grapefruit, the flower will be scared, the shit

Heart note
Muscatowo, iris bark, Pimento pepper

Base note
vetocy, wood notes, amber, dbowy moss

Tom Ford Gray Vetiver smells very characteristic: earth, roots of what, which is underground, invisible to the eyes.

It is a rough and raw smell that cuts the nostrils into the blood. If you are looking for the answer to the question, which version - EDP or EDT - is better for you, it will go to a good place.

In this article you will find perfume reviews - Tom Ford Gray Vetiver in EDP and EDT.

It started with the description of perfumed water, then to take toilets. On the blanket you will find my tips, which the version will be the best for you.

What does the perfumed water smell like for Ford Gray Vetiver?

The theme here is, of course, the vetiver . It is perfectly noticeable from the very beginning of the projection.

In the notes, he is accompanied by grapefruit and a flower will wire. Cao is very intense, the nostril's wounded. It brings all winter masses.

That's why I can't imagine wearing these winter and autumn perfumes - the impression of a piercing gait is simply stunning here.

It's like going to work at 6am, just after fast coffee during 20-degree frost. It is so cold that the air clogs the puc.

In theodular phase of the projection it is already a bit important, the temperature rises by 5-6 degrees.

It starts more spicy and spicy, with Gray Vetiver still remains sharp (wild pimento).

The grassy character of the fragrance slightly stars, wooden chords and muscato's crazy appears. Cao is pleasantly smoke.

Scent notes of the base are very delicate. You can feel a tree and dbow moss here. The sharp veto disappears without counter.

The spicy chords are brought to me on the wrong cabinet with spices. I have the impression that this phase does not match the whole, it is much warmer and less characteristic.

Kidnaping Gray Vetiver to Guerlain Vetiver is more modern. The wild large quantity of citrus on my Skra is the more clean, glass.

In turn, Vetiver from Guerlain from today's perspective resembles niche perfumes .

Wild Tabako base seems more wild, dirty and earthy. It cannot be hidden that his group of recipients is different.

How does Gray Vetiver toilet water smell?

It immediately catches the eye that toilet water has slightly worse parameters. On the Skra, it lasts only 4 to 5 hours .

There are much more fun than perfumed water. Wetiwer does not play such a significant role as in the EDP version. He is never a dominant chord.

The amount of citrus is much more than in the perfumed version, which is why EDT seems to be soda .

Through the beginning of the projection, the vetiwer goes hand in hand with lemons. A miracle lemon, which smells like you were broken from a tree and thrown into a glass of ice.

For this bitter bergamot and grapefruit fit perfectly. Everything is YWE, radiant and very summer.

The radio fragrance notes are already root, but Gray Vetiver Edt never loses its lightly.

It may be because I can now feel the basil here. On the one hand, it does not seem to be a beloved atmosphere, on the other, it gives the exceptional character of the caoc.

Unfortunately, in the base I do not sense neither Ambra nor Pima . Maybe therefore the projection is a short - who forget about the fixatives!

Tom Ford Gray Vetiver reviews

Groups of the tarrows of both fragrances after 35 years of life. This composition of Zupenia does not reflect the spirit of fashion, and dressing them at a fashion age is like wearing Rolex at the university.

Wrong that even Creed Aventus would be more suitable in this case.

Perfumed water is a beautiful smell that builds the image of mature, distance and emotional ravity. One sow is a great smell to work .

Mixing notes with a very natural character from SLR camera chemistry fits me perfectly as a modern form of classics.

Gray Vetiver is a suit for a suit, but it remains less conservative than Guerlain Vetiver.

The smell is not the best - this is the only drawback of these perfumes. It lasts on my Skra for a maximum of 6 hours .

If it's about projection, it's not too bad.

For the first 3 hours, the smell is noticeable to the distance of the size. Later it becomes more and more close to Skrny.

Gray Vetiver toilet water is a pierce version. These are SODDER citruses and a vesteria.

The composition has more looseness and introduces carefree atmosphere. It could be used by slightly fashionable moczes.

It stays on a slice slightly than the perfumed version - about 4-5 hours.

I admit that I like perfumed water 100 times more. She has a character and she cannot be mistaken with any other smell.

Tom Ford Gray Vetiver Edp vs Est

Choose perfumed water, if ...

... you are looking for a particularly elegant perfume, suitable for official meetings. EDP ​​is uncompromising and acute, which is why it builds Aur of professionalism and mature. If you are looking for a perfume with a vetiver smell, this wan is the best.

Choose toilets water, if ...

... you want perfumes mskie for what. I associate less with the buildings from Szka, more with a seaside resort. Of course, it is perfect at work, but in less official positions. You can find a similar atmosphere in Terre D'Hermes perfumes.

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