cyclamen, lemon flower

Heart note
Jamin, Ra, Liwka, suede

Base note
wood notes, amber, patchouli, vanilla, pimo

I was planning to write Recene Rihanna Rogue, but I mistaken it is another celebrity. I can't be more wrong.

A few days ago I open PRBK and lose my GOW. Cakovie. This perfume is a pereka that you must test! Shandly, if you are a fan of the suede chord and Bottega Veneta's perfume.

Rihanna, and Love U! Sorry!

For almost a week I wear them on Skra, apply for clothes and a scarf. I feel something different during my time. Rogue changes. It is not enough for me to get tests with a sense of satisfaction. And this does not happen often.

How does Rihanna Rogue Edp smell like?

Rihanna Rogue is a remote, juicy smell of Liwka and a slightly powdery Skra. It lasts on a scraper for 5-6 hours and has a delicate projection for the lengths of the arms. It is not exaggerated or spicy. The struggle, the fragrance note belongs to my favorites, it is clean, she has.

This starting two chords, which will go to the bake. The first is Skra/ suede from Bottega Veneta Eau de Parfum. The second is Liwa , a bit smoke like in Christian Dior Poison, and a bit of a calvin as in Calvin Klein Secret Obsession.

Gesture notes

The opening is very sodium and only slightly kwane. It certainly does not come from Liwka. In the list I find flowers: cyclamen (it's such a pot, which does not smell at all) and lemon flower. It is hard for me to tell if it is actually they, because it takes only a second.

Heart notes

The fragrance notes of liwal and suede appear immediately, thus starting the projection of the heart. And so, and last ... It's a feast for the senses! On the one hand, you can feel the animal.

On the other hand, there is a delicate, creamy gust that he places and says: "It stops, it's just fun. Just don't fall in love." The atmosphere of the patchouli, because on my Skra I can feel her where in a half.

In the meantime, these Jamin appears. Interestingly, it is not close up, only from a distance.

If you sink your nose in your wrist - you'll still find here only Liwk, suede and paczul. If you will be a distance, then you will find Jamin there.

Base notes

On the fingers of one Rki he can count all the times when I survive and survive the bases. Like crazy, I suppose subsequent doses of this nectar.

It is said that this heart shows the quality of the smell, and my heart of Rihanna Rogue is knitting to my knees . Nevertheless, this base is interesting, but I don't have such fun anymore. Yes, you will feel a delicate smell of suede, you will find a large patchouli from vanilla, a bit warm amber, some wood and a lot of pima.

In every other perfumes I would assess it high. But after such a heart after such a heart, everything seems so ordinary and bland.

Rihanna Rogue reviews: Who was she created for? How does it fit?

Undoubtedly sensitive and emotionally mature. Rogue is not a fragrance for girls who are a compliment, giggled ashamed. This is a fragrance for adult women - with a luggage, with their frills and will be sure of themselves.

Fits in spring, autumn and winter. Less for the summer, but if you want, you can. For what is for miserable tracksuits and on the evening to the best petticoat from your wardrobe. If you only like a gste perfume with a tail, Rihanna Rogue will make you go crazy .

Unfortunately, MJ is somewhat cooling the bad smell. On my Skra, it lasts 5-6 hours, which in the case of perfumed water is not the best result.

I admit that my calculations may be unbelievable, because testing Rogue, I was very excited. On the first day I apply perfumes every two hours, because my nose quickly gets used to their smell.

The projection really doesn't know what I have to say - for me for maa. MJ Chopak claims that I feel in all the apartment, and I am so much!

Will Rihanna Rogue perfumed water like it?

And it turns out that I find what I like more than Beyonce Heat on the perfume from cheesy people. Rogue not only releases other celebrity perfumes, these perfumes are also released.

The starting of suede and Liwka at this level is rare, and even niche perfumes do not offer anything similar .

This year we have the premiere of the new Bottega Veneta Eau de Velors. And remind these perfumes to some extent. With this, Liwka is not so managed, and therefore cao does not arouse such euphoria as the smell of the Rihanna brand (I am crazy?).

Testing Rogue I was very often praised. Women and the Maczynie, they noticed this fragrance and the ruling felt the amazing Liwk.

Rihana creates the most compliments perfumes I have been wearing for a soul time.

Despite all my excitement , the question is, will you also like it?

Yes - if you are a fan of fragrances from Bottega Veneta or Sucked/ suede chords and you want to discover their new face. If you like Liwk in perfumes.

If you are looking for fragrances with a tail. If you want to buy interesting perfumes for a small prices. If you like a smell and do not disturb you with intense and caming compositions.

No - if you are looking for a perfume. If you are interested in smells or unisex perfumes. If you are looking for soda from La Vie Est Belle or Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent.

If you want to buy an elegant smell that will be suitable for official meetings. If you do Zawd, which requires fragrance to neutral.

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