Chanel no 5 fragrance notes

neroli, lemon, bergamot, ylang ylang, aldehydes

Heart note
jamin, iris, ra, lily of the valley

Base note
vetocy, pimo, zander tree, patchouli, dbowy moss, amber, vanilla, civet

Chanel NO 5 perfume remain unwashed for almost 100 years. Although reformation, it is always keeping your way. Read the review and the description of the smell. See if it's a perfume for you.

Everything is changing: politicians, stars, art styles, conflicts, friendly, and Chanel no 5 survive 3 generations.

Coco Chanel meeting with Ernest Beaux Removed a new project under the slogan: Smell like a woman, not like Ra . Until now, women from the rich Farmiay Farmatically, Curtain Curtains would be known for rich perfumes, which are notes of Jamin and Pima. It was of course aimed at the temptation of the Mocz.

Caa Coco Chanel is a deviation to free women from the romantic conventions of the 19th century. Gabrielle is looking for simplicity and elegance: simple lines, neutral colors (black, white, beats, zoty) and fancy accessories.

Chanel NO 5 is a composition of over 80 natural and synthetic lipsticks, which are the delivery of courtesan and pure laundry. A woman can therefore be a cross and clean. In the opinion of millions of women, the best women's perfumes. Win the rankings of all time many times. Only their high price can deter.

7 things you don't know about Chanel no 5

#1 Chanel No 5 is still the best selling perfume in the world. Currently, the distribution is Chanel No 5 Eau de Parfum, which is interpreted by the original version from 1921. The new version was created by Jacques Polge.

#2 When creating these perfumes, Chanel decides that their bottle will be simple, which was the opposite of the reigning trends. In the 1920s, this was one of the first bottles of women's perfumes in the world in such a shape.

#3 The first perfume advertised during Finau Super Bowl.

#4 It's true, Emarilyn Monroe dressed only a few drops of Chanel no 5. In the 70s, which he told the reporter: often ask me what I would fall into sleep: a pouth game, D from Piama, or Nocn shirts. I answer them: a few drops of Chanel 5. It's true. He doesn't want to answer: Pi naked.

#5 After the end of World War II, the American soldiers occupied the Chanel boutiques to get a bottle of Chanel NO 5 perfumes for ON and the brides. They were offered for free.

#6 In 1985 Andy Warchol will create a series of illustrations with the Chanel NO 5 bottle in the role of the Gwna. Everyone from them is worth from 50 to 70 thousand dollars.

#7 Gosia legend that name number 5 was created from the 5th day, 5 months, 5 years in which Chanel presents the perfume of the world. In turn, the Distribution of Ernest Beaux's proposal.

Fragrance notes: How does the Chanel NO 5 perfumed water smell?

Chanel No 5 is a mixture of Aldehyds and Flowers, Uona on a warm, woody vegetable base, zander tree, vanilla, amber and patchouli. The perfumes are such as a chanel, it smells like a composition, not a single flower.

As I mention, the classic version is replaced by Chanel No 5 Eau de Parfum created in 1986. Like the classic smell, the newer version is hard to define. On my Skra, no 5 does not resemble a specific fragrance. The composition seems to be all and is very penetrating.

He doesn't like the initial projection phase at all. During the first 20 minutes, the perfumes of Aldehydes. Their smell is sharp and quen , which is a bit basting me and they usually have to wait patiently.

After all, I will learn to love this perfume. Heart notes of Olnewajce and Byskotel. The composition becomes a heat , slightly powder , but also spatial. I consider her, even today. It's the perfect perfume for auto and winter. Over time, the creamy and gsto fragrance database develops. It seems really joyful.

Although aldehynds in the perfumes Chanel no 5 can seem scared, it is in fact a great smell that needs to be tested.

It is worth mentioning that this is extremely perfume. Stay on Skra for over 12 hours . In the first minutes after application S very intense, but after a while calm down. Consequently, they are neither too strong or too delicate.

Although I have my bottle, I rarely sigid it. I usually choose Chanel NO 5 during more vast days for special occasions. Wild boars will get more ripe. These perfumes have a fantastic power to raise my self -esteem. In a blanket who does not feel good like Marilyn Monroe?

In my opinion, no 5 is a timeless perfume and can wear them in every age. It even fits the fashion girls.

If you want a classic no 5, you can smell at the perfume museum in Barcelona. A few years ago I had this opportunity and I would admit that it was a lot for me. How does the classic smell like?

In classic perfumes, dominate aldehydes, civhet ylang ylang and jamin. The smell of ry and neroli is slightly less intense. The notes of the base are uncomfortable and struggling with vetocy, pima, zander trees and vanilla.

The legend of Gosia, that overdose of Aldehydw in no 5 results from BDU Ernest Beaux during Waena. However, it is questioned by most specialists. Justify the innovation of the intention of Coco Chanel to create a unique and unknown perfume in its era. The designer would like her perfume to be able to copy. That is why Beaux Uy the most difficult liabels, and the price is no sky!

Wrong, that the classic smell lasts on unwashed Skra for several days. I never experience such duration, and I have supposedly a drop on my wrist. Well, 5 vintage, however, smells of its eras. And although it is great, however, the modern woman is more on the way with Chanel no 5 eau de parfum.

It has less difficult fragrance notes: aldehydw, civet and bergamot. For this, more powder iris and vanilla. Wood notes and zander tree itself are more extensive, which smells great.

Chanel no 5 reviews: Is it worth buying this perfume?

It is not easy to love Chanel no 5. Happerally when there is a belief that it is a difficult, unfamiliar, overrated fragrance ... some say that these perfumes PCA The elder lady. Whether we want it or not Chanel No 5 is a perfume for women of all time. 100 years of history is the best proof!

No 5th -generation of women . It is created 3 years after granting women in Poland the right to chase!

Are you thinking about buying Chanel No 5? I highly recommend this fragrance. I know that the high price scares off, but it is an exceptional smell, worth the released zotwka. Besides, if you are not convinced yet, you don't have to have a bottle, you can start with prbka.

Give yourself time and ask for no 5 on different conditions, on different occasions. See for yourself like a pust.