Versace crystal noir fragrance notes

Ginger, cardamom, pepper

Heart note
The flower will be afraid, peony, gardenia, coconut

Base note
zander tree, pimo, amber

Although the women's Crystal Noir perfumes have their years, they are still very recommended. Their price is usually adapted, and the smell itself is pleasant to wear at the time of more common autumn and winter temperatures.

The smell of Versace Crystal Noir has been enclosed in a bottle, which at the beginning pushes me a bit. Of course, because of the Bright Crystal, which is not able to. However, they must admit that the big one I look at him, the more I was convinced of this beautiful purple.

The appearance is very elegant, it is properly cut, and removing this great cork is pure pleasant. And the smell itself? How does the composition fall?

Assessing Crystal Noir from the perspective of all compositions from Versace, these perfumes do really well.

How does Versace Crystal Noir smell like, perfumed water?

The opening is my favorite moment of these perfumes. All components seem very natural. Cardamom gives a bit of lemon aroma, as well as ginger and pepper. Everything is in the nose, it is sharp and characteristic.

I am a fan of all the spices that are included in the gowl, so it's pure for me. A maximum of two quarters of a quarter of a quarter of an hour is on my Skra - and it's just how I feel. Then he is lost without a counter.

In the heart of the chord is Gardenia, which gives a coconut aroma and she plays the first violin.

It is really intense. If you don't like the smell of coconut - you won't like these perfumes. Gardenia belongs to a group of white flowers that theoretically have it.

Biae flowers yes, but not a gardenia, she is induce. Therefore, the whole time is strongly noticeable and in the form of a coconut with a very realistic aroma.

As I mention that the gowa falls forever ... I was not right to the blanket. In the heart, pepper is still wild, which makes this character this character. It takes really long - a record for up to 3 hours.

Base. My Skra perfectly assimilates pimo. Therefore, the perfume, which has them in the base, I think worthy of use. It literally blends on my Skra.

Gently feel the coconut, which is felt at the blanket and zander tree itself. The base lasts 4-5 hours and be determined as a powder.

Versace crystal noir reviews: impressions after tests

Although Cristal Noir has a spice opening, this is a lot of funny from the orient. Which of course is not his flaws. Perfect for cold, autumn and winter season.

On Skra S, up to 10 hours, and on clothes and scarves up to several days. He has a widespread projection - they feel up to several meters.

This is a typical perfume with a tail - even if you are no longer in the room, your smell is still present in it. Pleasantly wraps.

You can also wear them in the summer, but in my case only in the evenings. The composition develops terribly on my Skra. Dirty and kwana. In the summer, the notes are very river, but these are very unstable. After a quarter of an hour, only Kwan Gardeni feels, who under the impact of the body wants to strang me.

Is it worth buying Versace Crystal Noir perfume?

Although these perfumes do not release as a bondage, not cine and gest, it has a certain predation that you like.

If you like a coconut, you will definitely feel good in the family notes. If you like cardamom, ginger and pepper you will love the opening of the composition. If you love all these countries - Crystal Noir is perfect for you.

I know a lot of OSB that lives these perfumes of every day and the fragrance really good. If only the smell suits you, it will be worth Crystal Noir for your collection.