Lanvin Oxygene Fragrance notes

white pepper, bergamot

Heart note
ra, gardenia, milk

Base note
iris, biae pimo, zanda tree

Lanvin Oxygene Eau de Parfum is a creamy perfume for women who likes it smells unusual for.

This is a classic in the category of fragrances in the spring and autumn. Full, noble and very ambiguous. For everyone who expects from the perfume more, oxygene is the position of obvrizków.

Perfumes contain white pepper, milk, white pimo, some powder chords and tons of Alberto Morillas talent.

The perfumer creates the fragrance pereki for Calvin Klein, Giorgio Armani, Thierry Mugler. From under his wing, unforgettable flower by Kenzo, Miracle from Lancme, Versace Eros Pour Femme, Carolina Herrera 212 for Men and Gucci Bloom from 2023.

What does Lanvin Oxygene EDP smell like?

Lanvin Oxygene perfumed water smells of four nuties: milk, pepper, powder and pimowa. The early smell is very spicy, but with the uptake of time it takes on a creamy expression.

Growth note: The opening is very expressive

Biay pepper is in the nose with this characteristic finish. A rough bergamot, which is more associated with her with green odes, ni bitter or sodki citrus.

Heart notes: Gardenia, Ra and Milk

Possible moments later it starts to be milk and powder. I have an impression that this moment of the smell of milk meets with iris .

It is not sodko here like in Lancome La Vie Est Belle, it is dry and all the time. I have the impression that I can sense these pimo from gardeni in my heart notes.

The smell of milk in perfumes is often served sodko in the company of vanilla. Therefore, it can be sentimental or is associated with the smell of a child. At Oxygene, Eau de Parfum has a noble, creamy consistency. It tames all his companions with fragrance notes.

Base notes: Ciepsa smell of wood and pima

The base of this fragrance is zander wood - warm, sodium and wrapped. The ruling here is also a biae pimo and I will give myself a rk that you have that gardeni. Nevertheless, in the last phase of the projection it is no longer widrujco, but you still feel a certain claw.

Lanvin Oxygene reviews: for whom were they created? How is it worth choosing them?

Contrary to appearances, this is not a typical smell that everyone will like. Many women are frightening the fragrance notes of white pepper, which are intense and widrus.

I have a perfume for the more tangible nasins that already know what smells good on their outbreak, and from which it stays better away.

On the other hand, my friend falls in love with him immediately, and she is not particularly interested in the subject of perfume. But in this case the chances of S 50/50.

Spring and autumn are great for work , because emanates elegance. Even an ordinary white T -shirt and jeans add style. For me it is a fragrance for the opportunity during the day. However, I will not dress these perfumes for evening meetings.

The greatest downside is the permanent smell . On my Skra , only 5-6 hours lasts . Such a result of toilet water, perfumed should be noticeable at least 2-3 hours of long.

With normal application, the projection of this fragrance is rather close . Oxygene will be noticeable to your size up to an hour after application, it stays close to the body later.

Kocowa rating: Is Lanvin Oxygene perfumed water a fragrance for you?

This is not a typical smell. You will not find the other one on the PKI drugstore. Unfortunately, Oxygene will disappear these small of them.

Lanvin no longer produces new bottles, and what is available in sales is storage reserves. Unfortunately - available only until the stocks last .

I intend to welcome this smell of spring because I know it's an amazing perfume. The question is whether you also like it.

Yes - if you are looking for a smell up to 100 zoty. If you want an untruthful smell that resembles niche perfumes than what is now a bestseller.

If you like powder, cream and milk chords. If you want, it smells stylish and elegant.

No - if you are looking for a fragrance for hot days. If you are looking for safe perfumes, which certainly will not bother anyone.

If you are looking for sodium perfume with a tail. If you value lasting smells.

Add Wasn Recens!

Lanvin Oxygene Eau de Parfum is one of my favorite compositions. However, women's fragrances are not the same for everyone.

Without beyond whether you agree with MN or you have a different opinion, add opinions in the commentary.