Gesture notes
citrus, red wise, lemon, self

Heart notes
Geranium, Lavenda, Szawia, Pimento Papryczka

Base notes
patchouli, vetocy, cedar tree

Dolce Gabbana K draws his eyes with a cork in the shape of the Krlewska crown and releases with a pleasant, aromatic smell.

Sometimes everything we need to like new perfumes is one May. When most -year -old fragrances smell very similar, the perfume K from Dolce Gabbana choose unusual solutions.

Although it is not a fragrance without BDW or disappointment, it is really nice to wear it.

Of course, it means king (krl) and although not any every ambition to be a damp, any other people want the best version of myself.

Dolce Gabbana's perfumes, directed to the Krl of your own home, work, family, or life.

It seems a bit arrogant calling yourself a king, but when you understand that it really is about a feeling comfortable in your own Skra, it makes a big sense. - said perfume ambassador Mariano di viao.

How does Gabbana K dolce smell like?

'K' Prescation of citrus soda, aromatic spices and wood. He has a lot of traditional perfumes in it, but you say a classic unknown notes of Pimento and Shavia peppers. Therefore, it can be treated as a unisex perfume.

The fragrance composition was created by Daphne Bgey and Nathalie Lorson and may be included in the family of wood and aromatic fragrances.

Inconspicuous opening smells of citrus

K begins with a sparkful citrus chord, which emphasizes the spicy scent note of Jaowiec.

This striking rally has a rustic character and resembles tens of other perfumes (also those from Dolce Gabbana) - though light blue eau intense pour homme, light blue italian zest, or Paco Rabanne Invictus and Yves Saint Laurent Y.

The cream heart impresses with its sophistication

In time, K becomes a lot more interesting. In the heart, it evolves towards discreet floral and herbal notes. Flower chord, lavender, Pimento and Szawia change the composition into the most luxurious cream, which you will find only in the best hotels.

It is worth knowing that PImento paprika, which in poviat woses is considered a talisman that brings rat.

There are several opinions that the heart K has an effect like Aventus niche perfumes . As in this iconic fragrance, there are also notes of sparkling, ywio and pusty.

A classic base with wet quality

Caa magic is caught in the base that was built of cedar and vetip. Unfortunately, the latter transforming CAO into a very conservative, classic fragrance with low quality, which takes the duo of the charm of all the composition.

Dolce gabbana k reviews: impressions after tests

Although the opinions about Dolce Gabbana K are not the best, and the smell divides the gbok between the similar Dolce Gabbana Light Blue, in my opinion it is still an interesting perfume.

The strongest point of the composition is her heart. A discreet floral chord in a couple with the classic smell of lavender and almost niche thaws smells out of the way and a spiron of other summer perfumes for moczes .

Toilette water has moderate projection and it is moderately lasted - it lasts on a Skra for about 6 hours.

He will fit in to the lives of each age, who likes an elegant and simple style. K is the type of perfume that Mona wears to work.

I admit that I am curious about the development of this line and I am waiting, and more intense perfumed water will appear.

Influencer Mariano di Vaio Ambassador 'K'

One of the authors of the perfume, Daphne Bugey, said: Mark Wyd will create a modern fragrance that exploring the creatures of the wax, inspired by his roots and village wax.

Choose a pad on the wax influencer Mariano di Vaio, which we see in the advertisement, among others in the company of Ony and Sons.

ADVERTISEMENT was Krcona by Mariano Vivanco in the picturesque town of Montepulciano, leca ptorej for an hour from Florence. Dwikukura was created by the Oscar winner Ennio Morricone.

Is it worth buying Dolce Gabbana K Eau de Toilette?

Wrong, it's worth it.

The K perfume is a commercial smell that plays with niche notes. Although it smells familiar, classically and safely, it is interesting that the idea for composition is interesting.

Kidnaping other toilet waters for the summer, K is enough and has a projection. It is not imposed on people in your surroundings and suits most occasions - elegant and casual.

If you are looking for a perfume for the summer, spring and warmer autumn days, it is worth giving him a chance and test, which has to offer.