lemon and bergamot

Heart note
Shadz Muskaatov and Galbanum

Base note
cedar tree and dbowy moss

You will definitely come across many negative opinions about Davidoff Champion.

You must, however, have to be known that this brand does not belong to the favorites on the perfume market. And most of them do not say that these perfumes are tragic, because leg. It is often the only thing that Davidoff is not expensive enough.

But in fact, who cares? You like the smell. Then to the person you sleep, and on the blanket all the rest. And the brand doesn't matter here.

And Davidoff Champion has the pros, which can be included, though it is a long one on the Skra and develops in a surprising way.

And everything would be good if it wasn't for this bottle. It is not that the appearance is strange, it is still really uncomfortable. And the soup does not match what you can find inside, because you will not dress this fragrance in Siownia.

What does Davidoff Champion smell like?

Opening is a blow of bergamot and lemon . However, the main violin plays a bergamot here. It is very intense - for the first minutes of the nose, but the wild notes are not citing.

Lemon is synthetic and does not smell natural. But in this case it is not a surprise.

Although I don't like it, MJ Chopak will say that he is in order and smells like his first perfume. It is a secret of champion - it is associated with fashion.

After all, for me the first 30 minutes is a nightmare , but after this time the citruses oxidize and the time comes for a very interesting development. If you don't like an intense bergamot chord, just wait this time.

The note of the heart beats with two classic chords: Galbanum and Shavi Muskatoow . The first of them is the CHTNER already known during the production of the first perfumes. Today he is moving a second modo.

He is included in the group of green chords - all because of his world, but an incredibly bitter aroma.

Muskaatov is a bit bitterness. It is earthy and soda . You can get the sensation that I will be in the tropical forest.

With high humidity of the roll, take on very intense aromas, but you are still in the wilderness and it is not safe here.

The base includes dbowy moss and cedar tree , which still remain in the atmosphere of a leen adventure. With this that this adventure is already rather a loner of the expeditions and not in the tropics, and where in the distant Zaktki Sweden .

To some extent resembles the bases of the popular Davidoff Adventure. Here, however, it seems even more vague.

Davidoff Champion reviews: Is this perfume? Well worn? How can you fit?

A common accusation is the fact that Davidoff Champion is a synthetic composition. This is true, but on the other hand it is interesting and lasting. Wrong that it will be appreciated by Now Generation.

The more fashionable generation looks more favorably at synthetic solutions in fragrances - an example of the last hit Paco Rabanne Invictus. The smell is also chemical, the bottle is also kitschy.

On the other hand, such a minimalist classic can be appreciated by more mature mars. Conclusion: These perfumes are the right choice without age.

This MSKA toilet water works in summer and spring , but I am convinced that it could also be applied to autumn. It is a fragrance that mixes has a dose of sports with a large portion of elegance in the style of noir. Dziki, you can use him for what, for the evening, to work, to the city ... basically everywhere.

If my chopak had them, I would not let him out of the house, but for what elegant or official events.

And it turns out that this is a really stretch smell . I know that opinions on this subject, but on my Skra lasts up to 9 hours. Consider the results that reach other toilet waters (6-7 hours), the champion is replaced.

The projection is very wide at the beginning, later for about 3 hours the smell is felt from the perspective of the size.

Objective rating: Is Davidoff Champion a fragrance for you?

I do not remember when the last composition is so monothematic. There is nothing in it except components necessary in the summer fragrance for mocz: strong citrus aroma, green notes and earthy dbow moss.

On the internet you can find a lot of unflattering opinions about this fragrance. It seems to me that the opinions were simply not patient.

I like this smell - it's uncomplicated toilet water, which almost presents the components it contains. In addition, Davidoff Champion still has one, Wan advantages: it is at a wind price!

Is Davidoff Champion EDT a fragrance for you?

Yes - if you are looking for an uncomplicated smell. If you want, you will buy a really universal perfume that you can wear without extended to the circumstances.

If you like typical perfumes. If you do not want to smell you, and you treat applying perfumes as a personal hygiene (to a clear extent like antiperspirant, after shaving cream and El for a shower).

If you like citrus, green and earthy chords.

No - if you are looking for something elegant (just choose the classic Acqua di Gio by Giorgio Armani or Tom ford Gray Vetiver Edp).

If perfume is your passion and you are looking for unique fragrances and high quality. If you value fragrances individually and you like a break.

If you are looking for a fragrance in Siownia (better buy versace pour homme).

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