Liwka, Iris, saffron

Heart note
Ra Bugarska, Jamin, Iris bark

Base note
Ambra, vesteria, papyrus

If Marc Jacobs associates with the girls' schki, you will be surprised. Decadence is the senses of cat.

It's sticky, wrapping and feisty perfumes that hit women and men.

Creating Chanel No 5, Coco Chanel, I want a woman to remain clearly clean, as a sinful like a prostitute. Marc Jacobs presents women and Brudn in her Decadence.

Unfortunately, a few years ago, the whole line Marc Jacobs Decadence was withdrawn from sales. The most likely reasons for the financial factor. From a business point of view of the company, stop producing fragrances to reduce the costs of perfume production that do not generate sufficient profits.

If you want to buy Decadence, look for them in small, independent perfumeries or TK Maxx discount stores.

Perfumes similar to Decadence are: Kenzo World Intense , Vilhelm Parfumerie Poets of Berlin and Zara Dark Emerald.

What does the perfumed water smell like Marc Jacobs Decadence?

In the opening you will feel Liwk a lot. But this is not a habit of LIVE, which you remove from the tree and eat quickly. This is my grandmother's liow , who is in cutting with crusons in the company of vanilla and almdaw .

Give the owl, ew the initial phase, right after application I have in front of my grandmother's eyes in the apron of Dust Liwki in a pan, in an old evilant kitchen. Focused, covered with fruit and sugar. And t the great feasts for the nose and palate.

But Decadence does not remain God for the whole time, after 20 minutes it changes into Caryc - Potn and uncompromising. First, the zioic saffron is getting more and more, then Iis , Ra and Jamin break very gently.

Flowers are not saved - May like a wood base. Later, he will go amber , who blends in with SKR, creating a harmonious start between her smell and perfumes. We go to the base.

The large the heart is, the more noticeable the wood-ambrottic duo becomes. In the base, the vetiwer - MSKI and razor -sharp. It appears earlier, but it remains unnoticed in the background.

Marc Jacobs Decadence Reviews: Is it lasting perfumes? How do you wear? What occasions do you fit?

A few SW with parameters. He suggests a duration - over 9 hours on Skra is a really good result.

You must think when applying, because the perfumes are intense, so it is worth approaching this spicy. For the first 3-4 hours, the projection siga several meters, after which the composition stays close to Skra.

For the sharp character of the fragrance, it works better in the evenings or on time and cold days. This is obviously a matter of taste, because she likes her to deal with one prank even in the summer.

It is definitely not a perfume for women below 25 years of life. For these appropriate are all other proposals from March Jacobs.

The bottle is uncomfortable and cut, which is why it is packed in a bag and takes it with Saturday. You don't have to worry about it, because applying them in the morning, in the evening you will still smell them.

For me, Decadence is the smell of modern luxury and without blinking, give him the most notes. I have been constantly in my collection since the premiere in 2024.

Is it worth buying Marc Jacobs Decadence?

It cannot be resisted that compositions such as: Lola, Honey, Daisy are a kind of time machine for mature women who often want other girls.

While the listed women's perfumes Marc Jacobs never arouses my interest, it is Decadence yes.

They must admit that these perfumes are output. With all you will not find in the network perfumeries in this way.

Of course, there are rne variations on this fruit, but the one presented in Decadence is different than all. Evening, extremely stylish and seductive.

If you are looking for a sensual fragrance that will not only improve your mood, but will refund the comments of other OSB, this Decadence is a great choice.

If I have to place them on my perfume map, it would be between the delicate orient of Euphoria from Calvin Klein (for extremely seductive feelings) and the pooh soda La vie est belle lancome.

The bottle is aroused by some controversy, but I am convinced that only until you buy. It is not kitschy at all and it looks much better than photos on the web.

Everything is made of the most comments and high -class materials. The details are stuck, because in this bottle everything is tailored.

Even if you lift this bag for a Acusk, the traffic jam does not have a bottle - you can play with a bottle like Adrian Lima in advertising.

Yes, it's really worth buying women's perfumes Marc Jacobs Decadence!