versace versense fragrance notes

bergamot, green mandarin, fig

Heart note
Lilia, Jamin, Kardamon, Narcissus

Base note
zander tree, cedar tree, olive tree, pimo

Versense women's perfumes are a prba interpretation of the climate of the Rzdziem Sea. Showing the contrast between the runs and sex appeal.

The opening of the composition is pleasant: a large dose of citrus is seasoned with figs. Everything is and very optimistic.

Although the composition is enjoyed by many positive opinions, in fact it is not extraordinary. It is well known for other versace fragrances - a special interpretation of white flowers in the heart.

I am captivated by this green bottle, which is one of the most beautiful versace in the whole offer. His simple descendat reflects the smell, and the silver decorations are elegant.

How does Versace Versense toilet water smell?

Postal notes are green, very well, gently seasoned with cardamom. Smell A widespread in the nose. For a moment I wonder if it is really Versace, because such the opposite chords are not characteristic of the women's fragrances of this brand.

Bergamot, green mandarin and Figa create a perfect trio. It is vigorous and cheerful. Versense shows his face, which gets out of my taste.

After about 30 minutes, citruses are already less expressive, and the composition becomes more dry.

In the heart of the smell, dominate white flowers, led by Jamin. At the beginning, delicate citruses feel, which is why the composition remains an intriguer.

Everything changes when only flowering remains on the stage - from minute to minute the smell is more and more like the heart of Bright Crystal.

Flowers are banal and stripes. Wieo? - Forget about her! If you find yourself in the summer in the choking chords of white flowers from Versace, I am really under a big impression. I can never.

And after 4 hours we come to the moment when Versense returns to the original plan. He remembers that it would have been and fun.

There are delicate wood notes - a bit acidic, a bit balsamic. Pimo gives a powder, somewhat dusty aroma. Here it is nice again - here we reach the shore.

And there is all the absurdity of this smell here. Initially, he is staggering. Like Spritz Bianco drunk in Gorce, like a jump to the water from the platform, like a cold shower after training.

The family suffocates the chemical interpretation of the smell of white flowers. It seems, this place, the composition breaks out of the leash, and in no way resembles the initial phase of the fragrance.

As if Versense Yo is a very life and it smells terrible.

In the base, however, it is made again. And although it lasts very close to Skra, it still gives a sense of pleasant ruling.

Is Versace Versense Edt S similar to chypery perfumes?

I love chype perfume. For me, a classic that never failed me. Honorable during holidays, when exaggerated sodium or floral chords, guarantee migraines.

But not all classic chipping is interesting. Often such fragrances are accused of a lack of feminine and delicacy. A large group is associated with MSK wardrobe.

Versace Versense perfumes have a proposal for this group. Go away from the classic chip, leaving only basic skippers in the cradle: citrus in the gowium and jamin in the heart and pimo in the base.

In addition, you will find a lot of fruity soda, white flowers and dusty powder.

NO. Versace Versense is not even variations about chypery perfumes. This is a composition from another fairy tale. For Mioniks of the classic chip, Versense will be accepted during the authorities.

Versace Versense reviews: Is it worth buying this perfume?

I associate the classic chyprus with holiday adventures: kayaking, GRYSKI WDRWKI, or sowing on the lake.

And surprisingly, I like Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, and even Davidoff Cool Water. Give the natures of the liabilities, the nature of spring or summer and my nature.

Versense is for me a resort in the style of all inclusive. It is like a weekly cruise on the ocean, where GWN entertainment is a swimming pool and spa. I associate it with places where women walk around the beam promenades in high heels.

It will definitely appeal to people who have to work in closed rooms during the holidays. Yes, this fragrance is perfect even at official meetings, while maintaining a nonchalant, holiday character.

I am convinced that women will like 25. For more fashionable girls, white flowers may be too quoting.

The big advantage of this toilet water is the price - you can buy it for less than 150 zotych. If you like women's perfumes, Versace Versense can turn out to be a wind fragrance for you.

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