Li blackcurrant, bergamot, tangerin, tomato lithium

Heart note
black pepper, ra

Base note
zander tree, patchouli

This is not Art, Lacoste Essential is the most popular toilet water of this brand and one of its best fragrances.

Despite more than a decade, it has faithful fans on the market and even a model generation finds its perfuitions in a bottle.

In Poland, the 90s shirt with a crocodile creation of a vision of wealth and luxury - this peak of dreams of adolescent chopakw.

Surprisingly, Lacoste is enjoyed by our popularity, and Essential toilet water is one of the best -selling fragrances of this brand.

What does Lacoste Essential smell like?

The appearance of the green Lacoste Essential bottle is already revealing, you will find simplicity. This is a safe and light smell, which certainly will not break your tum, but it really works very well during the authorities.

In a sense, it's amazing, but I don't know a person who would say that he doesn't like this toilet water.

Other perfume reviews note that it is very chemical and sometimes a composition. In fact, it is synthetically here, but I find in this smell clean and you are.

It is like El in a shower with a large inscription "mska fragrance for men, 100% for moczes".

Essential begins with a great wave of water chord and citrus. I know, I know ... it would have a green smell, but in fact it is green-blue here. If the Dwik of these SW brings you a picture of Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gio - forget about it.

Bergamot is responsible for green. You can feel this light smell of soda mandarin, and after a while there is also acidic Ra. As a result, it is a really large dose of the ruler, which I associate with the smell of my Chopak's Skra right after the morning shower. At Acqua di Gio, everything is more natural.

You will definitely feel a very intense blackcurrant accord, he gives soda in this composition.

However, it is difficult to say whether this synthetic interpretation was aimed at presenting Licia or this fruit. I have a tp because it is a strange soda.

Importible on my scratch of the tomato litter. All in all, it's very good, because even without him it is green here.

It is a pity that black pepper will not warn about its absence, because the sharp finish of the smell would definitely add character. And there is a bit of boredom here.

Where at the blanket itself, with a little porce you can feel zander - or at least smells of what is woody.

Those who have crossed the magic Prytnoci, I recommend tests of better fragrances: Versace or Paco Rabanne Invictus.

For even older men who are looking for simple and fragrances await the indestructible Azzaro Chrome, Issey Miyake L'Eau d'Issey pour homme or chanel allure homme sport.

Lacoste Essential reviews: Is it lasting perfumes? How do you wear? What occasions do you fit?

For me, Lacoste's Essential brand is a dummy age group as Calvin Klein In2u. Modzi Chopcy, the first long evenings with friends, the first dates and the first perfumes.

And basically I even agree with Lacoste slogans - Modo is the only drying interpretation of this fragrance.

And it is known that she is having its own rules. At the age of 15-18, no one is thinking about nobility only about the emotionality of perfumes. In this regard, it is a good fragrance that 100% of your imprisonment:

  • It smells of Msko and interesting.
  • It is both knowing and Sodka.
  • You like women (maybe more girls).

It is sporty and neutral, which is why it fits most occasions. I will not choose her for what is an elegant circumstance, but to school and the club will definitely be perfect.

The smell is at the level of red - it lasts about 5-6 hours on my Skra. This is not the worst result, but other toilet waters are felt up to 10 hours.

On the other hand, the plus of Essential is a good price - for slightly more than 150 zotych you can have the largest capacity (125 ml).

Is it worth buying Lacoste Essential in a green bottle?

Essential by Lacoste is not outstanding toilets water, it's just a pleasant smell. And though he is accused of synthetic, for me it is not a problem.

This is not a niche perfume of what ambitious brand - it's lacoste. I know a lot of dros perfumes for mocz, which are at the same level and can attach to them. Essential is one of the best -selling fragrances at this price.

I will not choose them for my Chopak, but I would buy them my brother two years ago.

The only question is, do you like it?

Yes - if you are interested in a light smell that you can choose from the occasion. If you do not want to spend more than 150 perfumes. If you like a smell that adds energy. If you are looking for a gift perfume (I don't know a person who doesn't like Essential). If you like sea and green notes.

No - if you are looking for an ambitious smell and confuse that this is a pereka on a cheap perfume. If you are looking for high quality in perfumes and value you naturally components. If you are looking for chyproch perfume, koska water, fern perfumes. If you don't like sodium chords.

The perfume with a crocodile is a non -burning fragrance at a low price.