Yes, yes, the smell is a matter of taste! However, in this large group there are statistically the most compliments perfumes both for women and for moczes.

Because in this matter, we can only rely on statistics.

That is why I search the internet and breadth, I ask all my friends and strangers and so I find the top 15 of this ranking.

Interestingly, you will find here not only sensual perfumes, but these and aromatic fragrances.

The most complimented women's and Mskie perfumes

2. Chanel Coco Mademoiselle

Sexuality meeting. Initially, the floral chord charms with luxury, but when Pimo appears in the base and the patchouli smell begins to burst the animal.

Price: 449 out of 35 ml

3. Tom Ford Noir Extreme

Perfect perfume for gourmets dessert fragrances for winter. It falls out of fluffy vanilla and spices. One thing is certain: women are the sexiest Mskie perfumes .

Price: 280 out of 50 ml

4. Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit de Lhomme

If you read the perfume rankings for mocz, you certainly find these perfumes in them. They win everything about compliments! He is a heartbreak.

Price: 166 out of 40 ml

5. Gucci Rush

Rush is the bold woman of the night who knows how she pays comments. The fragrance is like an exotic flower cocktail: gardenia, freesia, jamin and raza Turkish.

Price: 166 out of 40 ml

6. Giorgio Armani Code for Men

This is not a universal fragrance - it goes well for work and a family picnic - but the starting of the Skra and citrus pulls like a magnet. It's a sensual RANDK perfume.

Price: 154 out of 30 ml

7. Sisley Isia

Aldehyde ra, which has a sterile smell of air and citrus. It does not repel and is not retro - in the contrary it seems very modern.

Price: 265 out of 30 ml

8. Bourberas London for Men

Mond with compliments - the most important and the most mska fragrance of this brand. It was created as part of three chords: Skra, tobacco and aromatic cinnamon.

Price: 74 out of 30 ml

9. Lacoste pour femme

Freesia accentuates feminine, the apple adds sports rally, and the suede-piston note heads towards unforced elegance. It's a subtle smell.

Price: 104 out of 30 ml

10. Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Pamplune

This fragrance is like a comforter - he appears in need and makes you feel much better. Women and Mczynia likes him to a very extent on herself and on others.

Price: 166 from 75 ml

11. Dolce Gabbana Light Blue Pour Homme

This fragrance surprises the rawness of dbowy, rosemary and pepper, but a few drops of ozone chord and bright citrus gives it a light slightly. For the whole year.

Price: 168 for 30 ml


The downy vanilla in these perfumes is a relief. It is like a nightmare day and a cup of hot chocolate after a walk in a 20-speed frost.

Price: 214 out of 30 ml

13. Jimmy Choo for Women

Do you want to get the most compliments? Utuj sodkie perfumes with the smell of toffee! Their powder chord is based on fruit, flowers, patchouli and an aphrodisiac.

Price: 106 out of 40 ml

14. Hermes Terre d'Hermes

A unique smell - it is unthinkable. It has GBI and earthy, but it gives this duo space and air. Note: citrus, pepper, dbowy moss.

Price: 165 out of 50 ml

15. Versace Crystal Noir

Often called the dark-romantic scent of the courtesan. There is coconut gardenia, spices and a large wood. Perfect perfume for winter and autumn.

Price: 160 out of 40 ml

How does he choose the most complimented perfumes?

Not all smells that we like, make a sensation of other people.

It often happens that the most complemented perfumes are those that we don't like to blame.

I have repeatedly sicked that I can easily smells during the Illicit - a perfume that I don't like and I don't feel good in them.

I always need to find a tumor and choose what we like the most. See what we are guided by assessing the smell of others.

What perfumes on a woman likes Mczynia and other women?

This, of course, depends on the mild, but the monoa will divide their opinions into three groups: intensively floral women's perfumes, floral-fruity fragrances, cozy powder and vanilla fragrances.

Maczyni likes those on women perfumes with the smell of Pima - consider this smells very intimn.

Less often I meet minese, who declared interest in women's perfumes with a wood chord or intensively spice fragrances.

Other women are more demanding and uncompromising. For other women, he likes perfumes with moderate projection (not very intense) and smell.

Women like to feel their favorite perfumes or fragrances very similar to them.

As the most electrifying women's perfumes, watch Hypnotic Poison, and women love lacoste pour femme.

What perfumes do women and other mocz likes on Mczyna?

The most compliments Mskie perfumes will be divided into three groups: WEE, spicy and wood.

Women like Gbokie and Intensive or Wae and TNCE fragrances. The most liked notes include: dbowy moss, cinnamon, ginger, water notes, citrus (bull bergamot), tobacco, zander and cedar.

Consider La Nuit de Lhomme to be the most sensual perfumes.

If Mczyzna is interested in perfumes, which feels on a different mat, means that they are unusual in them.

As such, the discovery was most often mentioned: Terre D'Hermes and Noir Extreme.

What do you have to shoot, if you want to collect a group of compliments?

From the left: Chanel No 5, Guerlain Shalimar, Yves Saint Laurent Kouros, Thierry Mugler a*Men, Kenzo Jungle L'Enhant, Cacharel Amor Amor, Calvin Klein Obsession for Men, Davidoff Cool Water, Guerlain Samsara, Ralph Lauren Polo Green

If you depend on the fragrance that will collect a group of compliments, avoid a few things:

Retro perfume. In the puppies of those who contain fragrance notes considered to be ceased, grandmother and Starowieckie: aldehydes, civet, benzoes, galbanum.

Midy compositions . There is nothing worse than the smell - soda, but the soup without character. They are usually very tandy, so you can get into compliments.

Intense fragrances. If you use your perfumes a few dogs too large, you won't collect favorable opinions. On the contrary - everyone will avoid your company.

Controversial fragrances. So what if you love Samsar or you can't be without a*men? It doesn't matter that these are excellent smells.

These perfumes are created for your pleasure and appreciate them more eagerly people more familiar with perfumes. You won't get compliments for them.

Perfumes placed in the illustrations before this paragraph . Each of these fragrances is at least one of the four sins that I mention the above.

Treat this ranking in the form of a curiosity - it's only statistics in the blanket, and every each of us is different. In some cases, the sensation makes smells, in other winter perfumes.

Nevertheless, it will be very sorrel, if you find the wrd of my winner 15 smell, in which you will feel perfect and dressing it, you will get the most compliments .

Just remember that nothing. You have to feel really great in them.

What the pifles always have a feeling of my well -being, and dressing his favorite smell, it really fools out. I wonder what perfume is your secret defends. Write about them in a comment or on my Facebook .