Tom Ford Black Orchid Fragrance notes

jamin, gardenia, bergamot, lemon, mandarin, blackcurrant, truffle

Heart note
spices, fruit, lotus, orchid, gardenia, jamin, ylang-ylang

Base note
vetocy, zander, patchouli, amber, kadzido, vanilla, dark chocolate, white pimo

Tom Ford's Black Orchid perfumes are a wonderfully designed composition, a real perfumery.

This is a perfume that play on Skra - tell a picn of stories. You are so crazy that you will run out of your wrists, you will run out of breath. Why don't you fall in love with this smell?

I remember how I am poured with my first with rient perfumes . I remember the moment when I start discovering the classic chyprus.

This is not a mio at first sight - in one or the other case. I ripen as it matures to chanel, olives, wine and a black dress.

It is difficult to fall in love with Black Orchid, because it is an exceptionally capricious fragrance. In every time he plays Inn Melodi and it really is predicted how it falls on the Skra.

That is why many people ask themselves whether Tom Ford Black Orchid is a perfume of mskie or women's perfumes. Officially, they are women's, but I know many manynges who have liked them very much.

How does the perfumed water smell like Ford Black Orchid?

The beginning of the fragrance is very skipping. You can sense citruses: bergamot and lemons . It is not visiting, it is like a strong blow. You will be tempted to say that in this respect it is like no 5 from Chanel. But all this lasts a moment, because before you will confuse your and form them in the opinion, the smell is already different.

Moments later a blackcurrant appears. It is worth stopping with her for a moment. This is not a currant you want to eat because it is tasty. This is the fruit in which you want kpa.

These three chords are very gboky, an earth aroma that would be very difficult for me. He moves to the forest after a very heavy, but this very warm week. Truffle is responsible for this.

This guy is not particularly lasting. It takes twenty minutes in gusts to p. The smell is changing, and every sky has its time, his semi minutes.

In the heart, Black Orchid changes its character, becomes more subdued and oriental. The earthy smell of truffles is almost imperceptible. An orchid flower appears and if you are wondering how the black orchid smells, it is creamy and Pynna. Perfectly blends with vanilla sodk.

And this vanilla ! I do not expect that it could be presented in this way. She is listed, calm. He does not succeed, does not print the smell. It is impossible to do with each other.

Let's go to the composition base . Although the truffles disappear forever, the earthy chord appears again in the further projection. This time the patchouli is responsible for this. It is served with Gorzk chocolate, which in the perfumes Black Orchid is really gsta. All this is seasoned with incense and zander .

In GBI smell you will find Biae Pimo and Vicyt, but these components are not felt on my Skra.

Tom Ford Black Orchid reviews: Who was they created for? Is this perfume? What occasions do you fit?

The composition has the premiere in 2006 and since then there is a lot of popularity. For me, the smell is unique.

It is not possible to meet a perfume that orient with chip. And already output, it seems to be added to this composition of ripe fruit, dark chocolate and earthy truffles.

Black Orchid is a mirror image of Euphoria from Calvin Klein. The smell from Tom Ford is large more noble, but the sodest and more durable.

It stays on the body for a long over 12 hours. And here is my allegation. I appreciate lasting compositions, but I admit that he likes when the fragrance history has a beginning, a family and end.

When the perfumes of the Prescation continuously, they are quoted. As if I had no escape from them.

That is why I use these black orchid only once for what time - most often for evening outings. If apply them during the day, this is winter and enthusiasts.

Is it worth buying Tom Ford Black Orchid?

Black Orchid perfumes collect very positive opinions of Critics and Users. The smell loves both women as well as the male. From the very beginning of the projection, he impressively marks its presence. This is a very firm decision - you have to know this.

Crocheic character, wrapped, ripe fruits and flowers heated in SoCu, maintained on a leash, making the earth and very gboki.

If you are wrong that this smell is atical - it is not. If you imagine that he will be like any other - he will not. If you think that you will pass up next to this composition - you already know the answer.

For me, the hill and the heart of the smell are great, unfortunately there is a lack of character in the base. It is balsamic and a bit powder, but it would be perfect if it includes postal sparks.

For me, Black Orchid is worth every money. This is a divine perfume that I love at my Skra at each time of the day and in the weather.