Black currant, blueberry, jeyna, mulberry, strawberry

Heart note
pepper, peony, ra, ylang-ylang

Base note
pimo, vanilla, wood notes

Lalique Amethyst is a great perfume from blackcurrant notes and pepper. There is no second smell that is so perfectly the color of purple. See reviews and learn about perfume opinions.

The author of the composition is Nathalie Lorson , who creates several other perfumes for Lalique, among others, the next incarnation of Amethyst Eclat, and also perfumes Mskie Encre Noire. I associate the wild mioc to Just Cavalli from Roberto Cavalli.

Lalique Amethyst is a great perfume with a blackcurrant smell. Unfortunately, though at the end of the flaw, it is in charm over time.

How does Lalique Amethyst Eau de Parfum smell like?

Lalique Amethyst is a women's notes from blackcurrant notes. I can not decide whether he is for natural fruit or candy flavor with flavored fruit .

On the one hand, there is a smell that calms me down and transfers me to my childhood. On the other hand, they find an industrial accent, and I associate purple with the intense color of neonws.

Amethyst begins delicious. If your mother is doing when black currant juice in a strange, big gara with tubes, you know how this tart fruit smells like.

I know perfectly well and this one here is unfortunately not reminiscent of him. For this is his vision interpretation - I am the best blackcurrant in perfumes . Its smell is very radiant and only gently sodas.

Many people indicate the similarity to SI from Giorgio Armani. And dry, because it's the same fragrance. With this, here it is large and more independent. If only amethyst smells like that for the whole time

Unfortunately, after 10 - 15 minutes, Jagoda and Jeyna appear, which smell like a package of open hard candy with a large inscription lene fruit. To some extent, I associate it with the monster raspberries with the smell of Lady Million from Paco Rabanne.

He is not in the heart because this effect is hugged by flowers. To the peony chord, the chemical monsters have a pretty calm -mounted smell, but they still get there.

Of course, in the foreground you can feel the black currant , everything else is only flickering it.

The base is for. Amethyst was broken in the lower pimo notes . I would like to be forbidden to use it in perfumes that have fruit. Theoretically, it may seem a great idea, but in reality it boils down to one thing: each such composition smells identical.

Lalique amethyst reviews: for whom were they created?

In my opinion, amethyst is a perfect perfume of blackcurrant notes. Wrong that you like everything. My 20-year-old cousins ​​say that it smells fantastic , and their mother catsly crazy about this fragrance. Only three years ago I will go crazy with such fruits, from them I have some distance to them.

In these perfumes , it is best to feel in the summer , but only in the evenings. Mistake that this purple is proper after the west of Soca. In the summer, on a hot day, he is too stuffy for me. However, the spring fits perfectly.

If your work requires an elegant fragrance image, Amethyst is not the best choice. However, it will work at meetings with friends or during a weekend trip out of town.

It lasts on my Skra for a maximum of 4 hours .

If it was toilet water, such a result would be accepted, but in the case of perfumed water for such poor parameters can a bit.

Other reviews of perfumes with a small tail or with a tent of low intensity. Unfortunately, my projection is not the best. Amethyst after an hour stops felt for OSB, which I talk to.

Objective rating: Is Lalique Amethyst perfumed water a fragrance for you?

Against the background of other Amethyst fruit perfumes, it is really good .

This is a commodity tailored black currant, which reflects all the charms of this fruit. And if it wasn't for this pimo, I can even forget about hard candy. Why not?

And I admit that he likes those miracles that he does on my amethyst Skra. The question is, will you like them?

Yes - if you like the smell of fruit in perfumes. If you are interested in niche perfumes (those from Lalique are often classified). If you are looking for a perfume that will be soda, but only a little bit. If you like experimental with smells and dresses them in layers.

No - if you are looking for a blackcurrant in a style like in Hugo Boss Deep Red. If you are interested in Sodka Jeyna like in Calvin Klein CK One Shock.

If you are looking for elegant perfumes for work. If you are looking for a very durable perfume.

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