Aldehydes, Whaling, Mandarin, Sea notes

Heart note
black pepper, neroli, cedar tree

Base note
BB Tonka, Ambra, Vanilla, Vytyjeria, Biae Pimo, Ywica Elemi

Chanel Allure Homme Sport is undoubtedly a beautiful Mskie perfume.

Do you know the moment when you get up winter at 7:00, you need to drink coffee quickly and get out of the house immediately?

I mean this first contact of the sleepy man with the frost. When Soce is already getting up and offended, but you can't breathe because you can bother you. I will make these perfumes the same effect for me.

This is one of the most popular perfumes from Chanel. In 2004, they will create an excellent Jacques Polge , who has, among others: Chanel Egoiste, Antaeus, Allure and Bleu de Chanel.

How does the Chanel Homme Sport toilet water smell like?

Gesture notes

Citruses, sea water and aldehyds are a trio that makes you feel additional energy and clean shocks from the first second.

Although the inventory was placed in the wrapping and mandarin, they are not atweed to identify. Sometimes a bit lemon, in others more green - tart, still immature.

Heart notes

A cedar tree was placed in the heart, but it is basically imperceptible. Neroli is responsible for a slightly floral chord - a bitter flower.

The telled accent is black pepper, which has a sharp, wilderness. You can feel the spicy and warm, which makes the whole composition no longer as cold as at the beginning.

Base notes

With time, everything becomes very balsamic and gadk. The fragrance loses all the ruling of the cotton pads and finally becomes a doomable reproduction of its predecessor - it is a dot with a classic allure dot.

In the base you will find vanilla that smells like vanilla muffins. Surrounded by an intense tonka and animal, Biaego Pima is an exceptional experience.

Chanel Allure Homme Sport reviews: Is it lasting perfumes? What occasions do you fit?

For me it is one of the best sports proposals. First of all, though not revolutionary, it still remains characteristic. This starting of two winds - on the one hand, it shows dangerous and "sharp" moczes, on the other warm and sensual.

Allure Homme Sport is a very universal perfume. S is the right choice not only for unofficial exits, but also to work and vice meetings. They don't have these records - each one will smell in them.

As Chanel Egoiste has its loyal fans and heavenly opponents, both Homme Sport is perceived similarly. Of course, emotions are not as strong as in the case of egoiste, but also this fragrance will not appeal to everyone. Wida perfume from Chanel is already May.

The plus is the smell of the smell - it lasts over 10 hours on my Skra. Other toilet waters settle a much worse result without exceeding 6-7 hours.

If you apply perfumes for clothes, it will smell them for a few more days.

The projection is not stunning - for the first 2 hours you can leave a braid, but over time the smell loses its power and remains close to Skra.

Take all the stages of the projection into account, this is obviously not a downside.

Is it worth buying Chanel Homme Sport?

It's an extremely sweating smell! Women go crazy for allure homme sport and this is the most confirmed information.

In the earlyness of the predecessor, these were the most often chosen perfumes from this price papa for a gift for MW, Chopakw and Kochanki.

MJ Chopak gathers the mass of compliments and so he likes it that I find a pruck prbk at the bottom of my collection.

And he will please this guy, it's really hard. I am their great fan. Allure Homme Sport is on my lithouser of the best Mesk fragrances of all time.

The only question is, will you also like it?

Yes - if you like water chords (known from Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gio or Tom ford Oud Mineralale). If you like vanilla fragrance notes in perfumes. If you are looking for a universal smell that will work well at work and for what.

No - if
instead of water notes, you like spicy and aromatic smells more (for example, Issey Miyake l'ssey pour homme). If you do not like aldehydw - their specific smell is torn out in this composition.