Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Fragrance notes

Sicilian wise, mandarin, Flower of Wire, Calabrian bergamot

Heart note
Mimosa, Jamin, Ra Turkish, Ylang Ylang

Base note
BB Tonka, Indonesian patchouli, Opoponaks, Vanilla, Haitaska Vicytia, Biae Pimo

I take a simple rules that if I don't know what perfume uy, I will bury the chanel coco madmoiselle eau de parfum. If you are wondering what smell it is, see reviews and a description of the composition.

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle was created in 2001 as a continuation of the Coco line and changes the face of women's perfumery forever. Componently great perfumer Jacques Polge . Chanel Coco Mademoiselle will have new families of fragrances, called "new chip".

This new generation is a compositions of you , more and much more powerful to be worn , not "old", classic shit perfumes. However, in the opinion of many people, boring and without character.

Changes in the structure of chypery perfumes were dictated by new European law, which order to limit or eliminate dbow moss in perfumes.

Wrong, E Jacques Polge MG will choose a synthetic replacement for dbowy moss. However, the decisive will replace the classic building perfume of NOW compositions. Instead of a bergamot spermm, dbowy moss - patchouli, uy bergamot - ra - vetocy - patchouli.

After the premiere of Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, this new design begins to be extremely popular. For example, it was used in Narciso Rodriguez for Her, Agent Provocateur, Miss Dior, and also in Chanel Chance.

Fragrance notes: How does Chanel Coco Mademoiselle smell?

The fragrance of Chanel Mademoiselle is an energizing post of bergamot and wire, a powder fastener woven from ry, jamin, mimosa and ylang-ylang and a slightly soapy base of vanilla pard, paczul and vesti.

Coco Mademoiselle has many fashion and energy. It introduces atmosphere of champagne fun, but it is a level of fun, in good company and wonderfully organized. These perfumes make me and many other women.

Gesture notes

The first impression is very effective - it is a sparkling mix of citrus fruit and white flowers. Fragrance notes are Calabrian bergamot and Sicilian wise , which has a strong, even Mski element. After the moment, the impression of the municipality disappears. Feel the powdered flower will be afraid and sodk pear.

Heart notes

Energy and almost Mskie opening very quickly or with the family notes, in which the flowering heart of the composition dominates. In the bouquet, the most intense is Ra and the hypnotizing Jamin.

Base notes

The composition of the composition is a creamy mix of patchouli and vanilla. When the Indonesian patchouli and Haitaska vetocy appear, the smell is surrounded by a sexy aura . Dziki ago Coco Mademoiselle is mysterious and output soup.

Kidnaping Chanel Mademoiselle to classic chypery perfumes, it definitely lacks the strong smell of dbowy moss and labadanum. Their GBI, raw and lenea aroma, replace additional fragrance notes such as mimosa, ylang ylang, tonka beans and Haitaska vetiweria. As a result, you can count on a classic in a modern form.

I love the fact that these beautiful perfumes on the Skra. Mademoiselle is characteristic and recognizable, Gboko falls into memory. Even after a long time, you remember this smell.

Chanel Mademoiselle reviews: Impresses after tests

Coco Mademoiselle is a very feminine smell, even a fashion girl fits the wild. In my opinion, it smells differently than other perfumes from the Chanel collection. There is no matriarchy in it, which they find in older compositions, though in Chanel Allure, no 5 and Coco.

Wieo will be afraid and bergamot, fruity note of pears are mskie and acute. The classic starting of Jamin and Ry is extremely elegant and will never go out of fashion. The ubiquitous patchouli makes this chyprce composition have rock'n'rollow souls.

Mademoiselle or so much feeling that its popularity is not surprising. On the one hand, it's an stylish, elegant and luxurious fragrance. On the other hand, it is extremely sensual and very modern.

I love it that it fits everything and the opportunity. If I am to the white t-shirt and jeans, I look classic. In a duet from shirts or dress adds elegance. It even goes with sneakers and Ramones. You can wear it at each time of the year.

Personally, it is also carried out by autumn and spring. I must admit that it happens to me in the summer when it is very warm. If its smell is too intense for upay for you, Chanel Mademoiselle is available as toilet water.

Mademoiselle is a remarkable smell . Applying J 1-2 times, long time. On my Skra it is over 16 hours. When I put it in the morning, it still smells intense at the end of the day. Even in a similar style Miss Dior, it is more fleeting.

The high price suggests that for many of us this is not a smell for what. Even if reserved for special occasions, Coco Mademoiselle is worth the released zotwka.

I never have to wear this smell that I wouldn't be accosted by strangers and complimented. In addition, they are simply great in these perfumes.

Is it worth buying Chanel Coco Mademoiselle EDP?

I sometimes have such days that I really decide what I am doing. They can stand for hours in front of the wardrobes and don't choose anything. That's why I am preparing an emergency set - a black dress and black tights.

Unfortunately, the chosen perfume is never simpler than choosing clothes. Here, Coco Mademoiselle helps me.

I always have at least PRBK of this fragrance on my PCE. This is a modern classic, which is why it is great if they are with every outfit. Dziki ago, even dressed in black, I will never look boring, only elegant.

What is the composition to break? It is lasting. It's perfectly composed, solid and beautiful perfumes. Jacques Polge, as usual, guarantees very high as. Mademoiselle is a great smell, which is why I recommend her woman .

Even if it is expensive, it is definitely worth the price. I love this myself, which gives me Coco Mademoiselle.