Hugo Boss the Scent Fragrance notes

ginger, bergamot

Heart note
lavender, maninka

Base note
Skra, wood notes

Hugo Boss the Scent For Him Eau de Toilelette is a perfume for the Mines that are loud for what.

Hugo Boss The Scent was created in 2023 as the first smell of the new line. Bruno Jovanovic and Pascal Gaurin were responsible for creating the composition.

From an existence, the composition has a gift of uniqueness as, it stays on the Skra for many hours and returns women's comments. In practice, only the last point has been prolonged, because there is neither high quality nor duration.

My curiosity arouses a new line. On the pc with perfumes for the lamps you can often see the invents to continue the known and liked fragrances, so I always sigid with the pleasure of the newness.

Unfortunately, in my opinion, The Scent does not present anything new , only whether the trends that have been reigning for years, which to orbage around the largest killer of recent years - One Million.

How does Hugo Boss Boss the Scent toilet water smell like?

Hugo boss boss the Scent for Him Eau de Toilette smells of scrape, citrus and spices. He has an exotic soda in itself, which is not dominant, however, not during use.

Gesture notes

The opening of The Scent is very spicy. Ginger is probably seasoned with Wasabi sauce, because it really kicks in the nose. Where in the background you can feel bitter nuts of citrus fragrances. I focus on bergamot.

The notes of the guests escape very quickly. Already after a dozen or so minutes on my Skra The Scent is exotic sodki . This soda reminds me of the smell of burned caramel. I think that this mysterious Maninka is responsible for this effect. I am not sure, because it is difficult for me to make it clearly. The truth is that I will know J on the basis of eliminating other notes known to me. It didn't work. This caramel aroma suits her the most.

The second skipper is lavender and it is my biggest bane. While the smell of natural lavender in perfumes is really beautiful, chemical lavender. The one in The Scent smells like Tania SL to the mocking quality. I am convinced that she is not responsible for this caramel accent.

Heart notes

The further projection of The Scent is surprising. Lavender and maninka trac intensively and change the smell. Remind the waves what vegetable, at other times, the fruit is more important. This is a strange and unpleasant aroma that lasts about an hour. He repeats up to each time when I test the perfume.

Base notes

The Scent base is very simple. Although it smells of SKR and wood notes , it reminds me only of what the animal. Although it is not a characteristic, screened GBI, it pleasantly blends in with the problem that it stays very close to the Skra and for the environment it is already rather imperceptible (no 20 centimeters from the distance).

Hugo Boss the Scent Reviews: Tests after tests

The Scent or Sodkie, Fruit and Sharp Aparts, making it a good smell for what . If you are looking for elegant perfumes to work, decide on perfumes with smaller dose of soda.

This composition has everything that is currently fashionable. or Rne types of soda, which causes them to become similar to One Million, Invictus, Spicebomb. Look is as if The Scent intends to at the same time and wrapped.

Numerous perfume reviews evaluate this composition very negatively. Testing them, I expect a nightmare, and I get only with a certain. It is not too bad, but you are not mentioned.

The biggest downside of the composition is the pleasant smell of the vegetable, which I am writing about. In my opinion, it should be eliminated before the release of The Scent on the market. Nevertheless, it is only p hours and that this effect can be on the Skra of other people.

Projection and this smell was stuck. The Scent is intense for the first hours, noticeable to the surroundings for about 3 hours, and on my Skra it lasts about 6 hours .

On the cruciate advertisement, this toilet water certainly will not cause a thrill of excitement - in its simplicity it is harmless. You can wear it at each time of the year, he will be on most occasions.

If your work does not require impeccable elegance, The Scent will work in this task. It is not imposed and this is not a flashy smell, so it will not bother, even if you work in a closed room.

I include the fragrance as a group of tugs that do not release as a special. Take into account as offered by competitors in this price group, being an acute result is a bad result.

Is it worth buying Hugo Boss Boss The Scent?

The problem of Hugo Boss the Scent is that the perfume was shrouded in the aur of the perfectness, and for the most part it turns out to be a disappointment. And it wasn't just about promotion, but also about prices. Perfumes right after the premiere of over 400 zotych.

This is a really high price for the Hugo Boss perfume . Siga at least two pacios to the perfume from Chanel. And as you know: if you are, it requires good quality, good duration and good projection.

Cae Szczcie mino a few years after the premiere and newer continuations of this line are appearing. The price of boss the Scent is a niche .

On the market you will already find Skrzano-Vanilla Boss the Scent Intense, Zucane Boss the Scent Parfum Edition and Cocoa-Coffee The Scent Private Accord from 2023.

This is available for women The Scent perfumes , also in four variants.

If you are looking for a perfume, which will be able to do the opportunity, which is currently attractive and do not pay too much attention, boss the year may interest you. Ask !