maho, mandarin, wound tree, coriander

Heart note
Godzik, Cinnamon, Ra Damascus

Base note
Skra, zander tree, vanilla, tobacco, amber

In the 90s, Mskie Chanel Egoiste perfumes would be an output fragrance and despite the reformulation, it remains to this day.

If you grew up on ozone perfumes for Maczes in the style of Davidoff Cool Water and Armani Acqua di Gio, egoiste by a shock for the sense of the WYB.

However, the latest trend for Gourmand perfume turns out to be a renaissance for these magical perfumes.

Rather, I will not classify egoiste as Gourmand, but it is definitely their close relative. Due amounts of vanilla and Ambrette in a coincidence with cinnamon and coriander make it in this smell of tasty.

If you are looking for sophistication in perfumes and you want to open your wardrobe fragrances for an exotic adventure, egoiste toilet water is a opposite choice.

How does the Chanel Egoiste toilet water smell like?

Chanel egoiste smells of wood, cinnamon, ri tobacco. This is an aromatic, msky fragrance that we can include wood-legal perfumes. Its author is Jacques Polge.

Wood opening

From the first moment, egoiste hits its woody aroma. This starts with mahogany and wounded tree. The fragrance note of coriander bastards of the nostrils, but the naturally citrus - river remains.

Cao is not distanced, it is very very body, drawing. T temperatures under the citrus, which is very long healed on SoCu.

The opening of the smell from the first moment is like a scarf made of Thai silk - wrapping and balsamic. Pynny to the touch. Everything here is developing very lazily, but as planned.

I will take out the notes of the heart

The heart of this composition beats in three. Once: fluffy Ra Damascus. Two: aromatic cinnamon. Three: nonchalant flake. This classic start despite the uptake of years still impresses.

On the one hand, it is a bit snobbish, on the other very electrifying. A strong floral chord or cinnamon, which is not tasty in this edition - it is spicy, gboki, earthy.

Tasty fragrance notes in the base

The first appears a fragrance note of vanilla, hanging a covenant with cinnamon and gently drums with a bouquet of RI Godzikw. This is a sign that the time has come to know the databases of the smell.

Over time, it gets warmer and zander trees are also added to cinnamon and vanilla. It is very balm, powder, and wild presents, at the same time, at the same time.

But the base is also rough and the bastard - all this because of the tedious tobacco accent.

Chanel egoiste reviews: impressions after tests

Chanel egoiste has a lot of person and the same requires the person who upcomes him.

The adventure is developing to the long, on my Skra perfume stays over 10 hours. If you apply them in the evening, you will feel them on your Skra in the morning. This is how the fragrance continues to offer a few toilet waters.

The smell is polarizing, so you don't advise, wears these perfumes to the office. It is better to use it during the weekend or evening.

Although in the summer, most of the many mchzyn chooses Janiejsza fragrances, I definitely recommend a bit of egoiste on hot summer days. It smells particularly good during your stay at the sea or lake. Warm wood will be pleasantly contrasting with the smell of water.

Who is it right for?

Egoiste has a lot of sophistication and he could be worn by a thirties. This is not a fragrance for fashion chopaks.

See ads? It is not accidental that there is no grassland in it. Alain Wertheimer is determined that the perfume will not be promoted by the face of a mode mocket, who is not yet sure of its body.

The story of the most served perfumes

In 1924, Coco Chanel will expand his clients on the perfumery market and return to advice to the brilliant businessman Pierrea Wertheimer. They opened SPK Perfumes Chanel and started expansion.

In the 80s, grandson of Pierrea Wertheimer - Alain Wertheimer - will turn to the main perfumer Chanel Jacques Polgea to this component fragrance especially for him.

This is how Chanel Bois Noir was created - the fragrance inspired by the composition created in 1926 by Ernest Beaux called Bois des Les.

Chanel Bois Noir will go to sales and from 1987 to 1990 it was accessible to the clients of the boutique.

It is hard to be available, unearthly road, limited, exclusive, never in promotion. These perfumes of legends are only a year after the premiere.

And suddenly everything would change in 1990. Chanel Bois Noir will change the names to egoiste and will go to mass sales. People are overwhelmed by a tutorial euphoria.

Is it worth buying Chanel Egoiste Eau de Toilelette?

It's definitely worth it .

If you are looking for multidimensional perfumes with a perfect quality, Chanel egoiste will be a perfect choice.

It is a dominant, overbearing and in some extended egocentric smell and therefore is not suitable for everyone.

After all, this is one of the most beautiful Mskian perfumes we currently have on the market. Pure perfection. Dziki you can show the world how you love yourself (in a socially accepted way).

However, you prefer the pure smell of the ruler, ask the flanking of these perfumes - Chanel Egoiste Platinum.