Paco Rabanne Olympea fragrance notes

Green Mandarin, Jamin Water, Ginger Flower

Heart note
vanilla, SL

Base note
Ambra, cashmere tree, zander tree

Everything is going on. First, the stunning career of Invictus, later the premiere of women's Paco Rabanne Olympea perfume.

Developing Greek mythological symbols in advertising scenery, a slightly less controversial bottle and a composition on the border of the mass and niche recipient.

The success of this smell would be guaranteed. Only what I have not suited from the very beginning. Only what ...?

In my opinion, the fragrance composition is very interesting. This can be a reversible statement, but Olympea has a chance that the flagship women's fragrance in the Paco Rabanne perfume collection.

How does Paco Rabanne Olympea perfumed water smell?

Let's start with opening. High notes are a green mandarin, which is not as soda as in the case of Invictus.

These are not the obvious smell of the mandarin, which is floated in the air when removing the Skrka. It's just a citrus chord, but not as characteristic as lemon or bergamot.

In the gowie there is these sono, which can be on some shuffles like other popular women's perfumes - Calvin Klein Reveal. Many people indicate the similarity of these two fragrances.

When citruses, eliminate, you can feel Jamin, but this is not Jamin in your natural form. At first I was thinking that it is the fault of the ginger flower, but every type of its type (I know them 4) is so characteristic that it cannot be mistaken for its smell with any other.

This strange Jamin is still in the heart. Only here it starts more sodium, while Sony still remains. There is an intriguer in the family accord of Olympea. As if one rk pushes away and the other attaches. Slowly, vanilla starts playing the first violin, and Jamin becomes quieter.

Only vanilla not sodk and pleasant you know well. This vanilla is really Sona.

On my Skra, the Olympea perfume base is powdery and stays close to Skra, which collects a lot of compliments from my chopak.

The ruling is noticeable by this wood chord. Everything here is very calm and fussy. I like this gradual silencing of the smell.

Paco Rabanne Olympea reviews: Is it worth buying this perfume?

The smell belongs to really interesting compositions than Paco Rabanne, in my opinion it is better than the ultra -reluctant counter.

Against the background of the competition, it falls a little more happy. It is less energetic and does not develop on my Skra as interesting as Sony Reveal.

On the other hand, Olympea is soda, and this vanilla and Jamin S really unusual. And this makes these perfumes a different one than a proposal from Calvin Klein.

Olympea is elegant and surprising. Certainly, the gesture will be groomed for a dinner and a concert with friends.

It is better to wear in more violent autumn and winter seasons. She is wrapping and soda, which is why I can imagine me during the authorities.

However, my favorite is Reveal. If you like sodki, the smell of vanilla in this style, you will like the Olympea.