blackcurrant, grapefruit, mandarin

Heart note
Jamin, Flower Waraż, Tuberose, Ylang Ylang

Base note
zander tree, pimo

When the Fashion House Chanel stalls the prime minister of a new fragrance called Gabrielle, all fans of the brand were excited. This is the first new line in 15 years.

The perfumes are inspired by Gabrielle Chanel , even before it becomes known as Coco. Marek Chanel's new composition opens a new chapter in its history. New names. New bottle. New path.

In 1921, the designer Coco Chanel began his adventures with perfumeri. It is also a legend at this time - the iconic Chanel No 5.

This fragrance seems to have the entire avant -garde instinct. His miao has survived for almost 100 years and for some it is still the best women's perfumes in the world.

Gabrielle from 2023 has the face of the American actress Kristen Stewart, who raises no less controversy than Coco herself.

How is the perfume of Chanel Gabrielle?

Mona Miao will say that the Chanel brand uses almost all floral notes in its collection of fragrances.

In the new composition, perfumer Olivier Polge is determined to be a classic start of four white flowers : ylang-ylang , jamin , tuberose and flower will be afraid .

So Gabrielle is a floral smell . He is part of the last season trends, which in 2013 Jour d'Hermes, and in 2023 continued Gucci Bloom and Twilly d'Hermes.

It smells a bit like Coco Mademoiselle and N5 L'Eau creaking, it's a fruity soda soda and the citrus glow of this second fragrance. This is a great simplification, and if it's about Gabrielle, it is much more complicated.

Gabrielle's notes are crisp and fruity. Fast, but it is difficult to put out individual elements of the sketch, fruits are rather impossible to define.

All that remains is the impression of sparkling, champagne citrus, which are treated with hanel aldehyds.

Heart notes are an abstract bouquet of white flowers , where Aden Kwiat does not stand out above the remaining. Here you can feel the SONEFUL FLOOR will be afraid, a pure jamin and subtle soda tuberose.

It is as if these flowers have been rocked by a flap and formed into one new flower. Gabrielle flower.

The base is a bit mtna. Sparkling citruses of the game and a radiant flower heart, and the base was deprived of it.

In Gabrielle, it is based on pimach and wood, but they do not seem interesting nor valid.

The last moments of the compositions have been deprived of character , and the very ending can resemble every other smell from a pki.

Chanel Gabrielle reviews: Who was she created for? How does it fit? Is it lasting?

" I decide who I want and who I am ." It is worth remembering, that Chanel was 42 years old when her legendary jacket without a horses and Owkowa SPNnica was on the catwalk. Not 22. Not 18.

There were women from the past and future, who are on your own conditions.

In today's Opta Modoci era, it is worth remembering that there were women who are moving the age limits to 30, 40, 50 years and more.

Coco Chanel is the result of determination, courage and surely represented by Gabrielle Chanel.

I have an impression that Gabrielle perfumes are faithful to those characteristics of character we associate with Coco. You will find an adult here.

He does not want to say that the smell is old -fashioned or traditional. This owl has a negative connotation. It's just timeless .

Mistake, that it's more about metrics, it's about disposition. For me, Gabrielle will smell great at an adult woman, not from her age.

Like the CHANEL perfume , this composition also goes with everything. From important meetings, evening walks with the park's alleys to exceptional occasions.

If you are looking for a perfume to work, give you class and elegance. Gabrielle's floral fragrance fits the same with a t-shirt as for an elegant shirt.

It persists on my Skra through the whole. Even if applied in the morning, and my day is active, feel him after returning home.

However, I meet with opinions that on other women the smell does not last so long.

At the beginning, the projection is intensive, but as time it is a time, the smell becomes more free. At the end of the day he lasts close to Skra.

Perfumed water Chanel Gabrielle: Is this the right smell for you?

Now the most important question: what is the verdict? Gabrielle does not surprise me, he may be a bit disappointed.

Chanel is used to his loyal fans to luxury . In this case, I have the impression that the countries are not the most possible.

And though at times really bib and have an unusual clarowny, at other times fall into the trends that I associate with tapes from this fragrance.

The composition is not reversing or innovative, but you really like it.

What you will feel to Gabrielle will largely depend on how honestly you evaluate other chanel fragrances, happily Coco Mademoiselle and N5 l'eau.

What is my opinion? C, he likes Chanel's style very much, so I tested Gabrielle with pleasure.

However, choosing my favorite tens of fragrances of this brand, Gabrielle will not find it.

Mona will say that it is for the women's market what Bleu de Chanel would be for the Moczyn.

If you are wondering if the perfumed water Chanel Gabrielle will be the right smell for you, you will find the answer:

Yes - if you like Coco Mademoiselle, but it's too reversed for you. If you like lightweight fragrance notes of flowers, but you want a bit more GBI. If you want to live on and to work. If you are a chanel fan and you collect bottles.

No - if you like niche, experimental perfumes. You like strong, characteristic fragrances.

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