pepper, apple

Heart note
ra, kadzido, neroli, lily of the valley

Base note
vetocy, cedar, pimo

I will not expect that this modern Loewe 7 bottle hides so. This fragrance is rustic, bodies and spicy.

And although it is undeniably GWN Nut is incense here, I like to combine it with pepper and cedar wood.

They have to admit that the Spanish ambivalence - aggression and wito perfectly present.

I often sit for niche perfumes, because I want to feel uncompromisingly. He wants to be in a space where a perfumer watches over the perfumes and communicates with the world through the smell.

Although Marek Loewe still remains faithful to its traditions, it belongs to one of the most popular Niche WRDs, and the name Emilio Valeros is well known to perfumoholikw.

How does Loewe 7 for Men smell?

Although it is a fragrance with character and likes to scratch a few meters, it can not say that it is too intense.

Even if I sense him a ruling on other people, it gives me a lot of pleasure. Emanations with peace and safety.

As a girl brought up in a maea village, I know the smell of Kadzid very well, who reminds me of a small, wooden cat on the hill, to which I go with my grandmother.

It is contained in Loewe 7 who has the same aroma.

He is gsty and smoky - great. Dziki from the very beginning on my Skra I can sense an elegant but mysterious manner.

Putting the wilderness, it may resemble Casbah perfume by Robert Piguet or Gucci Pour Homme.

And he can't say that he is Starowiecki.

In the notes you will find pepper and apple , which gives a spicy, somewhat reconnaissance character. Wild boars this incense is not pompous, but beautifully modern.

In my heart notes I do not sense declared flowers: lily of the valley and neroli. Maybe where they find R in the background, but I'm not convinced that she is actually her.

However, they quickly find a cedar tree . On the blanket, feel a mixture of a tanker with a pima pim chord.

I admit that this composition does not change from the head to base. The heart is the most disappointing.

It could be more expressive and she would know, cao would be more interesting. And it's obviously great, but it is so boring.

Toilet water Loewe Loewe 7 reviews: for whom it was created. How does it fit?

This is a very expressive and deducting smell. He definitely fits more mature mars, who have a good experience with perfumes.

Not everyone will like the characteristic incense - even with good wanting, it can be difficult to bear for unwashed nasins.

If I have to describe this fragrance in three owls, I will choose without hesitation: balsamic, smoke and wood .

Without wtcja, it is toilet water for auto and winter. Used in the summer, it may cause fainting.

My favorite egoiste from Chanel these is included in the wood fragrances and I admit that it suits me more as a smell for what.

As he does not see me while working in sieve buildings. On this occasion, Acqua di Gio Profumo perfumed water smells better.

Although Loewe 7 is nothing like the Giorgio Armani classic, it really fits as a work perfume - even if it requires maintaining the principle of the fragrance savoir -vivre.

Probably because it contains incense, which is known for its purifying cotton pads. And I can clean in these perfumes.

And this is an unusual thing, especially take the root and wrapping fragrance notes. Nevertheless, before buying, I recommend prior tests.

Plusw can also include the fact that it is a stretch smell . There is about 9-10 hours on my Skra.

This is a perfume with a tail, their projection is scratched for several meters. If you decide to be a loose 7 to work, apply it with a lot of spots.

Kocowa rating: Is the Loewe 7 toilet water a fragrance for you?

Loewe 7 is a great smell and you will certainly like all incense amateurs, balsamic and yew chords.

However, realize that you will not like this smell. Spring will answer the question whether Loewe 7 is a fragrance for you .

Yes - if you like gbokie incense fragrances (for example, Salvatore Ferragamo incense Sede, van cleef arpels midnight in paris).

If you are interested in niche perfumes and you are looking for a compromise between the classics and modernity. If you are looking for a characteristic, unique smell that will break your tum.

No - if you want a perfume with a balsamic chord, but in a time and more universal style (like Issey Miyake Leau Dissey Pour Homme Intense, Hugo Boss Boss Orange).

If you are looking for a delicate perfume that does not have a wide projection and keep the fragrance neutral.

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