peach, freesia

Heart note

Base note

Although the women's perfumes Hugo Boss the Scent For Her proved to be a great commercial success, then do not present anything but mass -of -mass and uniformity. Why do you enjoy such good opinions?

Peach, freesia and cocoa: If you like fruit soda, elegance of white flowers and the dark smell of roasted cocoa .... you will be disappointed. Instead, you will find low as, synthetic composers and high prices.

In 2024, Hugo Boss the Scent was released for Moczyz - a fragrance that attracts with an interesting bottle and senses of advertising. A year later a version for women appears. She continues the promises of wild namitality and lack of control in male-maiden relations.

Unfortunately, instead of the stunning femme fatale, the infantile Zosia from Pan Tadeusz.

How does Hugo Boss the Scent For Her smell?

The opening of the fragrance is a strong fruit chord - honey peach is neither elegant or sophisticated, there is a child and thus infantile. A well -known teenager from a different type of mist and a peach piccolo.

It can be impressed that he persistently stays on the body and sticks to the bottom - like champagne for children after unpaid flexing plastic cups.

Next to it, a single freesia arises, which seems to be a rescue situation. It makes the smell stop and start reminiscent of compositions for adults. Interestingly, MID present in the composition is not balsamic. It gives such soda, ea scratch in the throat. Sleeve as if you want to eat it.

The heart of the smell is already beating Kwiatowo. The inventory serves osmrantus and believe that this is a flower. Only this time it is not as intense, as you can usually meet it in a natural version. Here it is more dim - probably the last peach subtheses contribute to this effect.

The base is waiting for this burned, gbokie and smoky cocoa, which the manufacturer promises to include in the composition. I get a strange scent of vanilla. Only in what unprecedented edition. She is exaggerated - for Sodka, for MDA, too artificial.

Hugo Boss the Scent For Her Opinions: Is this lasting perfume? How do you wear? What occasions do you fit?

The bottle suggests that perfumes are directed to a group of mature women. In turn, the composition itself resembles smells for teenagers.

My observations show that Hugo Boss the Scent For Her likes the girls who are 25 years old. They most often express a positive opinion about the smell or have an ambivalent attitude to it. Older women are more divided in their assessments.

Hugo Boss the Scent For Her is a perfume for what. Winding yourself at work or at the university, but even in these circumstances, remain too colorless and Mao for me.

Their permanent is at the level of red - stay on the Skra for up to 5-6 hours . The projection is moving, if you like it leaves the tail behind you, you will be disappointed.

Luxurious bottle like a champagne house Perignon

The color of the box and perfume will support great. Powdered with Zota will bury the impression of elegance and luxury.

The bottle itself looks great. The angular form known from Hugo Boss the Scent Men was preserved. While the Mska version is raw and conservative, it brings to the female atmosphere of fun with champagne rivers in women's.

Yes, the perfume has the color of the best years of the house Perignon, and in Wietle take the color of the duty.

Is it worth buying the perfume of Hugo Boss the Scent For Her?

It is said that the millions cannot be wrong and since these millions choose the women's perfume The Scent, it must be a great smell.

We are constantly undergoing marketing and what we enter into the basket is often the result of unknown reactions to the promotion of the goods. And this, in the case of women's Scent, was really masterful. If you are known, you perfectly filter the opinions found on the internet.

Is it LE? It is not good in kidnapping to other proposals. This composition is synthetic to Blu and shows its components from the not very best side.

It reminds me of Downtown from Calvin Klein and Gucci Bamboo - smells that are simply bland.

Take care that the groups are not perfumery, or even hobbyts. This is a perfume on a daily basis that do not attract attention to tolerated in places focusing large groups of people.

S addressed to OSB, which does not have discernment in the offer of the perfume market and do not know, Ew this price can buy 3 bottles of other perfumes with the same quality.

It is true that the high price of perfumes often spend our needs to recognize - give us a sense of luxury. Only that I do not feel luxurious perfumes, which smell remind you and no one can tell if it is Hugo Boss or a peach mist from Avon for 20 zoty.

And this is what my big is about to these perfumes - they have no high price as a SI.

A few years after the premiere, the version The Scent For Her Absolute appears, in 2024 Hugo Boss the Scent Le Parfum which in my opinion is a bit better alternative to the original.