In this ranking you will find only the most beautiful women's perfumes.

There are many fragrance families under the passion of 'Wiee perfumes'. Some are built on water or woody chords, others associate with rolinn green or citrus.

WRD of the most popular fragrance notes can be found: lemon, bergamot, grass, moss, slit, SL, zander tree, cedar, as well as flowers and fruit.

Take sure that this topic is like a bottomless well, and the proposals of fragrances are uncomfortable. Because the perfume is particularly close to me, I would choose the best.

After many tests, I decide that he suggests in the first place - Miu Miu Fleur d'Argent . However, there was also a timeless light blue or the most popular Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gioia .

See my ranking 10 best women's perfumes and choose the best for you.

The best women's perfumes for work and what work

1. Miu Miu Fleur d'Argent

The most beautiful women's perfume 2023

The smell of Miu Miu is absolutely fantastic. or notes of tuberose, pima and akigalawood.

The opening is an intense smell of white flowers, but from minute to minute it becomes warmer and more woody. PIMO makes these subtle women's perfumes "stick" to the body and hers with chemistry.

If you are looking for a fragrance that will be, but not associated with holiday carefree, ask Fleur d'Argent. Its elegance will be for a great time for what and to work at each time of the year.

Applied in the morning, I will stay on your Skra until the evening. Although at the beginning they can seem really intense, with time it becomes large.

2. Dior Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet

Wae floral perfumes for women

Blooming bouquet is a light, floral perfume that will be ideal for women looking for a roll. The smell changes depending on the weather, so you will never get bored of it.

The composition is dominated by peony and ra, which is embedded on a Pima base. The flowers will accompany sodium fruits, peaches and apricots. Cao is very feminine.

If you are looking for sophistication with a grain of eye, Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet is such a fragrance. You get him to the shirt and jeans in a son -in -law in the summer and a light mouth in the spring.

It was and the projection is amazing. This beautiful women's smell will smell intensively for the first hours, and on Skra persists through the whole.

3. Hermes Un Jardin en Mediterranee

Woody perfumes with the fragrance in the spring

Un Jardin en Mediterranee is a beautiful citrus -wood perfume, which tells the stories about the Rzdziemorian Penym Garden of Trees and Flowers. Call the image of a paradise shed: water, shed and exotic rolls.

This is not just the product of the author's imagination. Inspiration for the Tunisian Garden in a private estate of the artistic director of the Hermes brand.

The composition opens with a sharp smell of bergamot and lemon, which resembles water. Rzdziemorsk atmosphere highlight the green notes of cypress, self and fig licine. Everything staples with the flower flower and Biay Oleander.

These perfumes are suitable for women and men. It worries great during the greatest authorities in the summer and during the first days of spring.

4. Chanel no 19


In Chanel No 19 I admire the green feast that serves the composition. On the one hand, it puts a spring dream, on the other, the dry ice of dryness reminds of raw winter.

This is the last fragrance that coordinated Coco Chanel. He has charism, avant -garde and a designer's claw.

This is a classic composition, which or Galbanum, Irys, Vicyt and Dbowy moss. It opens with a bitter aroma of greenery, so that after a while it turns into a more free and more soda smell of iris.

Perfumed water NO 19 will not like a woman, but if you like the non -compressed women's perfumes, it should be tested. These are delicate women's perfumes for winter.

5. Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Mandarine Basilic

you have perfumes for the summer

Creating the Aqua Allegoria collection, Guerlain to have ambition to make it possible for us to know. The brand has dried many perfumers in the world of globe, so that the maneuverest fragrances.

The mandarin comes from China and makes the composition of sparkles. Basil is from India, has an any and aromatic smell. Both fragrance notes are with the heart of Aqua Allegoria Mandarine Basilic and give a composition especially a noble character.

It's great, you have perfumes for the summer - an explosion of the Order. Subgocred to light dresses and do not cite during the authorities.

6. Tom Ford Neroli Portofino

Wae citrus women's perfumes

Was it when in Portofino? This is one of the most luxurious towns in Woszy. And these beautiful citrus flower perfumes contain everything you find in this place: the charm of the wax riviera, the rural sea and the heat of Soca.

Way, the smell of neroli Portofino is such a success because it is a concentration of simplicity and joy of life. It opens with wax citrus: bergamot, mandarin, Sicilian lemon.

The heart is a bouquet of white flowers. In it you will find Tunisian neroli, jamin and common. In the Neroli base, Portofino evolves towards the ambter. It contains Pimian and Dzigiel Litwor seeds, which imitate the smell of Pim.

Neroli Portofino is undeniably one of the flagship products of Tom Ford. Everything in him is like cheerful and puts in well -being. Even the turquoise color of the bottle curves to immerse in the waters of the rust sea.

7. Versace Versense

The most fashionable women's perfumes with the smell of citrus and wood

Versense is a popular women's perfume, which shows RNA faces. Dziki ago you can wear them in summer and winter.

In the notes you will find sharp and tart citrus, which smell with a holiday crazy. In their hearts, he gives a large bouquet of white flowers. The composition becomes creamy and slightly soapy. The base is dominated by cedar, wild wild, which the smell is ciepy and Lena.

If you like the perfumes, citrus, this smell will be the best for you. Fits a woman and a staff.

8. Dolce Gabbana Light Blue

Performable perfumes of PCZeci citrusw

Olivier Cresp, a perfumer responsible for creating Light Blue, start this fragrance with a striking lemon and green apple. From the very beginning everything screams that we are in the heart of Woch!

This opening is additionally highlighted with green bamboo. His intensity of Jamin's slightly and elegant and female white. In the database, the smell evolves towards the wood, slightly powder.

Light Blue is a delicate women's perfumes for what. I know many women who live them throughout the year. If you do not know this classic yet, you must make up for it.

9. Hermes Eau des Merveilles Bleue

you have a perfume to work with a sea smell

It does not have a wide projection, and their permanent is moving. After all, these numerous women's perfumes will move you to the fabulous ocean. When you will be shit, the waves will gently hit your feet and the breeze will transfer SL to your Skr.

These niche perfumes remind the sea and play night, when the only world of world is stars. There is a bit of soda that comes from myths. A water chord is drinking or with wood, giving it a more milky texture.

Eau des Merveilles Bleue is the perfect, delicate women's perfumes for the summer, but you can wear them for the whole year for example to work.

10. Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gioia

Popular women's perfumes for summer and spring

The perfume of Acqua di Gioia Ley is lid between LDem and the sea. Although the perfumes are present everywhere, they still have "what", which does not allow me to forget about them.

The opening is a duo of crushed leafies myths and lemon, which makes this composition of the bishop and sparkles on the Skra. In the heart of Jamin, ditches pepper and peony suling and mixture. In the background, the plays of the mirror sugar, cedar tree and labdanum.

These and delicate women's perfumes provide warm and mikko. They have these friendly soda in them. Leave a sensitive smell on Skra, which lasts about 5 hours.

Why will you love the perfume in the spring, summer, autumn and winter

If you live in the 21st century, you have stressful work and the Peen calendar, it is a chance that you will find time to wear a tight perfume, s rather small.

If you think that the powder perfume Oldowo, oriental you associate with moms, and phases to fruit mists in high school, the only salvation will be smells for you.

What makes you so attractive?

Women's smells allow women to communicate with the world in a sharper and more expressive way. Allow us to the side of romanticism, stereotypes feminine and sensual.

Wild boars we stop perceived as delicate creatures who need constant care, and we become strong women who can take care of themselves.

On the market you will find arranges for the summer, but these women's perfumes for winter. Intrigued? Time will choose your new smell for the tip of the year.

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