Gesture notes
Mandarin oil, blackcurrant, petitgrain and lavannine oil.

Heart notes
jamin sambac, large -flowered Jamin, lavender, flower will be afraid

Base notes
Vanilla from Madagascar, Cedar, Amber, Pimo

Yves Saint Laurent Libre is one of those fragrances you will want to put on your pc.

Two great perfumers, 7 years of work and over 1,500 themes - Libre S perfumes refined to the smallest detail and Wr Im Popularly RWN of the previous great premiere - YSL Black Opium .

Anne Flipo and Carlos Benaim derive inspiration from the classic family of fern perfumes, but present her much fashion, a contemporary version. Libre is reversed, rich and contrast, which perfectly matches the style of life of today's women.

It is not slowly not fighting for emancipation, it is a state of mind, the most luxury of life of your own rules, being, without contradictory, without compromise.

Ambassador Libre became the British singer Dua Lipa.

What does Yves Saint Laurent Libre smell like?

The YSL Libre perfumed water smells like oriental fern perfumes. It was built on a contrasting smell of a waters flower, powder lavender and Mikka vanilla. This is a hybrid of opposite diarrhea - on one side cream and feminine, on the other sharp and mskie. It's a fascinating smell, definitely unisex for me.

it is open to the smell

Libre opens with a basket of fruit. Kwana blackcurrant or SODK mandarin, giving her a juicy, ostr and color of colors. This sparkling Ywioowo may resemble Givenchy Ange Ou Demon Le Secret.

In one review I read a very apt kidnapping that the currant in Libre is like a black sky night, and mandarin is a bright glow of a thousand stars.

Heart sewn from white flowers

The heart of Libre is a bouquet of the flower of scales and Jamin. Both fragrance notes were cut in such a way that they create a hypnotizing chord.

An unexpected contrast to the absolute feminine white flowers brings lavender. However, this is not its herbal form, Lavenda Libre is not clearly powder. Petitgrain adds a bit of green, roller to her.

Warm notes of vanilla and wood base

The warm bases of vanilla and cedar tree were placed under the layers of fruit and flowers. The starting of these two notes creates sodas and a very mikki fragrance. Libre, however, does not intend to abandon his duality, which is why he adds Mineraln Amb and pure pimo to them. The contrast between heat and cold makes the composition expressive and interesting to the blanket itself.

Anne Flipo and Carlos Benama mixed fragrance notes, which are reserved for women's and Mska perfumery.

Yves Saint Laurent Libre Reviews: Uprans after tests

Libre is a great perfume, but difficult to identify. S Interested in sharp and mixture, a bit women, but these are a bit. At the raid stage of the projection we have contrast of dark and light notes.

Nevertheless, it is really easy to wear is devilishly lasting.

On my Skra, they stay through the whole - always over 10 hours. S to intense. Two sprays are enough to smell to be felt for the person you are talking about.

If you are looking for a fragrance reference, in the opinion of many people Libre there is fashion, more rebellious, radical and reverse sister of Mon Guerlain . Both compositions of the vanilla lavender, but Libre is less powder and more ywioowa.

This is blinking to Le Smoking - a women's tuxedo, which since 1966 has been a symbol of Miaoci Yves Saint Laurent.

Ysl Libre is unconvinuously elegant, soup like tailor -made tuxedo. Although he is an attribute of Móznia, it greatly emphasizes women's waist and krgo.

Yves Saint Laurent and his eye to the detail

In terms of design and aesthetics, Yves Saint Laurent never disappoints. The glass bottle has been designed with the smallest detail - the classic and modern at the same time.

The minimalist teaching of the bottle was passed by the great, Zotym Logo Yves Saint Laurent designed by Cassandre in 1961. Zoty Acuszek was placed on the neck.

The asymmetry of the black cork adds a whole designer spirit, and the contrast between the black and transparent glass reflects the drink between Mskian and Esky, which we find in the composition.

Is it worth buying YSL Libre Eau de Parfum?

It's definitely worth it! It is a beautiful composition that was made of great care and the liabilities of the most quality. In addition, it is lasting, but its intensity is not imposed.

This is one of those perfumes that quickly stands for your ' Signature Scent ' - perfumes of visits. S characteristic and comfortable. Fit these for the opportunity.

You may not discover unknown perfumes of perfumery, but in your friend they are simply safe.

If you like raw nut lavender or are looking for a dry vanilla fragrance, it should be tested by Yves Saint Laurent Libre.

3.6/5 (47 reviews)