Li tea, mandarin, bergamot, pepper, lemon, mate

Heart note
Pimento pepper, sesame

Base note
Peruvian cedar, vetocy, Biae Pimo

In the opinion of many OSB, Mskie Davidoff Adventure perfumes are next to Cool Water the best composition of the Davidoff brand.

Despite the uptake of years, Davidoff Adventure is selling perfectly. You can buy them at a low price of just over 100 zoty for a bottle of 100 milliliters. However, do you really smell?

Davidoff is a brand that is most associated with kiosk and tobacco products. Mao who knows that the popular perfumes and cigarettes, the manufacturer releases cigars, cognac, reservable products, eternal pira and coffee.

And already Zupena a handful of OSB realizes that these luxury goods have almost 100 years old history in Bran.

What does Davidoff Adventure smell like?

Fragrance notes are unlike other fragrances from Davidoff:

Citruses. Of course, the opening of citrus is open, from standard lemon, bergamot to sodk mandaryn. With this that they are not extremely intense for this pleasantly, with the rest of the components.

Tea and Mate. These delicate aromas agodz widrus notes. Make the smell to the smell more Zioowa and dried.

Pepper. The intense aroma of citrus delicate tea was tamed just to season it all with pepper. If you know Chanel Allure Homme Sport, it has more and more intensely.

The heart is unusual. Although you can seal here, you will probably manage to capture piquancy of peppers. It is aromatic and warming. But the impression of drought is even more than at the beginning of the projection. Although the Peruviac cedar appears in the list as one of the notes of the base, you will feel it in your heart.

The base is woody, and if it wasn't for this tea aroma, they could really like it. He likes very much when it can smell wood, but it should be, lene and a bit earthy. Unfortunately, here it smells like dry vortices. Biae Pimo is imperceptible on my Skra.

Other adventure perfume reviews are more favorable to this worship of the projection. Even indicate that it smells like niche perfumes.

Davidoff Adventure Reviews: Is it lasting perfumes? How do you wear? How can you fit?

The start of citrus, tea and the sharp nature of the pepper, make the composition really pleasant. Perfect for the day: at work, at Siownia and casual meetings with friends.

The smell can be applied in the summer, because citruses provide additional energy crashes. It is also aromatic and a bit spicy, so these autumn develops well on Skra.

I do not recommend Adventure perfumes for elegant circumstances. They were to a lumberjack than a businessman.

And now it's time to discover the greatest mystery of this smell: it is great. If you will be lucky, the smell will hold your Skra for up to 6 hours, but in most cases he is a worse result. If it was perfumed water, it would be unacceptable, but in the case of cheap toilet water you just need to turn a blind eye to it.

It is not good in terms of projection. The smell stays close to the Skra, so if you want to be more intense - notic - you need to use it a lot.

Is it worth buying Davidoff Adventure Eau de Toilette?

From the very beginning, the adventure perfume reminds me of the Dakar rally, because it can not get rid of the impression that this is a sports smell.

So much that these games do not take place in the water - for example in Cool Water or Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gio - only in the desert. Will you like this climate?

Yes - if you like niche perfumes, sometimes difficult to interpret. If you don't care what brand you sign the bottle that you buy. If you want to spend on perfumes more than 150 zoty. If you like mskie fragrances with citrus and wood aroma.

No - if you are looking for a durable perfume, which will also be intense. If you are looking for a fragrance from famous designers.