Chinotto, lemon, mandarin, pepper, rosemary

Heart note
Geranium, Ra

Base note
cedar Texas, patchouli, bb tonka, vanilla, zander tree, dbowy moss

Versace Eros Flame Eau de Parfum is a spicy perfume for the MCi from 2024.

I have never been a fan of Versace, but in recent years the brand has proposed very interesting compositions, such as Pour Homme Dylan Blue or Oud Noir.

The new Flanker Eros Flame is a reinterpretation of Eros, the flagship smell of the brand. Flame uses a well -known duo of beans tonka and vanilla. The new note is in the new note in it.

Twrc of the composition is Olivier Pescheux - a perfumer who is also containing Chrome Pure, Montblanc legends and Paco Rabanne 1 Million.

Although Eros Flame is really charming, it is not revolutionary.

What does Versace Eros Flame EDP smell like?

Eros Flame seems to be an internal impression of scales and bitter Chinotto.

Olivier Pescheux decides to play with contrasts and from the first minutes he plays a list of hot and cold notes. The sparkling of the power of spicy pepper is a sparkling. The aroma of the wilderness is presented really well. You will feel the soda of Miszu, Gorzk Skrk and the herb.

This Rzdziemorian AR is also in the heart of the composition. We still sense pepper in it, but the composition already brings together aromatic rosemary and geranium.

In the Eros Flame database, he demonstrates its power and Mski character. He focuses on stronger aromas of trees and patchouli. This last projection reveals the brotherly similarity to the first Eros. It smells intensively tonk and vanilla.

Although sometimes it can be impressed, that the notes collide with each other, this contrast is a real flame. This wild smell is not very banal and common.

Versace eros flame reviews: impressions after tests

As the messages of the Versace Fashion House, Eros Flame is a fragrance that goes straight into the heart and shows an unforgettable passion that will overcome time and runs .

In my opinion, Eros Flame seduces the spicy sides of his personality. In addition, the fragrance is really successful and mixes well with the vanilla DNA of Eros. Like the first version, it is a bit sodka and a little.

It fits the active men about thirty, who do not look for the back and classic perfumes.

On the Skra, it lasts up to 10 hours with intensive projection, which is a good result, take other waters perfumed.

Winter and autumn will work best, but like Eros, you will smell on some mosques to exchange spring and summer.

I think that many flame will appeal to many moczes and gather many compliments. This is really a perfume - to a clear extent on the evening and for what.

Versace eros flame vs eros

The largest drums between both compositions appear in the base. The opening of both is similar, but instead of a green apple and myths we have a strong aroma of wise.

Eros Flame is a change in pace. Wild combination of cedar and zander tree Flame base is much more woody and aromatic than classic Eros.

Wan rnic is also rosemary in the Flame composition. We still find tonk and vanilla in the notes of the base, but their intensity seems slightly smaller.

Which smell is better? If I had to choose between them, I would choose the first Eros.

If you have an original experience and you will like his smell, you will like Take Flame. If you are not on the way with Eros, you will not like these flames.

Flame has no ambition to overd the original, but is a solid addition to the line that develops other notes of fruit.

New, red Flame EDP bottle

Like his predecessor, Eros Flame has a square bottle. Inspired by Greek mythology and anti -architectures, in a modern way reflects the accents of this era.

His thick schools and a solid base are synonymous with Mski. The bottle is decorated with reliefs in the form of ancient ornaments, and in the front he proudly looks like jellyfish, a symbol of Versace's house.

The bottle's yellowing remains the same, only the color will change. Eros Flame changes their former turquoise to intense red.

Gboki Luns have symbolize danger and nut. Perfectly corresponds to the warm and cozy composition Eros Flame.

Above the bottle, there is a vulgar traffic jam, which adds all the elegance in the versace style.

Is it worth buying perfumed Versace Eros Flame?

Although this is not the smell of the year, Eros Flame is really a good perfume of Mskie. The most amazing is his discretion in kidnapping with new fragrances released by other brands.

If you have an Eros turquoise bottle, flame does not grow enough to consider buying it. However, if you are a big fan of vanilla-tonal bottom of the smell, Flame will give you a lot of joy.

Because you often send me attempts to indicate the best fragrance on Randk, Eros Flame will really be a good ally.

He has a lot of spell sufficiently to make it charming. He is not too confident.