bergamot, cumin, verbena, pepper ditches, fioek

Heart note
Black pepper, Muscatowo, Toskaski Irys, Geranium, Ra Bugarska, Shadz Muskaatov

Base note
Opoponaks, Amber, Li Indonesian patchouli, vetocy, civet, vanilla, styraks, skra, benzo

If you are a admirer of classic, elegant fragrances, you will certainly like Tom Ford Noir.

Ford's removal compositions do not await. Noir is certainly original and attracts comments.

This is a sharp, oriental smell that will go to a suit and your three -day stubble. There are really intriguors and a sharp tent.

This is the fourth fragrance from its signature collection for Moczs, after Tom Ford for Men, Tom Ford Extreme for Men and Gray Vetiver, Noir to the market at the end of 2012.

A perfumer who is contained in the mixture is Olivier Gillotin.

The packaging is minimalistic. A simple, classic line with a darkened sick looks elegant and classic.

In this regard, it is exactly what you find in the composition itself - a starting of cold professionalism and an agent's worn passion.

Ford knows the style of James Bond well, because he has been sewing suits for years.

What does Tom Ford Noir Edp smell like?

Noir is not his first fragrance, which goes into the regions of the oriental mainstream.

It is expanded and in my opinion a improved version, what Ford is mixing in Extreme.

This is a very well -built perfume with a cut and original style. It is also a composition of Pena contrasts that scroll over the whole time of fragrance.

In Gowie, he starts with vanilla bergamot, which mixes with the powder-cream aroma of Fioka. Where in the background flicker spices, but are very unmeasal.

Note notes are uncompromising and mskie in a classic style. Shake the previous era and associate more with Sean Connery or Daniel Craig.

Heart notes change the face of the composition. After a few minutes, the fiamets of the fad or si to the intense geranium.

But this with a slight concentration of powder iris is the most important nut of fragrances. Cao is large and less obvious. or a sense of cleanness with oriental eroticism.

Fragrance notes of the database are muted and stick close to the Skra. It comes to Gosu in it, patchouli and vanilla.

You will also find a smoke and flesh -colored pimo smoky, which puts on my Skra.

While testing them on the Skra of my partner, they were not so noticeable.

Cao is rich, but also gently hugged. The composition changes over time. It is Zoons, sometimes the fragrance in reception and therefore is not suitable for each.

Not everything that is worth simple, but in this case it is worth the risk.

By the dominant powder chord , noir is sometimes described as a remote feminine fragrance. It is worth noting that there is also women's perfumes - Tom ford Noir Pour Femme.

Tom Ford Noir reviews: Who was she created for? How does it fit? Is it lasting?

Noir is a mixture with an elegant, sharp and at the same time oriental.

Ford Udao will create a composition that will satisfy fans of classic fragrances, return the comments of the environment and stop on a long.

This is a fragrance for mocz, who likes it looks good, and having a few well -tailored suits is necessary for them.

Tom Ford has always been aiming at sophisticated tastes. You will not find everyday fragrances.

This does not mean, however, that this fragrance will not like men with a loud style of dressing. It will be a grasshopper to a shirt at work, you will take it for a weekend trip out of town.

Ford himself describes its client as an international life, a subordiner and cultural, and at the same time with the appropriate capital.

Noir has a caki not projection, but he is not intrusive. It is impeccable, the smell lasts up to 10 hours.

Is the perfumed water Tom Ford Noir the right smell for you?

Noir is a fragrance for moczes who are not afraid of provocation, but also values ​​a classic. This is a high quality product that will allow you to appreciate it, if you only sprinkle.

An experience during the perfume projection definitely releases them in the mass market.

This elegance straight from Tom Ford is pleasant to allow yourself.

If you are still wondering if the perfume tom ford noir is a fragrance for you, you will find the answer:

Yes - if you like oriental smells with a powder chord, if you value a classic, but you are not afraid of a challenge, if presti matters to you, if you like noir fragrances, if you like niche perfumes, original and reversed;

No - if you are looking for light, sporty perfumes, if you like safe aromas and you don't want to change it habitually, if the smell has it and not gwn stars.

See these other fragrances from the Noir line:

Tom Ford Noir Extreme

This extremely vanilla, cardamom, balsamic composition will definitely wrap you during winter and autumn frost. The gbia of this smell hypnotizes.

Tom Ford Noir Eau de Toilelette

It is more conservative in relation to other compositions from the line. There are still notes of orient and spices, but in hand with myth and pim, create a small and universal smell.

Tom Ford Noir Anthracite

This is a better seasoned version of Noir. Antracite or wrapping orient with a sharp, crystalline character of citrus, ginger, Jamin and birch. This is GBOs, a spicy scent.

Describe this smell and leave your comment under the post. I am waiting for your opinions and reviews of perfumes.