gucci bamboo fragrance notes


Heart note
ylang-ylang, lily, flower will be afraid

Base note
Ambra, zander tree, vanilla

It came when the question is: if heaven and the hell exist, what is the smell? My Pieko smells like Bright Crystal. Heaven is Black Orchid. Cleaning like Gucci Bamboo perfumes.

Well, but how does bamboo smell? Rolina itself does not smell differently than green li.

This is how it smells of - transparent and bland. And the whole story could jump here were it not for the fact that Bamboo was used by the Gucci luxury fashion house and presented to customers.

Of course, everything in a beautiful packaging, for high prices.

How does Gucci Bamboo perfumed water smell?

The description of the fragrance will be generic this time, because these perfumes are such a felt here what citruses - I will not give myself a load of the pins that it is actually a bergamot. We feel these flowers, and because they are delicate and without character, let's call them white.

He likes the smell of vanilla very much, I have my preferences about how to present it. I usually sense compositions. I can't here.

How much bamboo is in bamboo? Ot is not at all. Believe, however, that inspiration when creating compositions. Why?

Because just like the smell of bamboo and licia are difficult to revive, so the smell of bamboo and floral mists from Avon also. While the price of 15 zotych allows the acceptable uniform and colorless smell, so in the case of compositions, which theoretically should be luxurious - no.

It is difficult to talk about notes and chords. For me, everything blends into uniform, synthetic cao, which simply loses its power over time, becoming a little dusty. Therefore, a detailed description of the smell of Bamboo perfumes is not an atmosphere.

Gucci Bamboo reviews: Is it worth buying this perfume?

The smell was created with my mind about all and nobody. Although the beautiful Gos in the advertisement says that a strong, independent DCA woman to self -realize dresses bamboo, I do not believe in or his owl.

Wrong, that it works in a situation where you don't know the fragrances, you want to make someone a gift. This is definitely a safe choice.

Biae flowers and citruses are usually chosen for the summer season, but I would not be honest if I was flying these perfumes. Myl, the price of Gucci Bamboo will find many more interesting fragrances.