Lancme idle fragrance notes

bergamot, pear, ditches pepper

Heart note
Ra Turkish, Indian Jamin

Base note
Biae Pimo, vanilla, patchouli and cedar tree

Lancme Idle women's perfumes have a celebrity female. I do not have the power of the smell itself here, because the composition is rather light. The point is that the idle was created so dominated by the lives by women by women.

" Idle will pass the widespread addiction to Sodkie Gourmand perfumes, offering a new experience: the first, clean floral chypr. " - Shyamala Maisondieu (one of the three authors of the fragrance)

In recent years, Lancme will squeeze what they can from the success of La Vie Est Belle . And I think we all bored with the next flankings of this fragrance.

After 7 years of waiting, will we bake the wind in Agle?

It looks like it, because Idle is a bright smell of pure, directed to women breaking the traditions of tradition and building life on new foundations. The brave Zendaya in the advertising of the Lancme Idle perfume represents all the great women who are not afraid of taking their own and decisive what they want to do with him.

Fragrance notes: How does Lancme idle smell?

Perfume Lancme Idle Prescation Purely and Laundry. Part of the fragrance notes pears, ry, Jamin and Pima. This is a modern composition without a counter of my soap, aldehydw and oldschool lavender. I like her variable the most - in each of the projection phase it smells different.

Fruit awakening in opening

At the beginning, idle is wanting. It smells like a bergamot juice cut, mixed with cold water and ice. The fragrance note of the pear slightly embeds the strict face of the composition. Prescation notes like an early morning, when the first rays of Soca ovitlaj ros, wild wild drop like a diamond.

Flower heart

The heart of Idle S ra and jamin. However, this is not a classic, rich floral chord, the composition presents a foggy counter of intoxicating flowers - soup as if someone pipette is a porne porne from the patk of cream Jamin and Sodka Ry and closes with this thin bottle.

The composition was used by ISPART in Turkey, Ry Centifolia cultivated in France and Indian large -flowered Jamin.

Pimowa Base

The end of the smell is primarily synthetic, Biae Pimo interspersed with very low vanilla. It smells cream and a bit nutty. This base is the hallmark of Lancme and if you know other perfumes of this brand, you will definitely recognize it.

The fact that the skippers in the production of perfumes were obtained as part of the Solidarity Sourcing project, which supports social integration and uses the frank -and -friendly and environmentally friendly supply of delivery acuchy, was noteworthy.

Lancme idle reviews: Impress after tests

I do not have the won that Idle is a pure smell. It is initially, it becomes floral with time, and finally it smells of Pim, which Lancme calls the chip chord. There is a charm in this, because the smell changes a lot on a scrach with a time of time.

I do not consider this composition to be Zoon, but it is pleasant and really atars.

On my Skra, idle lasts about 8 hours, while it smells delicate for the last three hours.

They have to admit that it is a little more intense than most fragrances directed to fashion women. Although he still remains bright, he does not support his lickers on the bid.

I am convinced that these perfumes really like many people. S is suitable for many occasions and it will be perfect as a gift.

I read opinions that Idle resembles Dior Jadore . I agree with them, but I can do it to Chanel Gabrielle . I do not mean only emancipation references, but also the style of the fragrance: transparent flowers, clean fruit and pimous contours 'new feminine'.

Both compositions want and in the future, without determining the radical fragrance category. Gabrielle, however, seems a bit more interesting and more luxurious.

Perfumes for women from women

Many perfumes in their campaigns raise the issues of women's emancipation - Chycuby, the above -mentioned Gabrielle or the recently popular Chloe Nomade . However, both of these fragrances are created by moczes.

There is nothing to see, because Olivier Polge (Gabrielle), as well as Quentin Bisch (nomade) are real artists and have a huge talent.

However, I like the fact that finally the smell of Mvica about 'Girl Power' will appear, which uses the huge potential of great perfumers. He talks about women from our own perspective.

To create Idle Lancme will be invited by Shyamal Maisondieu , Nost Le Garlantezec and Adrian Medin , who contributes his knowledge, talent and swept to perfumes and create a universal fragrance for all women.

From the left: Shyamala Maisondieu, Postge Le Garlantezec and Adriana Medina

Ambassador Idle became the actress, singer and model Zenday, who falls in the advertisement of Idle perfumes. A career and a woman is known for the fight for women's rights. He is opposed to sexist stereotypes promoted in the media. An expression of this was, among others, changing the title and the content of the series, which were the character.

The most quiet perfume bottle in the world

The Lancme Idle bottle was designed by the Algerian architect and designer Chaff Gasmi. There is an interpretation of technical postpu and innovation.

It is only 15 mm thick and therefore you will not put her vertically next to other bottles in your collection (although she stands alone, but I will leave her so). It is very practical in transport, because it is in a mirror pocket.

More than more, the bottle can be felt again. Take the empty bottle to the perfumery or buy the ink itself.

Is it worth buying Lancme Idle perfume?

It is dependent on your expectations.

No, Idle does not offer any extraordinary or unfatible, but I know that the big part of us values ​​more versatile or original perfumes.

Idle will get to work, for a weekend, to meet friends or just what is for what - is aty and no composition that will smell in the background through the big day. If I had its smell in one Sow, I would say that it is matted.

So if you are looking for universal perfumes that match the opportunity, you can give you a chance.