SL sea, apricot, Liwa

Heart note
floral notes, ginger

Base note
vanilla, amber, sand, tonka beans

Paco Rabanne Olympea Legend Paco Water is a sonic flower of the desert that will grow on hot sand. This Flanker Olympea really smells! This is a beautiful scent of vanilla in a tropical, floral atmosphere. She is feminine and sodki.

In 2024, the edition of the favorite perfumes for women from Paco Rabanne - Olympea Legend was created. Once again, it explods with hot vanilla and salt chords, but this time the sophisticated notes of Liwka and Bean tonka chop them.

Olympea is the heavenly heavenly dwarf, which is worsening the sagel of perfumes, escaping, energy and senses bodily. There is a goddess Soca, which deals with his rays.

Olympa legend perfumes move us to the land of Tysica and one night, where the smell of sodium, fruity deserts spreads undeterally high temperatures and uncommon empty.

This soup is a new scene of the smell, the Olympea legend shifts all the boundaries formed by the first version and its subsequent flancles.

How does the eager elympanne elympannea perfumed water smell like?

Skra packed with socem - this is my first association when wearing the Olympaea legend. Usually, the perfume that has this vanilla-coconut breeze of tropics with a plate, holidays and a sunscreen cream.

However, this composition has more than it, it is like a silky caress of milk flowers and vanilla. It has a portion of a mysterious exotic that intrigues and cannot remain unnoticed.

Many OSB notes that the new Olympea is more like niche perfumes, nor the smell from the drugstore.

He does not like it describing perfumes as erotic, because they usually do it in their ads, but Olympea has a very enthusiastic about Gbi Son Liwki , whom I can not resist.

Olympaea legend opens with sodium, milky notes of fruit. We have Liwk and Coconut here, which together smell like a luxurious body lotion.

Over time, Liwka becomes more and more and more. The smell resembles a delicious, livot cake. A note of salt and almid flowers adds spatial runs.

The climax of the fragrance is the essence of Sodium, silky vanilla. Perfectly allows the oriental nature of the composition and makes it more cozy. Her deceptive sia brings like the Syrenia Song.

Paco Rabanne Olympea Legend Reviews: Tests after tests

I admit that next to the first marketing materials, I am looking for a single soup and I am not in a hurry with the production of the Olympic legend and the accompanying of her invictus legends. That would be big.

This composition is great on Skra and gives me a lot of pleasure.

First of all , the salt and vanilla start is invariably exciting . When we add my favorite notes to Liwki, he can easily forget about all shortcomings and shortcomings. This trio is absolutely beautiful and worthy of the goddess for me.

It is worth noting that this flankier is different than all the previous ones, they are significantly different from the original version. It is large and more sensitive.

Secondly, we have a composition here, which in a modern way plays with the classic sounds of the orient . Seasoning them with notes of salt, becomes modern, spatial and very urban.

Olympaea Legend persists on the skin through the whole and is intense. Her warm chords make it fantastic when suprech ramps fall, and Soce cover melancholic clouds of autumn and winter.

Crazy Battle for the NOW goddess Olympe Legend!

Olympaea Legend makes us dream of open spaces and dangerous adventures in the desert.

In the new Paco Rabanne campaign, it allows us to take a crazy outfit in the desert, where two Greek gods are struggling with a sand giant and post -apocalyptic enemies from Mad Max.

Invictus leads at the beginning, but when a beautiful Olympaa appears on the horizon on a winged mount , his win is no longer so obvious.

The goddess Olympea is removable in many backs. Her picno does not diminish her meat. A lonely riding on a horse in a swarm of roar vehicles and rather aggressive co -foundations does not arouse fear in it. Galloping with his skill, not afraid of danger.

Her image is to present the story of today's woman who does not mean a sensitivity and subordination.

Is it worth buying Paco Rabanne Olympea Legend EDP?

While the first version impresses its originality and elegance, the Olympaea Legend is gsta, sexy, and at the same time to Gona.

This is a perfume for strong women who write their story themselves. Provocative, speech and sensual - you won't be able to resist them! Organized and conscientious during the day, it can completely lose the night.

If you are looking for a delicate perfume that will let you blend in with Tum and the other unnotice, this composition is not for you.

If I have to know where on a perfume map, they would be found where the balsamic liwk with Marc Jacobs Decadence and Liwk Gourmand from Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy.

Warm chords of the Olympea legend wrap the body like Mikki, a sweater. Prescation with the memory of summer - hot sand, soce, juicy fruit.

In my opinion, this is a really interesting smell. Not only fans of the line will appeal, but to all women who are eager to sire in sodium perfumes and modern oriental compositions.