb. In my opinion, diesel only the brave, perfectly, and the rhythm of the day on the jingle Skra. It is a pity that it does not take a lot.

Gesture notes

The opening is grunting. The starting of lemon and mandarin is formed by a few kwan, and these sodk structures. I admit that I like the natural notch of notes that remind natural citruses.

There is ozone here, which gives a sense of ruling and slightly. The significant chord in this honor of the projection is the Skra, which resembles the delicate smell of talc.

Heart notes

Over time, the composition goes into more sodium and creamy chords. Amber animal and non -obvious fioek appear in the heart, who at times can be mistaken with iris pyne to Kpiela.

Unfortunately, after an hour, the composition persists in the skra and it may be imperceptible from the distance of 1 meter. Nothing is lost, because you are developing, it brings wood notes that are not refined and are not the best point of this smell.

Base notes

Unfortunately, the base is already cling to the Skra. You can name j balsamic, even a bit. However, this is not a well -worn Gbia - you can find a styrak and benzoe here, which add the character and volatile of the whole composition.

Unfortunately, you have to remember that what time smell the wrist, because it is already such a delicate projection that you can forget about it by accident.

Substitute or original? See what he pays for when buying from unverified RDA

The fragrance had the premiere in 2009 and has become extremely popular since then. You can buy it not only from the official RDE - it is available on the black market.

The real scourge of the subtitles exhibited on our native auction site - Allegro. Tell you now, which will pay comments on when buying these perfumes. Here are 7 rings between the original and subrbk.

Box. In the original version of Only the Brave, after opening, it is dark blue - both after opening the first and second cover.

WNTRA is also in this shade, so it's difficult to see a glass of bottle. However, in the subrbka, the second flap and wstra are most often white, and you will see the bottle from supplies (color and thistle).

Always pay comments as a bottle. If the school has bulges, air bbs, it is light - 100% it is not the original version.

Unfortunately, in the case of diesel only the brave, it is usually difficult to notice such anomalies. However, there are elements of the bottle that indicates that you are dealing with subrbk.

The bottle is made in the drink. In the subrb, you can notice seams and other non -fingers between the curvatures that resemble fingers. Of course, everything is Gadk in the original.

Details. In this case, it is worth paying comments on the piercie placed on two glass fingers. In the original it has a clean finish - you won't even see a gram of glue here.

In the subrin, this glue is to be torn out, you can even scrape it with your nail. Be careful because their thistle is identical from the greater distance.

Jam. Podrbki most often do not have an inscription on a traffic jam. The original will be engraved with the names: Diesel Only the Brave.

Atomizer. After the photo of the cork, you should see a diesel expression on the back. Atomizers work solidly in the case of originau and subryment, so do not suggest their fitness, but with an inscription.

Sticker. This is a very important element of each bottle. In case of

Diesel Only the Brave on the bottom you will find a small sticker with a serial number brought on Biao.

Note, the serial numbers on the Puddek subrinx are perfectly reproduced - do not suggest this. You will see the first rnic only after opening the box.

Diesel only the brave reviews

This is a safe and universal fragrance that is perfect for a scratch of a mature man, as well as a fashionable chopak. Of course, everything depends on Upodoba and Occasion, but only the brave is a fragrance without a metric.

I recommend this composition to use as a daily smell - for work and school. He does not cite, do not pay attention and works perfectly during a large temperature variation (UPA outside, air conditioning in the office).

And one more important feature of this smell, really Mao who doesn't like only the brave. So, if you are looking for a gift for a man, whose taste you do not know yet, this composition will be a shot in ten!