Bergamot, black currant, apple, pineapple

Heart note
birch, patchouli, ra, jamin

Base note
pimo, dbowy moss, vanilla, amber

Today at the Creed Aventus workshop - a week I get to the prbk of the prbk Grail of Perfume Manyaches and now I'm going to give him an opinion.

I am very excited, because I have not had such a killer for a long time. Hellly expensive, extremely electrifying and cut to conquer. Is it really worth it?

You certainly know about the worship that will be created around these perfumes - otherwise I will not seek their opinions about them.

Gosia legend, that all women go crazy with this smell ...

Because the Polish internet floods a wave asks unanswered, I will choose the best and try to answer them as best as it can. In the blanket I had pleasant to touch the jew of this sky.

1. Creed Aventus - how does it smell?

Aventus is primarily a smoke pineapple smell . The wooden chord comes from birch, and the base is built around Pima and dbowy moss.

But let's start from the beginning, because on my Skra the official fragrance pyramid breaks a bit.

Prescase notes strongly bergamot and blackcurrant . These two chords penetrate each other, creating a sodium-szorstk structure.

Pineapple does not appear immediately. He is not at all on my Skra in the first hour. After all, you will immediately sense the smoky character of these perfumes.

They have to admit that I do not know if Aventus is radiant and positive, or melancholic and MSKI.

One thing is certain - all patterns known from other fragrances are passed. We are dealing here with modern forms. It is jurisdiction, but it is dry. Magic!

With time, the bergamot disappears cautiously. The pineapple begins gently, but it is still uncommon.

You can feel the ruling for it birch and black currant . With this form is slightly different at the beginning. For the first time I meet with this fruit in the perfumes for mocz.

The base is on the one hand. On my Skra, feel pimo and pineapple. Already in full.

Wiey, juicy, so broken - warmed up in SoCu. In a time with a rough and pure PIM , he creates feasts for my soul.

2. Why are they so expensive?

The Niche Marek Perfum Creed has been a family business of British perfumers since 1760.

The first order comes from the King of Jerzy III , and the clientela does not belong to the bed: Drug Victoria, Empress Eugenia, Emperor Franz-Jose and his Empress "Sissi" Elisabeth.

You will find Sir Winston Churchill or John F. Kennedy .

It is worth noting that the brand has been moving from his father to son from 7 generations.

"Each fragrances are important, mixed, macerated and filtered according to the tradition of transmitted from generation to generation - starting from James Creed.

Today, Mark and the French laboratory manages the sztete generation: perfumery master Olivier Creed and his son, Erwin Creed.

Father and son personally look for the cleanest components from the whole world, which allows them to continue the traditional plays of creating Creed perfumes - timeless, and at the same time modern stories enclosed in bottles. " - official information from Creed.

Edwards Michael's way in his book Fragances of the World says that there is no evidence for this family tradition , because the oldest perfumes found in the collectors from the whole world only come from 1975.

3. Creed Aventus vs Tom Ford Oud Wood

I don't know why these fragrances are combined. It may be because the well -known brand Tom Ford is associated today with high quality and do not know the fragrances from Creed, and I want Aventus in what place in the hierarchy, she comes to my mind first.

I admit that Oud Wood is a wood festival in the best of this owl. With this that there is much silence and more dark than Aventus.

If I have to choose, which I like more, I bet on the latter. Pineapple and this considerable aura around the smell is really electric!

On the other hand, Oud Wood lasts on a distant skra from Aventus. It is more intense.

4. Where does he upset - how does it fit?

And it has become - decided to buy perfumes for no money. Where is he going to him now? Does it fit everywhere?

I don't know why - it may be because of pineapple - Aventus seems to me elegant. He is rather rebellious and to him to Luna, linen shirt than to the tailcoat. But on the other hand ... who will forbid the rich.

5. Creed Aventus reviews: is this perfume for winter?

Aventus is a perfume for spring and summer . This light atmosphere does not match the winter jackets, scarves, mouths. I have no idea how it behaves then and does not check it. So - no, this is not the smell for winter.

6. Smells similar to Creed Aventus

After the great success of Aventus, a mass of fragrances arose, which draws on this composition. Some of them, the better, others worse. However, the original did not succeed.

The best example is Afnan - Supremacy Silver. Fragrance notes are literally removed from Aventus. The pyramid looks the same.

However, as used licks, it differs significantly from what Aventus can be offered. Despite everything, specialist-formed people say that this is one of the best clones.

His parameters of his norm - lasts on Skra for up to 4 hours.

I leave this information to your own assessment. I know that there is nothing worse than their subfumes. Shandly, if you have the expectations of the composition.

Instead of spending a money on clones, it is worth saving in a blanket, he is happy to be happy - with your dream Aventus.

And it's really worth it, because this composition is extremely listed, perfectly organized and surprising.

7. Where will I buy them?

Morocco, runny nose, Pakistan, Indonesia, Istanbu, Thailand Polish internet has a million idea where Aventus will buy, which is not available either in Sephora or Douglas. And the matter is very simple in fact. Click the button and go to the iPerfuma store.