Fragrance notes: Wolf Jagoda, Morela, Mid, Szafran, Tiger orchid, Jamin Large, Kadzido

Lady Gaga Fame perfumes are withdrawn from sales. In the opinion of many OSB, they are grandma, a floral-fed fragrance, so think that he will not be mentioned from Tsknot.

A few months before the prime minister there are leaks that the singer would like her original fragrance Lady Gaga Fame smells blood and sperm. The perfume is like the smell of a luxurious prostitute. Ultimately, the composition is massive and will be suitable for a woman who wants to disappear in Tuma, even the most hardening conservative.

In reality , Fame is a sodki smell , and a curiosity is a belladon fruit in a sky, which in ancient Rome would be used as a poison. Lady Gaga Fame perfumes concentrate around three chords: floral, honey and sodki .

The composition was packed in a ripped bottle with an oval shape. Zota, it makes a clipping cloth reminds the iconic lemon juicer Philippea Starck.

Although the perfume is withdrawn from sales, I am convinced that there are still individual bottles in local perfumeries.

Fragrance notes: How does Lady Gaga Fame smell?

Do not get wound up in the color of perfumes and a chantaling advertising campaign. Fame is a honey-floral smell that has a very common very common with black. Already after the first application, it is associated with chemical grassland soda.

Promotional material is not a classic pyramid. It uses push-pull technology , in which the compatriots, co-intercourse to enhance the character of each note at the same time, without any hierarchy. They were built around three chords: dark and light .

In fact, the back-fruity chord of apricots wrapped in honey dominates, and a delicate flower chord flicker (it's probably orchid). After a quarter of an hour, unfortunately, the whole composition is so sodium for some time that it really can withstand it. Later there is a delicate, mowing scent note of Kadzida .

Fame is one of those fragrances that pleasantly smells (if you like sodium, fruity fragrances of course), but leave little. After his use a few days later I had problems recreating his character. Not a decoction on my senses such a strong eruption that I could stuff it.

If I have to do it to other perfumes, this fame is a worse version and so bad lady million than Paco Rabanne. I will say more, this fragrance draws with the popularity of his older, July sister. With this that Lady Gaga Fame, concentrate even the number of soda.

Lady Gaga Fame reviews: Who was she created for? How does it fit? Is it lasting?

Although a luxurious prostitute is not a definition with which most of us want to be associated are women open to a new fragrance experience will be interested in such a perfume. I was.

After reading the description , I expect something else - a tight, sensual perfume. What I receive was far from my expectations.

They have to admit that Fame does not differ from most of the celebrity perfumes from the same price. It is very sodki, built on a fruity and floral chords, has a modern sound. It will be perfect for teenage girls and very fashion women , especially if they are fans of the singer and likes sodium notes in perfumes.

The only interesting element is the black color of the perfume , which turns into transparent moments after draining on the Skra. At least on mine, because I meet with opinions that it leaves a small sediment, which, however, is a fool of water.

The smell is not a lot for perfumed water. With favorable conditions, it lasts on a Skra up to 4-5 hours. Let's not forget, however, that we will not have a lot for so pleasant. With such a fever, it is a very intense smell , especially for the first 30 minutes.

Perfumed water Lady Gaga Fame: Is this the right smell for you?

Fame Lady Gagi is one of the most popular fragrances signed by the stars. He definitely doesn't knock you on your knees like Rogue Rihanna or Heat Beyonce, but this is not a great disappointment. Horning when you already know that the beautiful appearance of the bottle and the fantastic campaign is nothing like this composition.

For me, his gwn disadvantages are permeated, but believe that this feature is for some advantages and the smell will find their supporters . Choosing perfumes is, after all, a matter of taste.

Fame I recommend to fashion women who like sodium smells. If you want to buy this perfume as a gift, watch out. Not every dose of soda on his Skra likes so much.

If you are wondering if the Fame Lady Gagi perfume is a fragrance for you, you will find the answer:

Yes - if you are looking for a floral, soda smell for what, if you are looking for universal perfumes that will not be a break from the tum (provided a reasonable application), if you do not want to spend a fortune on a new perfume bottle.

No - if you like sodium, characteristic compositions (like a duo of honey and apricot in Calvin Klein Euphoria Gold), if you want the smell to stay with TOB through the whole day, if you do not like sodium chords, if you are looking for unique compositions.

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