Liwka, dbowy moss, apple, lemon, bergamot, geranium

Heart note
maho, tanny, cinnamon

Base note
zander tree, olive tree, vanilla, vetocy, cedar tree

Does Boss N6 belong to the legends of the previous generation, who, remembering good times, do not want to dare with them?

The slogan is taken from the car brand advertising, but perfectly fits in with the characteristics of this classic. It enters the market in the 90s, and this is a good time for modern perfumery.

Does it fit into the modern mocket?

They are a perfume that amazes. S Fashionable perfume. They are those who have not come off the block from age. S controversial, with known faces, celebrity. There is also gray Hugo Boss.

What is the break? Simplicity and elegance. No controversy, colorful promotion, surprising development. Everything like clockwork. If it was said that there was Liwka there - you will feel it.

There is this apple - these are able to indicate which chord is. It's a fragrance that is like a good car - it will never disappoint you

How does Hugo Boss Boss Bottled EDT smell?

Hugo Boss Bottled smells of wood, vanilla and fruit. It has a large root in it and the river. The author of the composition is Annick Menardo, we can include her as a wooden family.

Juicy opening of the smell

The beginning is output, you feel the sodium aroma of Liwka, a woody (basement) chord, which contrasts with the runs of bergamot and lemon.

In Gowie you will find also geranium, which most likely has the task will strengthen the beautiful smell of citrus.

The ruling is also a apple, but this is not a typical aroma of green jabuszka. It is more subdued and elegant.

The spicy heart of the smell

In the heart there is a very characteristic cinnamon, which gives the composition a warm - a bit of a scarf - character. I like it very much, I love this spicy aroma.

If you will be a sorrel, the aroma of cinnamon will appear even before the game has disappeared. Of course, cao does not resemble apple pie, but it is very aromatic. The wood note sounds all the time.

Vanilla pad and wood notes in the base

And of course I won't forget about vanilla. It only appears on my Skra in the base. It does not mix with earlier components. For, as he attacks, it only feels a tree.

On the Skra of my chopak, vanilla is already in the family notes with cinnamon and apple. It smells delicious on it.

Hugo boss bottled reviews: impressions after tests

Bottled toilet water is not seductive, but it is nice to wear it.

It is not very intense, and on Skra it lasts about 6 hours.

Although I do not recommend it for summer upay, the smell will work during the remaining season. Dziki dominating wood notes, it smells best of winter and autumn.

Although after boss Bottled, usually a bit older can, it will smell well on mature twenty -year -olds who want to give themselves seriousness.

This is one of the best perfumes of Mski for work - s pleasant and conservative. Well blend in with a professional environment, which is why it will be irreplaceable in the day in the office.

Is it worth buying MSKie Hugo Boss Bottled perfumes?

Yes, Gorco I recommend buying these perfumes from a lady. Boss Bottled smells, he is a caki and he is well worn.

These perfumes are like a black suit and a white shirt - you can change their cut and matter, but the colors will still remain the same.

If you want to have a kidnapping, on the one hand you will find the club Versace Eros and Paco Rabanne Invictus - on the other elegant Hugo Boss Bottled and Chanel Egoiste.

Ley's secret in simplicity. Bottled does not kidnap, it is not electrifying. He is reliable.