pear, lemon, neroli, bergamot

Heart note
water lily, milling, mimosa, flower will be afraid

Base note
Truck wood, biae pimo, amber

Yellow Diamond will appear on the market almost seven years ago and still enjoy your interest.

This is the last fragrance from the diamond series of this fashion house.

Although, during the advertising campaign, Donatella Versace's fascination with these diamonds was mentioned, this fragrance is far from the vulgarity of her other original designs.

Twrc Yellow Diamond is Alberto Morillas , a perfumer who is behind the success of a large number of bestsellers such as: Panthere de Cartier, YSL M7, Rochas Byzance, Le Labo Vanille 44 and Tubereuse 40.

It is not a way to discontinue his slingshot in the field of perfumery, but this fragrance is certainly not its most outstanding settlement.

Fragrance notes: How does Versace Yellow Diamond smell?

They have to admit that I am not a floral and fruit aroma. It is a thing that from the beginning I was sought to Yellow Diamond to skeptical.

After a few days tests, I'm still not the most fan of them. I am original and too safe for me.

And what is the characteristic features of Versace (with the exception of versace eros pour femme )- cakim plastic ruling.

Immediately after applying the perfume on SKR, the smell of mixed lemon, pears from bergamot appears .

This first impression has a lot of Bright Crystal, although in a large and more eaging version.

Unfortunately, the same plastic. The notes take literally minutes, because after a while we start the smell of mimosa.

In the notes of the heart she is to be torn out and for a moment cautiously the terrible DNA of her older sister.

If it was even more and lasts a bit large, I can like such a heart.

Still where lemon flickering in the background, but this floral-fruit mixture begins to be very uniform.

The base is terrible. And Prno in it is looking for a noble, Mikki Pim, dry Ambra, or a guaifal tree . There is a lot of dusty chemistry that we know well with Bright Crystal.

Cae Szczcie, that he stays close to the Skra and after what time you can forget about her.

Basically, the highest citrus in this smell, which will scroll almost all the time, followed by flower chords.

If you like Versace's smells, Yellow Diamond will definitely like it.

Although it has large characteristics of the Diamond lines, this is the least controversial. You know, you know and more elegant Versace Versense .

Versace Yellow Diamond toilet water reviews: Who was it created for? How does it fit? Is it lasting?

Versace toilet water is a composition - it is too light and citrus to make it on the evening. However, it could do well during a summer party in the garden.

It was created for women who like floral women's smells, but will not exaggerate from sodkoci.

Spring and summer will work best, you can get to the dress and shorts, to meet friends or randk in the park.

It is a fragrance designed for my mistakes about more fashionable women who do not necessarily want to feel very much.

I do not recommend using these perfumes to work, to business meetings and when you want people to treat you as a professional.

Yellow Diamond immediately likes my 21-year-old cousin, who usually dresses very much girl and is always ready for the good of play.

Immediately after application, it is intensive, but after a quarter of an hour it does not feel like that.

With favorable circumstances, the smell lasts on a Skra from 3 to 5 hours .

Unfortunately, this is not a good result, especially most of us spend the whole day away.

It is possible that I am picky, but I want my perfume to still be present, even when I go home after the pen.

Versace Yellow Diamond Edt: Is this the right smell for you?

Yellow Diamond is a universal fragrance, it doesn't shock, but she is feminine.

If you like lightly, your favorite seasons are spring and summer, and at the first Soca rays you reveal your legs, this fragrance is for you.

It is ideal as a gift for a friend, a more fashionable sister and confused that you will not offend if you get it from Chopak to Valentine's Day. Is it suitable for you?

Yes - if you choose, spring fragrances and looking for light, floral perfumes that will not cite your personality.

If you are going for a weekend outside the city or a trip with friends and you want to feel feminine and at the same time comfortable.

If you like smells that you can easily use for what.

No - if you are looking for a fragrance for an evening out, which will leave a strong impression. If you want to seduce with the smell and you are not afraid of innocent provocation.

If you want the smell to express your character. If you are interested in niche perfumes and you are looking for unique fragrances.

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See these KRTK Recene Yellow Diamond Intense

In 2023, Yellow Diamond will appear in the perfumed water version - under the name Yellow Diamond Intense.

Ambry has been added more, which makes the smell large, and mimosa is almost imperceptible here. Cao would have more sensual and sweating.