li fioca, galbanum, mandarin

Heart note
ylang-ylang, jamin, ra

Base note
vanilla, vetocy, cedar tree, patchouli

I love Pierre Balmain perfumes for this, es intimate and extremely elegant. Ivoire from 2012 is for this pnemnity - cream and web, powder and ozone at the same time.

On the Skra you will feel the widrus of green notes, change on your clothes into a cashmere miracle with a tail. Such perfumes can only be removed from the rascal of the Grand Master Michel Almairac.

Almairac has other great creations: Chloe Eau de Parfum , Leau de Chloe , Bottega Veneta Edp , Joop! Homme , Gucci Rush and super popular (but not very replaced) Body Body .

I have a new version of Ivoire in the team, they just can't fail. It is a pity that the perfume is withdrawn and more and more difficult to find the original bottle.

Ivoire is the modernization of Ivoire de Balmain from 1979. The first version was too similar to Chanel NO 19, so that they could consider the revolution in perfumery.

Unless Chanel resigned from the skipper, the retro character No 19, Balmain will change Ivoire thoroughly.

Now this perfume is not already retro. Sharp aldehydes and pepper spray will disappear. Earter vetiweri and the dark Paczul were toned. But Ivoire will gain ripped green vendor notes and powder chords.

Why are Pierre Balmain Ivoire perfume withdrawn?

The most likely reasons for the withdrawal of Pierre Balmain Ivoire would be a financial factor . It often stops production to reduce the costs of producing perfumes that do not generate the expected profit.

Other two reasons for which the perfumes are withdrawn from production are deficiencies in raw materials and changes in the law .

Deficiencies in raw materials regarding natural compatriots. The reason for their deficiency is usually climate or business lesions that lead to the extinction of rolin and animal species.

Changes in the law are related to the deficiency of raw materials. To protect threatened species, legal norms are set that prohibit or introduce restrictions in the collection. There may be new laws that try the control process of acquiring or breeding. Expressors used during perfume production may also be considered dangerous to health, and thus prohibited in perfume production.

What does the perfumed water smell like Pierre Balmain Ivoire?

Perfumes open with mandarin chords, lici fioc and galbanum, which leads to a rich floral heart. They were woven from Ry, Jamin, Iris and Ylang-ylang. In the database, the one is an elegant vetocy and cedar. You will feel here Paczul in the company of noble vanilla.

Getts: opening the composition is very green.

Ivoire Son from the characteristic galbanum . In the first version it sounds very aggressive and rough, now it's just perfect for me. Mandarin and the green chord of FIOKA Lici make it a lot of hanging, but not quoting.

At Ivoire de Balmain, the opening was very intense. Aldehydes, chamomile and ton galbanum are caused that Miamski was very rough.

Heart notes: cream jamin and powder iris

This is probably the best way to tame this Galbanum razor - giving it in a powder -cream coating.

This form begins after a quarter of an hour - a quihydrate of the smell of powder iris and Jamin appears. Galbanum now goes hand in hand with juicy , and in the background flickering ylang-ylang .

Base notes: warm wood, vanilla

Although in GBI it is warm and cozy, you can feel similar to the first version of the fragrance. The cedar tree is a vestibule for earthy patchouli and dbowy moss in the company of vanilla .

While Ivoire de Balmain from 1979 smells in this honor of projection to intensively, Ivoire is barely noticeable. Unfortunately.

Pierre Balmain Ivoire reviews: Who was they created for? How can you fit?

This autumn, charm me with smells. First Tresor from Lancome, later the Dune brand Christian Dior, now Ivoire.

All balsamic, creamy and incredibly beowe. All for women, not for girls . All purely soap soap.

Perfect for the day . These perfumes match the sweater and jeans, as well as an elegant dress and jacket.

Without what is whatever, Ivoire will give you elegance and style. Such is already - on the one hand so ordinary, on the other, incredibly luxurious.

Emanating heat from the perspective of the size, so it is a great choice, if you want trust.

Unfortunately , the smell on my Skra is not the best . Even applied in large quantities lasts only 5-6 hours . To take into account that it is perfumed water, the result leaves much to be used.

On the other hand, I love Uywa Ivoire on clothes. This emphasizes these amazing powder chords.

If you apply it to matter, it is tandy and stays up to two days. If only on SKR, it stays close, it is non -invasive and disappears quickly.

Oglna rating: Is Balmain Ivoire Edp a perfume for you?

I recommend tests to each woman. Even if you are not a fank of cream-construction chords, it's ivoire eau de parfum it's worth knowing.

Contrary to appearances, it is not MDE perfume - Galbanum is always lurking nearby, adding the right claw to them. For this Balmain perfumes available in a wind shades.

After all, I will give you some tips if it's definitely a fragrance for you.

Yes - if you like powder perfumes (Chloe Love, Narciso Rodriguez Narciso Poudree, Jean Paul Gaultier Classique). If you like iris fragrance notes (Salvatore Ferragamo Emosione, Elizabeth Arden True Love).

If you like silky bases (Calvin Klein Eternity). If you are looking for bodily perfumes for what, which fool with the body. If you are looking for elegance.

No - if you want shock with your smell. If there is a mod of people who are just starting its adventure with perfumes. If you are looking for sodium perfume with iris - Lancome La Vie Est Belle, Lolita Lempicka EDP.

If you are looking for sodium powder fragrances - Prada Candy.

If you want evening perfumes or are looking for a calvin klein obsessed perfume , which is suitable for spring and summer.

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