lime, grapefruit flower

Heart note
white flowers, freesia, honeysuckle, lily of the valley

Base note
birch, amber

Women's perfume Hugo Boss Jour Pour Femme is a white smell of spring. Light and sonic: it carries positive emotions.

Biae flowers and citruses create a cloud ice cream that is found in the May forest of the Pen ły lily of the valley. In addition, there was no porridge bottle - the recipe for a beautiful smell is ready.

I am not a fan of fragrances from Hugo Boss, especially in the PA version. The nightmarish The Scent is my greatest disappointment. However, Hugo Boss Jour Pour Femme is not only the best smell of this fashion house, but also one of the most interesting perfumes at the focus.

How does Hugo Boss Jour Pour Femme smell like?

Hugo Boss Jour Pour Femme smells of white flowers, lined with wood and sprinkled with citrus. This is an intense smell that lasts from morning to evening. Works for the Porcani and Opportunities for Kad.


The opening of this fragrance is a citrus wanny. Limonka and grapefruit flower make it that the Aur rivers are here, this perfume is not associated with a sports smell. This is the quintessence of elegance from the first minutes after application. The fruits are very well linked - not too much and intense, and the grapefruit flower has a green and very natural aroma.

Heart note

The heart of the fragrance with a chord of white flowers. Although some components on my scratch, it is the characteristic lily of the valley and the honeysuckle will be recognized almost immediately. If, as a composition, it is assessed based on URAE during heart screening, it is Jour Pour Femme that is great here.

Flowers give a sense of pure, which is here a fetish - and such impressions usually give me only niche perfumes. If it's about the fragrances from PEK perfumery, I feel a similar impression, dressing Eternity from Calvin Klein. And although both smells are not similar, this perfume is the most.

Base note

The use of birch in the notes of the base turned out to be a shot in ten. It is characteristic and differs from other fragrances.

The birch fragrance note is a soup with an unconventional solution in a perfumes. On my Skra, it gives a sharp finish. At the same time, it emphasizes the elegance of white flowers, but also their distant character.

We were accustomed to balsamic, silky NUT GBI, and the journal has a sharp aroma until the last minutes. Take AMBR was used in the database, which mainly maintains the composition close to the Skra, giving her animal vibrations.

The official description of the smell reflects the ghost of Jour Pour Femme:

Boss Jour Pour Femme relieves to this extraordinary moment that the women are tempted to use all the mischief of the new day and the creation of new, your own stories, every day. The elegant composition of the fragrance reflects three important aspects - the wiatic, inspiration and elegant mastery - shot in a beautiful bouquet of white flowers and energizing citrus.

Hugo Boss Jour Pour femme reviews: Is it lasting perfumes? Well worn? How can you fit?

Without wtop, these perfumes are the perfect choice for spring and summer. Impressing the clean and universally of this fragrance is perfect for the time. I recommend them for what - to work and school. I will be an ideal companion during my important meetings.

On my Skra, the smell is not an amazing. Lasts up to 6 hours . However, the bottle is pore enough that you can easily melt it even in a small purse. Jour is not able to smell the name - persists at the shoulder height. So if you like it, leaves the tail behind you, you must apply for two more dogs.

I am convinced that these perfumes appeal to women over 30 years of life. Girls can feel the distance cited by the distance built by white flowers.

Is it worth buying Hugo Boss Jour Pour Femme?

Definitely yes. Their subtle, unobtrusive smell will work for the opportunity. You get these perfumes earlier on what and to work.

In its simplicity it is output. It contains fragrance notes of birch and honeysuckle, which will let you grow out of the tum and keep it individually.