We will move over 100 years. It is 1913. In the world, it is more and more about the risk of war. In France, the President's Office includes Raymond Poincare. In pair, telephone booths are mounted on scale masses, and Thetre des Champs Lysees exhibits the first performances. 200 kilometers further - in Deauville - Coco Chanel opens his first boutique.

Mademoiselle offers women a revolutionary approach to fashion - without uncomfortable corset and a frill made of precious fabrics. Her collection of costumes from Dersia is not just a confection. This is a change in a look at the female Ciao, a change in a view of women's life style. After the Coco era, nothing will be the same.

For Chanel Pikno, it starts when you decide to go. With the conviction that you are someone's output. Pikno will definitely start with yourself.

I ask Agat Krawczyk, a regional fragrance expert at Douglas Polska and the author of text about perfumes on blog.douglas.pl , why it is worth returning to the fragrances, which will be a small birthday. Lists 5 reasons that sharing with you:

Chanel is a long tradition, a story that seems to continue, even in new fragrance compositions.


The Chanel brand was built over 100 years ago with the opening of the first boutique. From that moment, Coco, then, continue to revolution not only in terms of women's outfit, smell, but also how to live.

Mademoiselle treats a mod in naked. Believes, however, in an eminent style that knows with simplicity and minimalism. Perfection defining as black and white, and luxury considers the opposite of vulgar.

Perfumers. When Jacques Polge, now Olivier, his son. Amazing people who do not create trends or time pressure. Create pieces.


Coco Chanel is a revolutionary on a job. Not only the French fashion market, but also cosmetic. As the first designer in the world next to the Sellaa Perfume Construction, Makijau cosmetics lines, pilgrim cosmetics and bipets. And all this before the outbreak of World War II.

Attracted people of great passion. Ernest Beaux, which will create for her Chanel 5, pioneering pioneering use of aldehyds in this smell. Aldehyds are chemical and alcohol oxidation products that are responsible for the sharp smell.

Chanel, as unique skippers, precision, timeless.


In one of the interviews Chanel, he often states the owl cited that the perfume should be like a measured cheek, so that he does not think for hours whether they are a fragrance or not. They must be noble, and what gives them power costs money for money.

It is hard to disagree with that. Again, I will refer to the classic - number 5. In a heart note you will find one of the most distinct liabilities in the tie of perfumery - iris bark.

The process of its extraction is extremely slow and lasts from 3 to 5 years. Absolute is obtained from 10 tons of dried for 100 grams of the absolute. Cost? $ 40 thousand For 454 grams.

Each smell has its own story, which can be enchanting the recipient. For example, Chanel Chance is a series that is simply a sin. We feel the compositions from the Chance line together.


Chanel is not only classics, but they are brilliant that it is difficult to escape from them. Mademoiselle Zmara in 1971, in 1981, bake over the smells, the brilliant Jacques Polge. With his Rki, among others, the lines of Chance, Allure and Coco.

Jacques polge develops the offers of MSKI perfumes, creating an unforgettable egoiste smell - only one MSKI fragrance is created for the life of Mademoiselle: Pour Monsieur.

On the one hand, the new wizard is great champions - Ernest Beaux and Henri Robert - on the other, he will add a breath of modern. The best example is the warehouse - on the one hand a very girl and a bit sodium, on the other, the MSKA note is serious and distance. This is the quintessence of feminine.

Chanel is an emblem. Nobody needs to ask what we use. Fragrances chanel s classic, forever.


The Chanel Kady perfume will find perfumes for herself. This is a phenomenon that cannot be repeated. This is perfection in every millimeter, gram, milliliter.

Chanel is divided into two periods: until Mademoiselle and from 1981, when the Master Perfumer Cier Jacques Polge position, and Karl Lagerfeld became the artistic director. Although the latter is convinced that Coco Chanel will certainly hate what he creates, in my opinion, he appreciates the start of tradition from modernity, which accompanies both artists.

Because all the era has a mod, as he suggests.

The history of the Chanel perfume

Chanel 5

In 1921, the first women's perfumes were created. They will be created by a well -known Parisian perfumer - Ernest Beaux. Classic and timeless Chanel 5. Why number 5? This was a proposal that was finally accepted by the creator.

Aroma: sharp - woody, powder

Time: autumn-winter, evening

Last: 8-9 hours

Intense: 4.7/5

Note of Neroli, lemon, bergamot, ylang-ylang, aldehynds

Heart note: Jamin, iris, ra, lily of the valley

Base note: vetocy, pimo, zander tree, patchouli, dbowy moss, amber, vanilla, civet

See Pen Recenszu fragrance: Chanel 5 reviews

Chanel 22

A year after the success of the PI number, Women's Perfumes Chanel 22. Number Upamitnia Year of the premiere of this fragrance.

Aroma: sharp - a bouquet of white flowers

Time: Autumn, early spring

Last: 8-9 hours

Intense: 4/5

Gowy Note: tuberose, lily, neroli, lily of the valley, the flower of wise, aldehydes

Heart note: Muskaatow, biaa ra, jamin, ylang-ylang

Base note: iris, vanilla, vetocy

Chanel Gardenia

Chanel Gardenia is a women's perfumes a bit more than the other smells - a bouquet like a bouquet of white flowers.

Aroma: a bouquet of white flowers

Time: spring-summer, work

Last: 7-8 hours

Intense: 4/5

Gowy note: Flower will be afraid, green notes

Heart note: fruit, tuberose, jamin, gardenia

Base note: zander tree, patchouli, pimo, vetocy, coconut, vanilla

Chanel bois des ilets

Aldehyds make that Bois des Ity Fresings Similar to the number 5. With T rnn, that this smell is slightly softer and more soapy.

Aroma: sharp and balsamic -tight wood chord

Time: auto-winter, work

Last: 8-9 hours

Intense: 4.3/5

Gowy note: coriander, peach, bergamot, neroli, mandarin, aldehynds

Heart note: iris, without, jamin, ylang-ylang, lily of the valley, ra.

Base note: Ambra, zander tree, BB Tonka, Opoponax, Pimo, balm, vetocy, vanilla

Chanel Cuir de Russie

It's chic and elegance. S sharp and shrow. Suitable for women and mushrooms.

Aroma: Gboki, Gsty - Skrzany and woody with a noticeable floral chord

Time: autumn-winter, evening

Last: 7-8 hours

Intense: 4/5

Gowy Note: Flower will be afraid, mandarin, hemitaceous tub, bergamot, lemon

Heart note: Together, Iris, Jamin, Vyturia, Ylang-Ylang, Cedr and Ra

Base note: Skra, Ambra, Vanilla, Heliotrrop, Brzoza, Table and Pimo

Chanel Pour Monsieur

It is a citrus and gastrointestinal fragrance of Chanel for moczes. It is perfectly listed, which is why huge popularity has been enjoyed for over 60 years. This is the only smell of Mademoiselle.

Aroma: balsamic - woody

Time: Spring-year-early autumn, Dzień

Last: 7-8 hours

Intense: 4/5

Gowy note: Neroli, Petitgrain, Peony

Heart note: coriander, ginger, basil, cardamom

Base note: dbowy moss, vetocy, cedar

Chanel 19

The last women's perfumes, which are released by Coco Chanel. Number 19 from the day of the wizard's birthday. The smell is elegant, iris is a very noticeable chord.

Aroma: Wiey - woody and floral

Time: Spring and Autumn, Dzień

Last: 7-8 hours

Intense: 3.8/5

Gowy note: Galbanum, bergamot, neroli, hyacinth

Heart note: ra, iris, jamin, narcissus, lily of the valley, ylang-ylang

Base note: pimo, zander tree, dbowy moss, skra, cedar wood

Chanel Cristalle

Mademoiselle inspired perfumes for Krysztaw. I have, but the soup is unusual. The smell of chipper is heavily pierced. These women's perfumes are a summer hot day in the forest.

Aroma: citrus and wood

Time: spring-summer, work

Last: 5-6 hours

Intense: 3.8/5

Gowy note: bergamot, lemon

Heart note: hyacinth, Rane tree

Base note: dbowy moss and vetocy

Chanel Antaeus

This is the first perfume released by the brilliant Jacques Polge for Chanel. This is my favorite smell of this perfumer. Perfumes Mskie Chanel Antaeus S Complete, very sensual.

Aroma: Skrzany, smoky, woody

Time: autumn-winter, evening

Last: 8-9 hours

Intense: 4.5/5

Gowy note: coriander, bergamot, lemon, shit, mirrrh

Heart note: Jamin, thyme, ra, basil

Base note: labdanum, patchouli, dbowy, beaver

Chanel Coco

While the Women's Chanel perfumes can be used by moczes, in the case of Coco it is impossible. This fragrance emanates feminine. Strong, oriental, wrapping.

Aroma: sodki and cieps, spicy

Time: autumn-winter, evening

Last: 9-12 hours

Intense: 4.6/5

Gowy note: coriander, mandarin, peach, jamin, ra

Heart note: mimosa, tanks, flower will be afraid, Ra

Base note: labdanum, amber, zander tree, tonka beans, opoponaks, civet, vanilla

Chanel egoiste

Very classic smell. Antaeus is sexy, and egoiste is mature. This is a perfume for moczes who do not have to tempt.

Aroma: intense wood, bodies and spicy

Time: autumn-winter, evening

Last: 8-10 hours

Intense: 4.3/5

Gowy note: maho, mandarin, wound, coriander

Heart note: Together, Cinnamon, Ra

Base note: Ambra, Skra, Sanda tree, vanilla, tobacco

Chanel Allure

Chanel Allure perfumes a bit sodium, a little quiet, a bit floral ... difficult to determine. In my opinion, this is one of the better fragrances for women from Chanel.

Aroma: a bouquet of white flowers, citrus- slightly riding

Time: Autumn, Dzień

Last: 8-9 hours

Intense: 4.3/5

Gowy note: wax lemon, bergamot, mandarin, peach and passion fruit

Heart note: Jamin, Ra Majowa, Water Lily, Lonicera, Freesia, Magnolia, Flower will be dying

Base note: zander tree, vetocy, bourbon vanilla, patchouli, amber

Chanel Chance

Chance is the most mysterious Chanel perfume. All this through the presence of patchouli, which is very strong in this smell. It reminds the associations slightly earthy and woody, which contrasts with visiting citrus.

Aroma: woody, earthy, but those and the ruling

Time: spring-summer, work

Last: 8-9 hours

Intense: 4/5

Note of the pineapple: pineapple, iris, patchouli, pepper ditches, hyacinth

Heart note: jamin, lemon

Base note: pimo, patchouli, vanilla, vetocy

Blue de Chanel

This is the most universal Mskie perfume from Chanel. They are not as characteristic as Antaeus, egoiste or even Pour Monsieu. The smell is pleasant, it is perfect for official meetings and gifts.

Aroma: Citrus-Imbirus, incense

Time: Spring-summer, day and evening

Last: 9-10 hours

Intense: 3/5

Care note: lemon, wrapping, grapefruit, red pepper, pepper myth, muscatoic

Heart note: cedar, vetocy, ginger, jamin

Base note: patchouli, incense, zander wood, labdanum

Chanel perfume reviews

Chanel is a class. All fragrances before Coco Chanel's death were very smuggled. Their premieres coordinated the wizard herself.

But Chanel has an amazing chance in its offer, which makes you feel good. It's a free and beautiful smell.

Number two on my lithium is Coco Mademoiselle - elegance and chic, a little mska, a bit distant.

Mskie perfumes are not many representations of Chanel. But there are fragrances that make you unknown to stop control your life functions. I breathe too fast, too gboko. This is my reaction to Anateus. Mysterious smell, crossbow, to some extent infernal.

Number two is egoiste - the smell of strong men. It's a perfume that give you a sense of security.

I can't find out for Blue de Chanel. It seems to me detached from reality. S pleasant and universal, but do we expect this from the perfume we wear on the Skra?

And you? What do you confuse about the perfumes from Chanel? Which of them are your favorite? Who reject you?

Which perfumes from Chanel do you want fragrance?