raspberry, wax tangerine, grass

Heart note
Jamin, black tea, liwer, iris

Base note
Ambra, zander tree, cedar

Perfumed water Hugo Boss Hugo Woman does not have a good opinion of women. I am not a fan of this smell.

When anyone declares work on the new version of the classic, it causes a huge stir not only of its users, but also perfume social. If he is with the fact that the classic itself is withdrawn, it is known to be hysteri.

In the case of perfumed water, Hugo Boss Hugo Woman, reviews are raw even after 2 years after their premiere. Of course, the non -eminent puzzle remains why Hugo Woman's toilet water will disappear from the sale despite the great popularity.

This fragrance would be universal and non -boring that it seems not to move. It is puzzling especially because the next time - Hugo Woman Edp - is a different fairy tale.

The composition of the loss of its light character, and the opinions about these perfumes are more divided.

Answering the question: this combination is won by toilet water, but I only have a fragrant bottle in my parents' attic.

Thus, the remote review will only discuss the new product - perfumed water. However, it will refer to my memories with fondness.

How does Hugo Boss Hugo Woman Eau de Parfum smell?

If you are surprised by the list of classic toilet water and very sodium perfumes popular recently, you must be prepared for such a mixture in the Hugo Boss Flakon Hugo Hugo Woman Eau de Parfum .

Gesture notes

The first minutes after the application S like a shout: Attention, I am able to perfume on myself! The ruling is citrus.

Although the wax mandarin is declared, I would not be tempted to reproduce a specific fruit from a wide group of citrus .

For the first few minutes, the smell is very alcoholic, so to make a sense of composition, you need to be patient.

Heart notes

After the alcohol is passionate and citruses lose his stimulating cotton pads, Hugo Woman goes into sodkie chords . You will definitely feel a fragrance reminiscent of lene fruit.

I associate me with pastries - specifically macaroons. However, this is neither raspberry nor the Jyn aroma - as I remember before. The wild smell gains a powder sound, which has been suffered with wild notes of iris flower. Jamin contained in Hugo is a chemical cat to the bone and rejects me superficial.

Base notes

The base is a mixture of amber and wood chords, but it is so noticeable that if you apply perfumes on the neck, you can overdo the projection phases. For me it is another performance that this fragrance is a misunderstanding.

Hugo Boss does not offer many captivating fragrances - by the way, indicate Take Hugo Boss the Scent , which also proves to be a Porak. In the women's boss perfume collection only withdrawn perfumes Jour Pour Femme hold a high level.

Hugo boss hugo woman reviews

Hugo Boss Hugo Woman has been deprived of his very characteristic feature - universality and slightly. It is the popularity of this composition in the 1990s.

The new version can, above all, will be left in the direction of a strong trend of recent years - a sodium and cinea fruit chord - here we are dealing with Liwk and Malinojeyn!

And I don't even know where I started, because at the beginning I have two issues.

First of all, raspberry - that is, the fashion for creating notes that May presents what does not exist in nature. Ultimately, there is neither classic raspberry nor Jeyna.

The second thing is the effect. It would have to be, according to the latest trends, and what, what is not qualifying for or to the group of oriental fragrances, nor knows. This composition is not even clearly Sodka.

If you are looking for a sensual Liwka from Decadence since March Jacobs - you won't even find a similar one here. If you like raspberry in the popular Lady Million from Paco Rabanne, you will be disappointed.

Not even mentioning Jeyn, who was so well presented in CK One Shock for Her , and who was simply marked here.

Is it worth buying Hugo Boss Hugo Woman?

Toilet water Hugo Boss Hugo Woman from the 90s was the favorite fragrance of many women. Of you, you are happy when Hugo Woman perfumed water appears in 2023.

Changing in the design of the bottle and the fact that now more resembles Chance from Chanel Moe leads to the conclusion that the composition itself has an intentional ambition in a client with more requirements.

Nothing could be more wrong. Hugo Woman looks cheap and smells cheap - and here he can only indicate granulated tea 'lene fruit' with the addition of citric acid. I associate this smell like this.

Who will he be suitable for? I will really succeed.

It will definitely appeal to people who would like to compromise between the colossi and SuperSodkimi La Vie Est Belle.

So much that this compromise is so divorced that on my Skra it lasts only 3-4 hours .

Certainly it will work at work, because a lamp projection does not cite, and the smell itself does not piss the surroundings.

To sum up, it's not worth it for this compromise. If you are looking for what is in a floral, but those colored delicate soda, choose a classic miracle from lancome or e clat darpege from lanvin . Although they are not smells similar to Hugo Woman, it is definitely a better pusty than him.