pear, lemon, raspberry, strawberry, bergamot, cale

Heart note
white, jamin, peony, flower will be afraid

Base note
Biae Pimo, Amber, Cedar, Moss, Vanilla, Patchesula

Issued in 2024 water perfumed by the MON Paris brand YSL presents a new image of myioca to Paris. The perfume of May will give away the quintessence of modern women.

Yves Saint Laurent has boundless couples. Not only the fashion house has been nailed by the designer, in 1983, the brilliant perfume for Paris women was created. This scent fragrance shows the city of world, theater and elegance.

Wild charismatic attorney and his remote talent Fashion House YSL is in the center of the world's attention. The American press even calls him "king of parish".

In addition to the great creations, the unforgettable smells of Opium are also eager, his having His sister Black Opium , Elle and Cinema , are compositions creating trends, bringing what is new.

It is true that the designer on the shelter mod is unprecedented, but unfortunately the new fragrance is far from the Yves Saint Laurent Krlewski Heritage. Next to his predecessors of the Ministry of National Defense, Paris falls pale. After all, believe that he will gather a group of loyal fans.

How does YVES Saint Laurent Mon Paris Eau de Parfum smell?

Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris smells of the sodium notes of red Jagd, Flower Bickel, Wood, Patchouli and Biaego Pim. This is a romantic fragrance that will be perfect for women of lubricated sodium perfumes.

Gesture notes

The opening of the fragrance is like sodium strawberry, raspberry and pears. In Zaoenie, she was called with rivers with citrus and inch. In fact, from the first seconds, the smell is a terror of soda and does not even give a millimeter space. The fruit has the smell of cotton candy or syrup, which is covered with waffles.

Heart notes

The heart of Mon Paris is richly floral, or in itself J amin , peonies and k world will be afraid . The surprise here is the characteristic of the Paris Biała center, which by its thrilling smell is known for its toxicity.

Base notes

The end of the smell is pimowe with the addition of patchouli. I admit that the base is the most point of this smell, and on my Skra it seems to have no blanket. The starting of the notes of patchouli with fruit suggests the similarity of the monis monis to the indestructible perfumed water of Jimmy Choo, but in fact smells are different. Here the patchouli is not so dark and seductive .

A trio of talented perfumers: Olivier Cresp, Harry Fremont and Dory Baghriche Arnaud are responsible for the creation of the fragrance. About Mon Paris Olivier Cresp says: "This is a very bright smell, but it has those drug pages that addictive. It is like the first moments of falling in love , when the couple sends each other through the whole day, not waging at the circumstances ...". Mon Paris defines as elegant and modern perfumes.


A strong point is the quieble bottle of the monis monis, which perfectly ley in Doni. It is made of a thick skew with a transparent base. Black aurowa lodge tied around the neck and pale perfume color, add the Parisian coquetry to him.

Perfumed water ysl mon Paris reviews: Who was it created for? How does it fit? Is it lasting?

The best -selling perfumes of Yves Saint Laurent S now Black Opium. This fragrance is directed to the fashion of women aged 20-25. Stephan Moma - General Director of YSL Beaute - decisive that the reinterpretation of Czyprowe Paris will be a new flagship smell of the brand and the complement of offers of slightly older audience from 25 to 30 years .

You actually, for many time, the MON Paris projection hides a very intense and strong smell of fruity soda. But there is not even a counterfeit amount of classic chyprus in it.

In my opinion, this is a safe smell without a metric . You will like a teenager and a mature woman. You can calmly with a dormitory friend, sister, I have. Everything depends on whether he likes sodium floral and fruity chords .

Sodkie perfumes surround us for several years, so the next - large less characteristic - the reverse will not surprise anyone.

As with all sodki perfumes, it is not recommended in excess, especially in closed rooms. However, in normal quantity, you can go to the staff , even to the office. The fruit and flower start is well worn through the whole year, and the soda fits both during the day, as well as in the evening.

Perfumes are permanent . Stay on a Skra for about 7 hours, and consider that it is perfumed water, this result is a caki. The projection is not stunning, it is not a fragrance with a tail.

YSL Mon Paris Eau de Parfum: Is this the right smell for you?

I know from the fact that the perfume has their groups of recipients and specific situations in which they fall out best.

Even as without a creative spirit as Ysl Mon Paris. Of course, I recommend it to all ladies who like to start flowers and fruit, known thoughts with Hugo Boss the Scent, Versace Yellow Diamond or Gucci Bamboo.

If you are still wondering if the perfume of mon Paris ysl is a fragrance for you , you will find the answer:

Yes - if you need a universal smell that smells and fits the staff, if you like sodium perfumes, if you are looking for a permanent composition that persists on the skin, if you speak to you, the fragrance notes of Jamin, peonies, strawberries and raspberries, if only You start your adventures with perfumes, if you want to whom they give them as a gift.

No - if you are looking for unique fragrances and you like a release from the tum, if you are eager for niche perfumes, if you have a good experience with perfumes and you do not like the attempted fragrances, if you are looking for a known fragrance, if you are looking for a smell with a tail.

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